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Both of them felt a little anxious.

However, because it wasnt serious, they didnt think further about it and still had no idea that something bad might have happened to Leng Shaoting.

Due to the anxiety in her heart, Gu Ning called Tang Haifeng and asked about her familys condition recently.

Gu Ning didnt call the Tang family every day, because she was always busy.

Therefore, she called them once every two days to five days.

Normally, she would give them a call once a week, unless she couldnt receive any signal.

Knowing that the Tang family was fine, Gu Ning called Leng Shaoting, but nobody answered.

She thought that Leng Shaoting might be busy, so she stopped.

Leng Shaoting was in a fierce fight against the evil cultivator.

He had no time to answer the call, because his life would be in danger if he was distracted.

Usually, Leng Shaoting wouldnt escape, but he wasnt dumb and wouldnt risk his life.

Therefore, since he was at a disadvantage, he decided to leave right away.

If he was injured, many people would be heart-broken.

Besides, he hadnt taken revenge for his father yet.

He had to stay safe.

As a result, Leng Shaoting seized a chance and immediately took out his magical sword.

He put the flood dragon back into his Qiankun Bag, then left with the flying sword.

Seeing that, the evil cultivator snorted.

“Do you want to run away No way!”

The moment he finished, he took out his sword as well, then chased after Leng Shaoting.

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The evil cultivator was at a high level, so it couldnt be easier for him to fly with the sword.

In addition, he didnt need any space to put away his sword.

Instead, the sword was already a part of his body.

It merged with his soul and he could get it out with a thought, which was much more convenient than Leng Shaotings Qiankun Bag.

However, it was difficult to merge a sword with a body or soul.

For good cultivators, they had to reach levels higher than Out-of-body Stage.

Even Jing Yunyao couldnt do that.

After all, Jing Yunyao just reached the Yuan Ying Period, and it relied on her talent and luck whether she could reach a higher level.

The evil cultivators level was higher than Leng Shaotings, so he flew faster than Leng Shaoting as well.

Before long, he caught up with Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting had to let the flood dragon out to fight against the evil cultivator once more.

It wasnt convenient to have the battle in the air.

Leng Shaoting was more restricted, so he was at a disadvantage.

The flood dragon wasnt a real dragon yet, so it couldnt fly.

It could only fight with the support of Leng Shaotings sword.

In that case, both of them couldnt do their best.

Leng Shaoting wanted to go down, or they would be injured sooner or later.

Unfortunately, the evil cultivator stopped them from going down.

This time, Leng Shaoting was in a lot of danger.

“Do you want to go down after flying up Naive!” The evil cultivator made fun of him.

Actually, he was at a greater advantage in the air, because his level was higher and he had enough experience in fighting in the air.

Over time, Leng Shaoting was losing strength.

In the end, he was hit by a strong force released by the evil cultivator and fell.

Once Leng Shaoting fell, the flood dragon couldnt stay stable and it fell after him.

Seeing that, the evil cultivator smiled proudly.

“Do you think you can run away from my hands In your dream! Now, go to hell!”

Although the evil cultivator was proud now, he was actually worried earlier.

After all, when Leng Shaoting teamed up with the flood dragon, they were aggressive.

Now that they fell from a thousand meters, they might die.

However, he wanted to see their bodies even if they were dead, so he slowly went down as well.

Leng Shaoting was in despair.

He struggled to survive, but it was useless.

Was he going to be killed this time

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He was reluctant to accept this result.

Leng Shaoting and the evil cultivator had flown out of the capital for a long distance.

At the moment they were above the ocean, so Leng Shaoting fell straight into it.

The flood dragon lived in the oceans, so it swam freely in the water, but it was injured after falling from such a height, so its movements were limited to some extent.

Leng Shaoting was more seriously injured, because he was hit by the evil cultivator first, then hit the surface of the water.

Therefore, he could barely stay conscious after falling into the ocean.

He couldnt move at all.

The flood dragon was afraid that the evil cultivator might chase them, so it immediately wrapped Leng Shaoting with its tail.

Without hesitation, it swam deeper and deeper, doing its best to avoid the evil cultivator.

Unfortunately, given Leng Shaotings current condition, he couldnt stay in the wanter for too long, so the flood dragon called over all the animals in the ocean to stop the evil cultivator.

When the evil cultivator saw Leng Shaoting and the flood dragon fall into the ocean, he had a bad feeling and jumped in at once.

Because he was moments late, schools of fishes swam to him from all directions, while Leng Shaoting and the flood dragon were already gone.

The evil cultivator was furious.

Once he released his power, the fish around him were either dead or scared away, but he still couldnt find Leng Shaoting and the flood dragon.

The evil cultivator refused to give up, so he immediately surged to the surface.

He didnt think that they could hold their breath in the ocean for long.

The flood dragon might be able to, because it was born in the ocean, but Leng Shaoting couldnt.

As a cultivator, he could only stay in the water for half an hour when he wasnt injured and now he was seriously injured.

Therefore, if Leng Shaoting was still submerged after half an hour, he would die.

As long as Leng Shaoting came out of the water, the evil cultivator would feel him within a hundred miles.

Accordingly, the evil cultivator swam in circles on the surface of the ocean.

In fact, only a few minutes later, Leng Shaoting started feeling out of breath, let alone half an hour.

Within several minutes, the flood dragon already swam hundreds of meters away with Leng Shaoting.

It didnt dare to slow down, and encouraged Leng Shaoting at the same time.

“Master, hold on.

Your mother and my ex owner are waiting for you ahead!”

Upon hearing that, Leng Shaoting came back to his senses a little and did his best to hold his breath.


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