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Because his face was very clear in the photos, Rong Jingtang couldnt deny it so he admitted it.

However, even though he admitted it, he didnt think he was wrong.

Instead, he criticized his wife.

“Its because of you.

You didnt give birth to a boy.

Both of my brothers have a son.

I also want a son.

If youre not willing to become pregnant again, I can only turn to another woman for a son.”

“You…” Rong Jingtangs wife was so furious she could barely speak.

She knew that Rong Jingtang was dissatisfied with her because she didnt give birth to a son, but it wasnt her problem.

It was his issue.

Besides, delivery was extremely painful so it was already very brave of her to give birth to two kids.

She wasnt a pig, so she was reluctant to get pregnant again.

Even though she didnt want to be pregnant again, that shouldnt be a reason for him to have a son with another woman outside.

“Shut up!” Master Rong snapped at Rong Jingtang.

“You made a mistake.

How could you take it for granted How could you be so shameless You humiliate the Rong family!”

Although Master Rong wasnt a righteous man and illegitimate kids were very common in high society, he still disapproved of Rong Jingtangs behavior.

In addition, Master Rong had his pride.

Rong Jingtang had damaged the Rong familys reputation so it was hard for him not to be mad.

Precisely because of this, Rong Jingtang schemed to trap Rong Zechen into sleeping with a cheap woman so that Master Rong would be disappointed in him.

Actually, he wanted to trap Rong Jue because Rong Jue was Master Rongs favorite, but Rong Jue was too hard.

He had tried many times before, but failed every time.

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This time, he succeeded in scheming against Rong Zechen, but unfortunately he was also dragged into trouble.

If he had taken the time and went to get the evidence yesterday, he would have been fine today.

Because Master Rong was mad, Rong Jingtang didnt dare to say anything.

“If so, we should get a divorce.

I cant tolerate betrayal.

You even have an illegitimate son.

I should let you be with your new family,” said Rong Jingtangs wife.

She said that out of anger, but she really wanted a divorce because she couldnt accept betrayal and being humiliated like that.

“Alright, I know its Jingtangs fault.

He made a terrible mistake.

Its very understandable that youre mad, but a divorce is too serious.

If you divorce, what should the kids do Arent you afraid that Jingtang will marry another woman and the stepmother will treat them badly Even if you have a divorce with Jingtang, we wont let you take the kids.

You better think twice,” Master Rong said to Rong Jingtangs wife.

Although Master Rong was very mad at Rong Jingtang humiliating the Rong family, Rong Jingtang was family after all, so Master Rong had to defend him.

Therefore, Master Rong didnt want Rong Jingtangs wife to get a divorce.

He didnt really like this daughter-in-law, but he cared about the Rong familys reputation.

Rong Jingtangs wife understood what Mater Rong really cared about, but Master Rong hit the point.

If she really divorced Rong Jingtang, they wouldnt give her the kids.

She loved her kids so much that she wouldnt leave them.

Therefore, Rong Jingtangs wife fell into a dilemma.

If she got a divorce, her kids might be treated badly.

If she didnt do that, she would have to tolerate her husbands betrayal.

Facing that dilemma, many women would choose to sacrifice themselves for the kids, and that included Rong Jingtangs wife.

However, even though they didnt a divorce, she still wanted someone to be punished.

“How are you going to deal with the mistress and the boy then” asked Rong Jingtangs wife.

“Um…” Master Rong hesitated.

It was impossible for him to accept that woman, but the boy was of the Rong familys blood so he wanted to accept the boy.

After all, Rong Jingtang didnt have a son.

He only had two daughters.

Since Rong Jingtang didnt have a son, even Master Rong felt sorry for him.

However, if Master Rong agreed to let the boy join the Rong family, Rong Jingtangs wife might insist on getting a divorce and spread the news abroad.

Thinking of that, Master Rong decided not to accept the woman and the boy right now.

He had to keep Rong Jingtangs wife in the Rong family first, but Rong Jingtang opened his mouth right after he heard his wifes words.

“Its my son.

I must take him back home.

Ill just cut off my relationship with the woman.”

Rong Jingtang didnt want to divorce either, because he knew that his wife was a good woman.

His wife just didnt want to get pregnant again, but they usually lived peacefully.

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If he wanted to divorce, he would have divorced his wife after his mistress gave birth to a son for him.

He wouldnt wait for so long.

After all, it had been eight years, and the woman was still his mistress.

Besides, he never had the thought of divorcing his wife for that woman, so he made it very clear at the very beginning.

The woman accepted that, because Rong Jingtang was very generous and gave her a lot of money.

Actually, if the woman had standards, she wouldnt have agreed to have his kid after knowing that he was already married.

“Shut your mouth!” Master Rong snapped at Rong Jingtang again.

Although he had the same idea, he couldnt say it, otherwise he would make the problem more difficult to solve.

“You…” Rong Jingtangs wife was furious.

Even though she wanted to give in, her husband wouldnt give her the chance.

“Great, great, very well, if so, you can do what you want.

You can bring the mistress and bastard home!” Once she finished, she ran upstairs.

The next moment, Master Rong slapped Rong Jingtang across the face and swore at him.

“You disappoint me! If this goes abroad, the Rong family will be greatly humiliated.

Go comfort your wife right now.

Tell her you dont know them at all.

Send the woman and the boy abroad!”

“Dad, thats my son!” Rong Jingtang argued.

It was his son.

Why couldnt he accept his son

Master Rong was angered by Rong Jingtang.

At this time, Rong Jingtangs second elder brother said, “The boy is your son, but hes an illegitimate son.

If your wife has an illegitimate child outside, would you happily accept that If you cant, dont be so rude and aggressive after you do the same.”

“I…” Rong Jingtang was struck dumb, and didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

If his wife had an illegitimate son outside, he wouldnt accept it and would divorce her without hesitation.

He might even beat her.


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