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Now Jing Yaorong was thrown into passivity.

He didnt know when Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting would come to the cultivation world.

And if they tried to get revenge, would Shangguan Yang help them

If Shangguan Yang didnt get involved, he might not be too worried.

After all, there were three cultivation masters who were in the Yuan Ying Period in his family, so they should be able to deal with Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao who were at the same level.

However, if Shangguan Yang was involved, they might lose right after it began.

That was just Jing Yaorongs thought, since he was actually unaware of Jing Yunyaos real level.

Jing Yaorong felt cornered by Jing Yunyao and Tiandaozong.

He couldnt deal with either of them properly, so he was left in a difficult situation.

He had to seek a way out of the dilemma, but he couldnt think of a good idea.

Because of that, Jing Yaorong was extremely irritated these days, and easily lost his temper.

At the beginning, he was unwilling to tell Senior Mrs.

Jing and Jing Yunyan, because it was embarrassing, but in the end, he still shared the bad news with them.

After knowing that Jing Yunyaos son, Leng Shaoting, was Qing Feng, Jing Yunyan and the others were surprised.

Jing Yunyan was especially angry because he had a grudge against Qing Feng from the kung fu competition last time.

If he could have defeated Qing Feng, he would have already taken revenge.

Unexpectedly, the man turned out to be Jing Yunyaos son.

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Besides, the Jing family was cornered now, which filled them with displeasure.

Jing Yunyan couldnt wait to use the Leng family to threaten Jing Yunyao, but Jing Yunfei prevented him.

Because the Leng family were mortals, they would be punished by Tiandaozong if they really dared to hurt them.

Jing Yunyao would pay them back too.

“So were going to wait till Jing Yunyao and her son get revenge” Jing Yunyan said angrily.

“I dont know what to do either.

Leave it to father! If you take action without us knowing it, youll only make it worse,” said Jing Yunfei resignedly.

He didnt want to wait till Jing Yunyao came to get revenge, but he honestly had no idea how to deal with it.

Jing Yunyao could easily injure him since he was no match for her.

There was nothing he could do about it.

Therefore, he could only leave it to Jing Yaorong.

However, unfortunately, their father didnt have a good idea either.

Thinking of that, Jing Yunyan said nothing.

If their father heard his thoughts he might be mad at him.

Jing Yaorong couldnt think of a good way, but his wife had an idea.

When it was late and quiet, she said it aloud.

“Yaorong, I have an idea, but I dont know whether itll work,” said Senior Mrs.


“What is it” Jing Yaorong asked at once.

“Whether it will work or not, tell me.”

“Since we cant take action right away, we can let someone else do it for us,” said Senior Mrs.


“Theyre masters.

We cant defeat them.

Do you think anyone would dare to do that for us” Jing Yaorong was disappointed.

He felt his wife wasnt smart.

“Not someone in the cultivation world…” said Senior Mrs.


Upon hearing that, Jing Yaorong interrupted her before she could finish.

“Do you think the mortals can do that Do you think they can deal with Jing Yunyao”

Senior Mrs.

Jing was displeased that Jing Yaorong interrupted and disdained her.

She wanted to lose her temper, but still curbed her anger.

“Please allow me to finish!”

Jing Yaorong understood that he was being a little impulsive, so he forced himself to be patient for a while.

“There arent only mortals in the mortal world.

There are also evil cultivators, monsters, and ghosts.

They arent afraid of Tiandaozong,” said Senior Mrs.


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Jing Yaorongs eyes lit up at once, but he didnt think it was a good idea.

“Where can we find them”

Although there were evil cultivators, monsters, and ghosts in the mortals world, it wasnt easy to meet them.

“I can be honest with you, but please dont blame me,” said Senior Mrs.

Jing with worries.

Hearing that, Jing Yaorong realized that his wife had kept some secrets from him, so he was a bit mad.

However, he still had control of himself and let her continue.

“As long as you didnt cheat on me, I can stand it…”

“Ridiculous! Its impossible that I would cheat on you!” Senior Mrs.

Jing denied it at once, then added.

“I rescued a cultivator before.

Hes an evil cultivator who is at a very high level.

Actually, when I met him, he wasnt an evil cultivator yet.

I didnt know it until I met him again by chance.

Because he owes me a favor, he promised to help me if I need him in the future.

However, he always cultivates in remote mountains, so I cant get through to him if I dont have good luck.

I stayed away from him because hes an evil cultivator, but now the Jing family is under threat, so I think we might need him.”

Senior Mrs.

Jing really didnt want Jing Yunyao to ruin their life, so she had to bring it up.

However, it wasnt as simple as she said.

“Why didnt you tell me” Jing Yaorong was a little unhappy.

Why did he not know about it

“Because hes an evil cultivator.

I didnt want to have any relationships with him.

I forgot about it afterwards, so I didnt tell you.” Senior Mrs.

Jing explained.

Hearing that, Jing Yaorong didnt think much, but since his wife knew such a strong evil cultivator, he had to make full use of it.

“Great, bring him over right now.

Tell him to kill Jing Yunyao.

Once its done, hell be rewarded,” said Jing Yaorong.

He didnt care about a cultivators responsibilities now.

He only wanted to live a stable life.

“Sure, Ill go out when its dark outside, but I dont know when Ill be able to find him.

I might need to stay out for a while,” said Senior Mrs.


“Fine.” Jing Yaorong nodded.

“You must be careful outside.

Avoid meeting Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting.”

“Of course,” said Senior Mrs.

Jing with a serious expression.


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