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At the same time, Kang Shaojie rushed back home in great excitement and told Kang Yuanbo that he got the medicine.

He also told his father about Gu Nings advice.

They would definitely listen to her.

When Kang Shaojie gave his mother the medicine, he told her that he bought it from a pharmacy.

It was produced by Colaine and had great effects.

Madam Kang had trust in Colaine, so she didnt doubt her sons words.

She didnt bother to ask about it either, and directly took it.

Only a few minutes later, Madam Kang felt obvious changes in her body.

She was filled with energy again and felt less pain.

She was amazed by the effects of this medicine.

“Shaojie, its effects started so fast! I just took it several minutes ago, and my pain is already much better.”

Even though Kang Shaojie was aware of the great effects of this medicine, he was still thrilled when he heard his mothers reply.

“Thats wonderful! I think youll be much better over time.”

“What medicine is this Its so unbelievable!” asked Madam Kang.

She felt she should store more of it.

Kang Shaojie understood what his mother wanted, but this medicine was too rare.

They couldnt get as many as they wanted, so he explained.

“I met the boss of Colaine by coincidence.

She kindly gave me some.

This medicine isnt actually on sale.”

“Oh, ok!” Hearing that, Madam Kang was slightly disappointed, but since it wasnt on the market, she couldnt buy it.

“How many did you get from the boss of Colaine” Madam Kang asked.

She didnt know that her husband had also taken this medicine, so she was still worried about his body.

She wanted to know whether this medicine was useful for her husband as well.

Even if it wasnt of much use, it was good if it was helpful.

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“I have nine in all,” said Kang Shaojie.

“Can your father use it” asked Madam Kang.

Although she knew there wasnt such effective medicine in this world and this pill couldnt cure all diseases, she hoped that it could control the illness.

It would be even better if this medicine could stop her husbands illness from getting worse.

“Didnt you notice that dads much better today” Kang Shaojie smiled.

Hearing that, Madam Kang was surprised.

She had noticed that Kang Yuanbo was better today, but she didnt know why.

She only thought that he wasnt as uncomfortable.

After all, Kang Yuanbo wasnt so weak every day.

He might be fine for a day or two, so she didnt think much about it.

However, after hearing Kang Shaojies words, she wondered whether her husband got better because of the same medicine.

“Did your father take this medicine as well” asked Madam Kang.

“Right, so hes much better already,” said Kang Shaojie.

At this moment, it wasnt appropriate to tell Madam Kang that Master Kang would be much better than before.

She might not believe it because Master Kangs illness couldnt be completely cured.

He could only stop it from getting worse by taking medicines.

Master Kang could definitely be better, but how much better he could be depended on his own physical condition.

And even though he could become better, he couldnt make a full recovery.

He could only take care of himself, but he still needed a lot of rest and to stay calm.

Otherwise the illness could easily become worse.

After taking Gu Nings power crystals, he was able to stabilize his condition.

Hearing Kang Shaojies answer, Madam Kang was excited.

She didnt ask how this medicine could make it happen.

She was simply happy that it was useful.

“Do you mean that this medicine can control your fathers illness and even help him get better” Madam Kang asked cautiously, looking at Kang Shaojie in anticipation.

She was afraid that she would hear a negative answer.

“Right, although it cant completely cure the illness, father can get a lot better,” said Kang Shaojie.

He believed that Gu Nings medicine could cure his fathers illness, but he didnt think the illness could be totally cured.

Anyway, as long as his father was much better, he would be satisfied with its effect.

If it was possible, he still hoped that the illness could be completely cured.

“Its unbelievable that your father can get better.

I didnt expect that this medicine could cure your fathers illness.

Even the hospital couldnt do anything about it.” Madam Kang didnt expect much.

She only hoped that Kang Yuanbo could get better and live for a few more years.

It would be best if her husband could make a full recovery, but she knew it was really difficult to completely cure this illness.

Therefore, it was already good news that he could get better and live longer.

“Mom, dont tell anyone else about this medicine.

If other people know about it, itll cause trouble for the owner of Colaine.” Kang Shaojie reminded his mother.

“Sure, I know.

I wont tell other people.” Madam Kang made a promise at once.

Gu Ning had helped them, so they should be grateful and wouldnt cause trouble for her.

The next day, Gu Ning and the others needed to take a flight back to the capital at 10:20 am, so they checked out at 8:30 am in the morning after having breakfast.

These days, Kang Yuanbo was getting better and better.

This morning, he could even directly get out of the bed and walk.

He didnt lack energy anymore, so the Kang family felt very happy for him.

However, before Kang Yuanbo was completely better, they couldnt let more people know about it.

After Kang Shaojie argued against Kang Yuannan and the shareholders who supported him, they had become much quieter, but Kang Yuannan and his supporters always paid special attention to Kang Shaojie, trying to get something on him so that they could make things difficult for him.

The two shareholders who were forced to support Kang Yuannan subconsciously kept a distance from them, but Kang Yuannan didnt notice it yet.

The flight Gu Ning and the others were in took off punctuality, and they had lunch in the plane.

By the time they arrived at the airport of the capital, it was already 2:30 pm.

So after they left the airport, went to get their car, and drove back to the city center, it was nearly 4 pm.

They sent Baili Zongxue back to Century City first, then went to the siheyuan.

Gu Ning directly drove Baili Zongxue to her home and took her raw jade materials out of the telepathic eye space before leaving.

Because Baili Zongxue knew that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting needed to deal with something else, she didnt ask them to stay at her home for a meal.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting got back to the capital, they let Jing Yunyao know, so they decided to dine at the siheyuan that night.


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