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Rong Jingtang couldnt accept other peoples betrayal, but he believed that he could betray his wife and that his wife would just have to accept it.

In fact, he was just a self-centered man.

There were countless men like that in this society.

They cheated on their wives, claiming that every man would do the same.

However, if their wives dared to betray them, they would criticize them and refuse to forgive them.

Therefore, women were weak and were disrespected.

They had to suffer from bias.

For example, if a woman couldnt get pregnant, she would be criticized for being infertile and her husband would abandon her, but if a man was infertile and his wife wanted to divorce him, his wife would be criticized for being cold-blooded.

All in all, women were treated extremely unfairly in society.

Women could only rely on themselves to stay strong.

“Well talk about them later, but for now you should go comfort your wife first.

Dont get a divorce or let anyone else know about this.

If the Zhang family hears about it, theyll surely argue with us,” said Master Rong.

Although the Zhang family wasnt more powerful than the Rong family, they werent weak either.

If they were unhappy, the Rong family would be in trouble.

After all, it was the Rong familys fault this time.

Rong Jingtang was still hesitating, because he was reluctant, so Master Rong got angry and hit him with an ashtray.

“Go!” He snapped at Rong Jingtang.

Rong Jingtang was in awe of Master Rong and had to agree that his father was right, so he immediately went upstairs to coax his wife.

Back in the room, Rong Jingtangs wife, Zhang, called her father at once.

She told her father that Rong Jingtang kept a mistress and had an illegitimate son behind her back.

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Zhang had an important position in her own family, so her parents got mad and said that they would come to support her right away.

Because her parents were coming, Zhang didnt leave the Rong family.

She stayed and waited for them.

After Rong Jingtang walked into the room, he didnt see Zhang packing up and leaving.

So he thought she wouldnt leave, and that it would be easy for him to solve this problem.

“Alright, I know Im wrong.

Ill give them some money and tell them to move abroad.

Ill cut off my relationship with them.

It already happened.

I cant kill them, right Its illegal,” said Rong Jingtang.

Although he said he was wrong, he didnt mean it at all.

If Rong Jingtang said that in the hall earlier, Zhang might have believed him, but now she wouldnt believe a word he said.

When he said that it was his son and that he would take his son home, she realized how important the bastard was to him.

In addition, she wasnt dumb and she knew why Rong Jingtang came to apologize to her.

It wasnt easy for him to give up the boy.

He simply wanted to make her less angry, then stop her from getting a divorce.

He didnt want this news to spread, because it would damage the Rong familys reputation.

Zhang said nothing, because she didnt want to talk to Rong Jingtang right now.

She would wait till her parents came.

Seeing that, Rong Jingtang thought that she had been persuaded, so he added.

“I know its my fault, but if you agreed to get pregnant again, I wouldnt have done something like that.”

Rong Jingtang was indeed not smart.

He came to apologize, but now began to blame his wife once more.

He believed that Zhang would feel guilty as long as he criticized her, then she wouldnt be so mad.

However, he only angered Zhang.

Zhang immediately lost temper.

“Rong Jingtang, how could you be so shameless Am I a pig in your eyes Why do I have to get pregnant again and again till youre satisfied Is that the reason why you have an illegitimate son Do you think delivery is very easy Dont you know its very painful Why didnt you divorce me before having a son with another woman How could you betray me and even hurl the blame on me What am I in your eyes”

Normally, Zhang was very gentle, but it didnt mean that she would submit to humiliation.

She had her standards and wouldnt take the blame.

Rong Jingtang was surprised by Zhangs reaction, but he didnt think he was wrong.

If she were willing to get pregnant again, he wouldnt need to keep a mistress.

That was his real thought.

Was there anything wrong with that

Wasnt it womens natural instinct to give birth to kids Was he wrong that he wanted to have a son Other women were willing to have more kids.

Why couldnt his wife Why couldnt she do the same thing for him He blamed Zhang for not understanding him.

“Am I wrong Other women can give birth to many kids.

Why cant you” Rong Jingtang criticized her.

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“You…” Zhang was so angry that she was unwilling to talk to Rong Jingtang again.

They had totally different values.

“What will make you give up the idea of divorcing me” asked Rong Jingtang impatiently.

“I dont want to talk to you.

Get out!” said Zhang.

She was really afraid that Rong Jingtang would anger her to death if the argument continued.

Even if she was seriously hurt, she would never hurt herself for a man.

She never even had that thought.

She didnt rely on a man to live.

She had her own career, and she was very successful.

She could live her life without a man.

Even if she needed a man, there were many quality men in this world.

Rong Jingtang wasnt her only choice.

She had her principles, so she behaved herself, otherwise she could have had an affair too.

Although she was nearly forty years old, she took great care of herself and looked much younger.

“If you dont want to talk to me, what do you want I already apologized to you.

I told you that Ill give them money and let them move abroad.

I wont see them again.

What do you want” asked Rong Jingtang.

Even though he said that he apologized, he had no sincerity.

Instead, he seemed very reluctant.

No one would accept an insincere apology like that.

“You already apologized Look at your face! I dont see any sincerity.

You simply want to stop me from divorcing you.

You just dont want the Rong family to be embarrassed.

Do you think that you can placate me before bringing the boy home” Zhang mocked.

“Im not an idiot!”


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