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There were only twenty thousand people in the cultivation world and the City Sky had a population of seven thousand people.

Before Jing Yunyao got lost, she didnt stay at home all day long, so many people were familiar with her, and easily recognized her.

Even though not everyone knew that she was “dead” that year, they heard that she married a mortal before disappearing.

They werent sure whether she was still alive.

Therefore, it was shocking when she suddenly showed up.

“Isnt that Miss Jing”


“Shes disappeared for over twenty years.

I thought she was dead, but unexpectedly shes back.”

In the eyes of the Leng family, Jing Yunyao had disappeared for sixteen years, but for the cultivation world, she had been gone for over twenty, nearly thirty years.

Because Jing Yunyao went to the mortal world first then disappeared after twelve years.

“Miss Jing isnt only back, shes back with Senior Shangguan.”

“Whats their relationship”

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“Who knows!”


“I heard that Senior Mrs.

Jing has bullied Miss Jing many times before.

Is she injured because of Miss Jing”

“I think its possible.”

“If its true, I think Senior Mrs.

Jing deserves it.

If anyone dares to bully me, Ill pay him or her back after I become strong.”

“Right, the Jing family will be in trouble.

Why dont we go and watch the drama”

Although they didnt know the details and truth behind Jing Yunyaos disappearance, they guessed it must have something to do with Jing Yaorong.

Besides, it wasnt a secret in City Sky that Senior Mrs.

Jing and her kids treated Jing Yunyao very badly in the past.

Therefore, there had to be a fight after Jing Yunyao came back.

They didnt think that Jing Yunyao came back just to see her family!

“I want to, but can we get in I dont think so.”

“Youre right.”


Many people felt it was a shame that they couldnt watch the drama, while Senior Mrs.

Jing was full of anger.

Those onlookers couldnt wait to see the Jing family in trouble!

The Jing family had a bad reputation and not many citizens supported them.

However people didnt dare to criticize the Jing family because the Jing family had a high status.

Although they couldnt get into the Jing familys house, they still followed Gu Ning and the others.

They might have to stop at the gate, but they were still interested in what would happen.

Jing Yunyao said nothing when more and more people started to follow them.

Anyway, they would have to stop outside the gate later, and wouldnt know what was happening.

Nevertheless, there should be news coming out, so Jing Yunyao didnt care.

From a distance, the security guards at the gate of the Jing familys house saw a large group of people coming over.

At the beginning, they couldnt see them clearly and werent sure that they were coming towards the Jing familys house, so they did nothing and just watched.

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However, when they were sure that the large group of people were coming to the Jing familys house, a security guard turned to go into the house and reported it to the housekeeper.

Because they couldnt go into the inside rooms, they could only report it to the housekeeper and the housekeeper would deliver the message to Jing Yaorong.

After they came closer, another security guard saw them clearly.

He didnt know Shangguan Yang, Leng Shaoting, and Gu Ning, but he recognized Senior Mrs.


“Senior Mrs.

Jing, are you alright” The security guard was shocked when he saw that Senior Mrs.

Jing was injured all over.

Senior Mrs.

Jing said nothing, because she didnt know what she could say.

Afterwards, the security guard was amazed to see Jing Yunyao.

“M-Miss Jing”

The Jing familys domestic servants had no idea that Jing Yunyao was still alive, but they all heard that she was killed by Jing Yaorong.

Although it was just a guess, they believed it was the truth.

After all, they knew Jing Yaorong very well.

As a result, the security guard was scared when a person, who was supposed to have died over a dozen years ago, suddenly showed up before him.

“Can you let us in Or must we force our way inside” Jing Yunyao asked calmly.

Hearing that, the security guard walked away at once.

He didnt dare to stop them.

He knew Jing Yaorong hated Jing Yunyao and didnt treat her as his daughter at all.

If Jing Yaorong learned that Jing Yunyao was back, he wouldnt allow her to walk into the Jing familys house, but they seemed aggressive and the security guard couldnt stop them!

Besides, Senior Mrs.

Jing was with them.

After the security guard walked away, Jing Yunyao and the others went in, leaving the onlookers watching outside.

As soon as they got in, the gate was closed.

In that case, no one would know what was happening inside.

After that, some people left, but some stayed and waited to see whether they could see anything.

They didnt leave right away.

When the housekeeper heard the news, he didnt rush to see Jing Yaorong, instead he went out to find out more.

He wanted to know whether he could handle it alone.

As a housekeeper, he had to have the ability to deal with all kinds of problems.

He couldnt bother the patriarch all the time.

If it was beyond his abilities, he would turn to the patriarch for help.

Right after the housekeeper walked out of the front hall, he saw Jing Yunyao and the others in the front yard.

Even though he already knew that Jing Yunyao was still alive and would come back to the Jing family sooner or later, he was still frightened when he saw her face to face.

Jing Yunyao was a master at the Yuan Ying Period now and her son was also in the same stage.

They had Shangguan Yangs support too.

The housekeeper, on the other hand, was only in the primary stage of the Golden Core Stage, so he couldnt see Jing Yunyaos exact level and thought that she was at the Yuan Ying Period.

Afterwards, he noticed the injured Senior Mrs.

Jing and immediately figured it out.

He didnt know that Senior Mrs.

Jing left to find an evil cultivator to kill Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting, but he knew that Senior Mrs.

Jing left home.

During the past few days, Jing Yunyan couldnt find Senior Mrs.

Jing so she had to be in trouble.

Given the current situation, it must have something to do with Jing Yunyao.

The housekeeper couldnt solve this problem, so he could only go to see Jing Yaorong.

“Please give me a moment.

I need to report this to the patriarch.” The housekeeper politely said to Jing Yunyao and the others.

He was polite mainly because of Shangguan Yang.

After all, given Shangguan Yangs status, he didnt dare to be rude.

“What Im going to say is really shocking.

If you dont want outsiders to hear it, we should deal with it in the backyard,” said Jing Yunyao.


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