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Before meeting Gu Ning and the others, she was always alone, and she barely had friends in the cultivation world, so she was very used to it.

And after all, now she could chat with Song Miaoge and the others in the WeChat group.

She could also play mobile games, so it wouldnt be boring.

When Baili Zongxue and Gu Ning came to City Rui, Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai knew, but they didnt know why.

They just thought that they came for the stone-gambling.

After finding out that Baili Zongxue and Gu Ning were in City Rui, they were very unhappy, because Gu Ning didnt ask them to come with.

However, after Gu Ning asked them a question, Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai gave up on going with.

Gu Ning asked, “I came to City Rui this time and wont leave for at least four days.

I came for business so I have no time to tour around.

Are you sure you can ask for leave Do you think your families will allow you to go out City Rui is near Burma so its a bit chaotic.”

Although it wasnt a big deal if they took four days off, their families wouldnt allow them to go out, so they had to stay home.

Baili Zongyang was also aware that Baili Zongxue and Gu Ning were in City Rui.

However, he said nothing about it since he wasnt worried about Baili Zongxues safety.

Baili Zongxue was strong and Gu Ning was a kung fu master, so they should be fine together.

After Gu Ning cut out jade, Baili Zongxue shared the news with Baili Zongyang, including the fact that Gu Ning had chosen over a dozen raw jade materials for her.

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Baili Zongyang was very surprised.

Although he knew that Gu Ning built up her business by stone-gambling and that she was very skilled at it, he was still amazed by her abilities.

Baili Zongyang believed that among the dozen raw jade materials Gu Ning chose for Baili Zongxue, there had to be jade.

Anyway, they would only know the exact number after Baili Zongxue got back and cut out those stones.

The Baili family owned a jewelry company and had their own raw jade material purchase teams, so they had a stone-cutting machine.

Therefore, Baili Zongxue planned to cut out her stones at their home.

Gu Ning went to Baili Zongxues room and asked her whether she wanted to take a walk.

Baili Zongxue definitely wanted to go for a walk.

After all, City Rui was a resort city with many tourist attractions.

And they had traveled a long distance, so they had to seize this opportunity and take a tour around.

However, Baili Zongxue was worried that it might delay Gu Nings business.

“Are you sure you have time If youre not free there is no need to clear your schedule for me,” said Baili Zongxue.

She was very considerate.

“I have time.

Its all done now,” said Gu Ning.

“Great, then lets go have a walk around,” said Baili Zongxue, immediately going to pack.

Afterwards, Leng Shaoting became their chauffeur and drove them around the famous tourist attractions in City Rui.

It was just 3 pm, and the dinner was at 6 pm, so they still had enough time to enjoy themselves.

City Rui wasnt large, but the tourist attractions were far away.

Because Leng Shaoting was with them, Baili Zongxue felt a little nervous.

He had a natural air of power, even though he didnt mean to put any pressure on her.

It was their first meeting, and they werent familiar at all.

Anyway, it was Gu Nings fiancé, so she didnt bother to get familiar with him.

She just needed to know who he was.

They had an appointment for a meal at 6 pm, so they went back to the hotel after walking around until 5 pm.

By the time they were back in the hotel, it was 5:30 pm.

They decided to eat in the hotel where they stayed.

After they were in the hotel, they called Zheng Peng.

At this moment, Zheng Peng and the others had already left their rooms and were on their way to the private room for the meal.

Although it wasnt 6 pm yet, they should be slightly earlier, otherwise they would seem rude.

After all, they invited Kang Shaojie to have a meal.

Kang Shaojie arrived at 5:40 pm so that they would have to wait for him for too long.

By the time Kang Shaojie arrived, Gu Ning and the others had only waited for five minutes.

Once Kang Shaojie walked in, Gu Ning stood up to welcome him.

The others didnt need to stand up.

Before Kang Shaojie arrived Gu Ning had told them that there was no need to do that.

To be frank, they werent familiar with Kang Shaojie so it wasnt necessary for them to welcome him by standing up.

Moreover, Kang Shaojie wasnt an important figure, so they didnt need to be so respectful.

“Miss Gu, sorry to keep you waiting,” said Kang Shaojie.

Although he wasnt late, it was necessary courtesy.

“Not at all.

We just arrived.

It isnt 6 pm yet,” said Gu Ning.

After that, she said, “Please have a seat, Mr.


“Sure.” Kang Shaojie went to sit down at once.

Before Gu Ning even made an introduction, he saw Zheng Peng and was surprised.

Although this was his first meeting with Zheng Peng, he had seen Zheng Pengs picture before.

Because they were peers, they needed to learn the basic information about the other.

However, because this was his first meeting with Zheng Peng in reality, Kang Shaojie wasnt sure so he waited for Gu Nings introduction.

If the man was really Zheng Peng, then Zheng Peng must be Gu Nings subordinate.

In other words, the owner of the raw jade material mining company managed by Zheng Peng was actually Gu Ning.

Thinking of that, Kang Shaojie was shocked, but he wasnt sure of it yet.

Gu Ning and Zheng Peng saw it from Kang Shaojies reaction, but werent surprised.

As mentioned, peers needed to learn basic information about each other, so it wasnt strange that Kang Shaojie knew Zheng Peng.


Kang, let me introduce you, this is the general manager of the Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company, Zheng Peng,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that and finding out that the man was really Zheng Peng, Kang Shaojie was more surprised.

In that case, Gu Ning was really the real boss of the Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company.

Although Kang Shaojie was astonished, he didnt lose his manners.

He immediately stood up and greeted Zheng Peng.

“Nice to meet you, Manager Zheng.

I just wondered whether it was you when we met, but I wasnt sure.”

Zheng Peng also stood up at the same time and shook hands with Kang Shaojie.

“Honored to meet you, Chairman Tang.”

Kang Shaojie was already the chairman of the Kang familys business, so Zheng Peng directly called him Chairman Tang.

“Dont say that.

Its my honor to meet you, Manager Zheng,” said Kang Shaojie.

He wasnt just being courteous, because he knew that Zheng Peng was a very capable manager.


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