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How did Senior Mrs.

Jing save him It happened about a dozen years ago.

Back then, he went out of control during cultivation and he needed a woman to help him out.

Senior Mrs.

Jing appeared coincidentally and he raped her.

After the evil cultivator raped Senior Mrs.

Jing, he calmed down and felt a little guilty.

He owed her a favor and she could ask him to do anything in the future.

Even if she needed him to kill someone, he would do whatever he could do.

In addition to the day when the evil cultivator raped Senior Mrs.

Jing, Senior Mrs.

Jing was forced to take care of him for a few days.

During these days, they had sex with each other as well.

At the beginning, Senior Mrs.

Jing refused, but she gradually gave in because the evil cultivator was skilled at sex.

She was forced to have sex with him during the first two days, but she changed her attitude afterwards.

However, she was already married and she had a family, so she had to leave and the evil cultivator didnt stop her.

It was impossible for him to stop her.

In the following ten years, they rarely met because Senior Mrs.

Jing didnt need his help.

Sometimes, when she went to the mortal world, she would call the evil cultivator back if he had called her.

And if there was a chance, they would sleep together.

Anyway, they had only slept with one another just over a dozen times, but Senior Mrs.

Jing had betrayed Jing Yaorong.

Jing Yaorong didnt know it, otherwise he would surely kill Senior Mrs.


Back in the room, Senior Mrs.

Jing realized that she had lost her manners when she heard the evil cultivators words.

She immediately turned her head away and asked, “Why didnt you put on any clothes”

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“Why should I Well be naked in a while anyway.

Why bother” The evil cultivator smiled with lust.

They were going to have sex.

Why should he bother to dress himself

Hearing that, Senior Mrs.

Jing flushed.

In front of Jing Yaorong she rarely flushed, but her heart was pounding when she faced this unfamiliar man.

Most importantly, she liked this man.

Otherwise, she would only feel disgusted.

The evil cultivator walked to Senior Mrs.

Jing, then hugged her.

He kissed her and started fondling her body.

Without delay, the evil cultivator roughly undressed Senior Mrs.


Because Senior Mrs.

Jing was wearing a piece of thin clothing, her skin was immediately exposed in the air.

Her ample bosom was also exposed.

Although Senior Mrs.

Jing was old, she took great care of her skin and bosom, so she was still attractive to men.

“Youve taken good care of yourself!” The evil cultivator rubbed Senior Mrs.

Jings ample bosom.

Hearing his compliment, Senior Mrs.

Jing was full of excitement, but she was also slightly displeased.

She wasnt at a high level, so it wasnt easy for her to keep in shape.

Knowing what she was thinking, the evil cultivator said, “In fact, I can help you be more efficient during cultivation.

I know youre unwilling to become an evil cultivator.

This isnt something we do either, but its not very acceptable for good cultivators.

So if youre willing to have a try, I can help you.

If not, just forget it.”

Upon hearing that, Senior Mrs.

Jings eyes lit up.

As a cultivator, she undoubtedly wanted to cultivate faster.

However, the evil cultivator said it wasnt acceptable for good cultivators, so she gave up.

“I do want to be more efficient, but I still want to be a good cultivator.”

She had a family, and wouldnt take risks easily.

If she couldnt get back to where she was, she would lose a lot of things.

Since Senior Mrs.

Jing was reluctant to do it, the evil cultivator wouldnt force her to.

After all, he only owed Senior Mrs.

Jing a favor, but he didnt have affection for her.

He had countless women, and most of them were more fun than Senior Mrs.


He slept with her when she came to ask him for help simply because it was available.

He just casually brought it up.

If she needed his help, he would help her.

For a long time, Senior Mrs.

Jing hadnt felt the pleasure of making love, because she was already sick of Jing Yaorong.

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“It seems that Jing Yaorong cant satisfy your needs,” said the evil cultivator with an evil smile.

He was very proud of his abilities in sex.

“Dont mention him right now.

Hes quick and finishes within a dozen minutes every time.

When hes really excited, he can sometimes last slightly longer,” said Senior Mrs.

Jing disdainfully.

Jing Yaorong indeed couldnt satisfy her needs, but she didnt dare to talk to him about that.

“Ha-ha, then let me satisfy you today!” said the evil cultivator.

They had long, passionate sex till daybreak, then slept together.

Senior Mrs.

Jing was greatly satisfied, but also hated Jing Yaorong more than ever.

They slept for three hours and the sky soon became bright.

They woke up, but didnt get up right away.

Instead, they had sex again for another two hours.

Both of them were cultivators, so they were stronger than ordinary people.

They only felt a little tired after making love for two hours.

“When will you go back” The evil cultivator asked Senior Mrs.


“I originally planned to leave after speaking to you,” said Senior Mrs.


She originally planned to It couldnt be more obvious that she changed her mind now.

“How about now” asked the evil cultivator with a vague smile.

He obviously knew what Senior Mrs.

Jing was implying, so he meaningfully gazed at her.

“When will you leave” asked Senior Mrs.

Jing instead.

After all, she had her dignity.

She hoped that he would beg her to stay.

“After killing those who you want me to kill,” said the evil cultivator.

“Oh!” The evil cultivator didnt tell her to stay, so Senior Mrs.

Jing didnt know what to say.

“You havent answered my question yet!” said the evil cultivator.

He knew that she wanted to stay, and he would be in the capital for the following days.

It would be a good thing if he had an available woman in his arms.


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