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Without surprise, after hearing the mans report, Jing Yaorong felt greatly humiliated and hit the desktop heavily.

The man was scared and shuddered.

“What a jerk! How dare he threaten me”

Jing Yaorong was really selfish.

He wouldnt allow other people to harm him, but he did anything to harm other people he disliked.

Even his subordinate felt he was ruthless and self-centered, but he still had no intention of betraying Jing Yaorong.

After all, Jing Yaorong had saved him.

Although Jing Yaorong was really mad, he started getting worried after knowing that Leng Shaoting was also a high level cultivator.

Suddenly, he had no idea how to deal with Jing Yunyao, let alone Leng Shaoting.

“You can leave now.

No need to follow them again,” said Jing Yaorong.

It was meaningless even if the man found them now, because he could do nothing to them.

Did he have to do it on his own

If he met either of them, he wouldnt take it seriously, but if he met both of them, he might not be a match for them.

After all, he couldnt be sure whether Leng Shaoting was at the peak of the Golden Core Stage or at the Yuan Ying Period.

“Sure,” said the man and stepped out.

He was relieved when Jing Yaorong said that he could stop following them, because they could notice him before he saw them.

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If they didnt show up today, it would still be difficult for him to find them.

After the subordinate left, Jing Yaorong sank into a chair, feeling helpless.

Suddenly, an important thing dawned on him.

Leng Shaoting was at the peak of the Golden Core Stage, and Shangguan Yangs male disciple was also in the same stage.

Jing Yunyao had a close relationship with Shangguan Yang and had gone out with Qing Feng and Qing He.

Was it possible that Leng Shaoting was Shangguan Yangs disciple, Qing Feng

Thinking of that, Jing Yaorong suddenly believed that Qing Feng and Leng Shaoting were the same person.

Although they had different appearances, Shangguan Yang could easily help them change their appearances.

Instantly, Jing Yaorong became even more upset.

Jing Jining didnt know that Jing Yaorongs man had already met Jing Yunyao, so he was sunbathing in the yard.

Although this was the boundary, it had the same weather as the mortal world.

So because it was early March, the sun was gradually becoming warm.

Even if it wasnt warm, as a cultivator, he wouldnt feel cold.

However, he still needed sunshine.

Jing Jining was aware that Jing Yaorong had sent a man to collect information about Jing Yunyao.

He didnt know the details, but he wasnt worried at all.

Even if they found Jing Yunyao, only they would suffer injuries.

He wasnt worried about when Jing Yunyao and the others would come to the cultivation world either.

As for his business, his people could manage it well.

If his business couldnt stay afloat because he was absent, he would accept the result.

Jing Yanhuas family and Jing Yaorongs family were basically enemies now.

Although Jing Yanhua and his wife would still exchange greetings with Jing Yaorong when they met, they were a little cold.

After all, Jing Yaorong was the Jing familys patriarch.

If they didnt greet him, Jing Yaorong might cause them trouble.

Right after Jing Yanhua entered the yard, he saw Jing Jining sunbathing on a rocking chair.

He walked to him and said, “You cant go out.

I wonder what Yunyao and the others are doing now”

Although he knew Jing Yaorong was no match for Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting, he was still worried about them.

“Relax, theyll be fine.

Even if there is any trouble, Yunyao and the others wont be in it,” said Jing Jining calmly.


Oh, how about your business then Youve been absent for so long,” asked Jing Yanhua.

He was a bit worried about Jing Jinings business.

“Its fine.

No need to be worried.

Even if there is a problem, let it be! I cant do anything right now,” said Jing Jining.

He was very positive, because he was fine with being kept in the cultivation world for Jing Yunyao.

It was a week day, so Master Leng was left alone in the Leng familys house, while the other members were gone for work.

Gu Ning and the others finished lunch and stayed with Master Leng till 2 pm, then they left, because Leng Shaoting needed to go back to the military base.

Master Leng didnt want them to leave, but he knew that they were all busy, so he didnt keep them.

At 9 am that morning, Baili Zongyang arranged for a car to take the raw jade materials to a factory to be cut.

Baili Zongxue wanted to see whether there was jade inside and what types the jade would be, so she didnt go to school.

Gu Ning had chosen eighteen raw jade materials for Baili Zongxue.

Among them, twelve of them contained high quality jade.

There were three pieces of high-level jade, five pieces of middle-high-level jade, three pieces of middle-level jade, and a piece of low-level jade.

Both Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue were amazed by that result, but they were aware of the reason why Gu Ning was so skilled at stone-gambling, so they were able to digest this shocking news.

The stone cutter, on the other hand, was totally stunned.

He had never cut out so many pieces of jade before! It was too unbelievable to be true.

He was curious how Baili Zongyang got these raw jade materials, but he knew that he shouldnt ask.

The stone cutter had done a lot by cutting out so many pieces of raw jade materials at a time, so Baili Zongyang gave him a red envelope containing ten thousand yuan.

After that, he called Gu Ning and thanked her.

Although Baili Zongxue paid for these raw jade materials, it was Gu Ning who chose them for her.

And these pieces of jade were worth hundreds of millions of yuan.

Most importantly, they were helpful for their cultivation.

When Gu Ning received Baili Zongyangs call, she had just left the Leng familys house for a short time.

Baili Zongyang thanked and complimented her, and Gu Ning accepted his kindness.

Baili Zongyang invited Gu Ning out for a meal, but Gu Ning declined because she didnt think it was necessary.

However, if Baili Zongxue wanted to buy her a meal at school, she would accept her invitation.

In that case, Baili Zongyang didnt insist.

He told Baili Zongxue to invite Gu Ning for a meal after she went back to school.

A meal wasnt enough to return Gu Nings kindness, but they had to show their gratitude.

After Leng Shaoting drove Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao back to the siheyuan, he spoke with Shangguan Yang for a while, then left.

Gu Ning also left with Leng Shaoting, but she needed to go to her company, so Leng Shaoting drove her to the headquarters of the Shengning Organization before he left.


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