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Therefore, once the Leng family was involved in trouble, they immediately reported to their heads.

The first person who spread it out belonged to the Chang family.

As the Leng familys bitter enemy, the Chang family would surely add fuel to flames.

The news wasnt proven yet and they didnt know whether it was true.

It might not cause serious trouble for the Leng family, but the Leng familys reputation would certainly be damaged.

Once the news went out, the Yuan family and the Rong family all heard about it.

They didnt hesitate to do something and make more people aware of it.

As a result, within a short time, more and more people heard that Jing Yunyao had killed her own father, but they didnt know the reason.

After more and more people learned about it, not everyone believed it, but it became a hot topic as it went abroad.

About half of the people refused to believe it and believed that it was a malicious rumor made up by someone for a bad purpose, because it sounded crazy.

About a quarter of the people stayed doubtful.

They felt it might be true, but before the truth came out, they decided to be silent and to not side with, or criticize Jing Yunyao.

The other quarter of the people chose to believe it, then verbally abused Jing Yunyao.

The Leng family was also affected.

When Wei Lingfeng heard about it, he was angry too, but he believed that Jing Yunyao wouldnt do something like that.

He was mad at the people who spread the news.

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Although he hadnt done an investigation yet, Wei Lingfeng guessed it must have been done by a major family.

However, whether he believed Jing Yunyao or not, since the news was everywhere now, he had to find out more before dealing with it.

He didnt want anyone to be in trouble.

Afterwards, Wei Lingfeng called Jing Yunyao, but failed to get through to her.

Without delay, Wei Lingfeng called Leng Shaoting, but couldnt get through to him either.

In the end, Wei Lingfeng could only call Master Leng, who answered his call.

As soon as Master Leng saw Wei Lingfengs call, he knew the reason, because he just heard that Jing Yunyao had killed her own father a few minutes earlier.

After hearing the news, Master Leng was filled with anger, then he sent people to find out who spread the rumors.

Wei Lingfeng asked Master Leng what happened to Jing Yunyao.

Master Leng then told him everything he knew, leaving Wei Lingfeng very surprised.

Although he wasnt sure yet, Master Leng told him why Jing Yunyao seriously injured her own father.

It turned out that Jing Yunyaos father had tried to kill Jing Yunyao more than once.

Even a monster would not hurt its own children, but Jing Yunyaos father aimed to kill her!

Even though Jing Yunyaos father did it because she had broken their familys rules, she shouldnt be so seriously punished.

This father was too cruel.

Therefore, even if Jing Yunyao really had paid her father back, it was understandable.

In addition, she only injured her father and didnt kill him.

These were just rumors without any evidence, but he felt it might be the truth.

Given the Leng familys influence, they soon found the person who spread the news and captured him.

Facing the Leng familys questions, the suspect told them everything, but he didnt say that he reported it to the Chang family, who then spread it abroad.

However, even though the suspect refused to say it, the Leng familys people found out that it obviously had something to do with the Chang family, but they didnt have solid proof, so they couldnt criticize the Chang family.

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The Leng family was influential, but the Chang family wasnt weak either, otherwise it wouldnt be one of the four major families.

If they wanted to do something bad, they wouldnt leave any evidence.

However, the Leng family handed the suspect to the court and made a clarification.

Because they werent sure whether they had a voice recording or video as the proof, the Leng family didnt directly deny that Jing Yunyao had hurt her father.

They just emphasized that it was a rumor.

If there was evidence, they would be embarrassed after it was released.

Whether it was true or not, it was only Jing Yunyans words.

Therefore, the Leng family made a simple clarification.

A suspect intruded into the Leng familys house today.

After he was caught, he claimed that Jing Yunyao, the Leng familys senior daughter-in-law, had killed her own father.

There is no evidence to prove this, but someone immediately spread it abroad in order to damage the Leng familys reputation.

We will surely sue him according to the law.

Even if its true, the person who spread the news didnt tell the whole story.

Its fake news.

As for the whole story, the man said that Jing Yunyaos father had tried to kill her more than once because she broke their familys rules.

He even wanted to attack the Leng family.

So if Jing Yunyao injured her father, there was a reason for that.

Please put yourself in her shoes.

If you were chased and your father had tried to kill you many times, would you accept it or fight back Before the truth comes out and there is solid evidence, please stop spreading the news.

Otherwise you might be sued as well.

After deliberate arrangement, the clarification spread quickly, but not everyone who read it had heard about the rumor.

Besides, people who didnt read the clarification were still excitedly saying that Jing Yunyao had killed her own father.

Even the people who read the clarification might not be fully convinced.

Anyway, after reading the Leng familys clarification, everyone was surprised.


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