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“Were different! We dont need to do that, because were still beautiful without any make-up on,” said Gu Ning.

It sounded a little narcissistic, but it was the truth.

They normally didnt wear any make-up and yet no one dared to say that they were ugly.

It was their advantage.

As cultivators, they had absorbed a lot of magical power, so they could live a long time and keep their skin in a good condition.

However, although they normally didnt wear any make-up, some people couldnt believe it and felt that they must have put on foundation at least.

They might just not be wearing eye makeup.

Their eyebrows were also thick, so it seemed that they had used eyebrow pencil.

“Right!” Baili Zongxue agreed happily, not denying that they were beautiful even without any make-up.

“Oh, I almost forgot this.

We need a briefcase and a pair of glasses.”

When they were about to leave, Gu Ning suddenly realized that they had missed these things, so they went back to shop for them.

Baili Zongxue carried the briefcase and wore the glasses, so that she looked more like a secretary.

They needed a car too, so they went to rent one.

This time, they didnt need a truck, just a private car.

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However, when they went to rent a car, drama happened.

Because Gu Ning had put on make-up and looked completely different from her original look.

No one believed that she was the same person as shown on her ID card, even though Gu Ning explained that she had put on make-up.

In fact, it was not only her appearance, but her age that seemed very different now.

The age on her ID card was nineteen, while she looked about twenty-eight at the moment.

That was what Gu Ning wanted, but now it was causing her trouble.

Left with no choice, Gu Ning took out her phone and showed her picture to prove that she was the same person.

Unfortunately, the car dealership became suspicious of her stealing the phone…

Gu Ning even had the impulse to remove her make-up to prove it, but the female manager of this car dealership came at this moment.

After observing her for a while, she was allowed to rent a car.

Women understood that they could look completely different after wearing make-up, but it was still possible to recognize themselves.

After all, Gu Nings features stayed the same, she only looked more mature after putting on some make-up.

“Miss Gu, youre quite good at wearing make-up.

I think ordinary people wouldnt recognize you.

But why do you need to do that” asked the female manager.

She wasnt really curious, she just asked casually.

“For work.

If I look too young, I might be easily ignored,” said Gu Ning resigned.

“Youre only nineteen.

And youre already working” The female manager was surprised and had sympathy for Gu Ning.

Normally, Gu Ning should be going to university at her age.

“My family asked me to do that,” said Gu Ning.

“Oh!” Hearing that, the female manager nodded and stopped asking.

Gu Ning successfully got a car, then they went straight to the raw jade material market.

After they arrived, they directly went to the Kang familys store, because they had taken away valuable raw jade materials from the stores at the front earlier in the morning.

The Kang familys store was very large, so there were many more raw materials containing jade.

There should be above ten thousand of them.

Gu Ning found five raw jade materials with top-level jade, and nine with high-level jade.

Gu Ning took eight of the high-level jade, and left one in the store.

Among the eight raw jade materials with high-level jade inside, Gu Ning gave two to Baili Zongxue.

Gu Ning took half of the raw jade materials with middle-high-level jade inside.

There were about twenty of them.

She didnt take any raw jade materials with middle-level jade inside.

After that, Gu Ning remembered the numbers of the raw jade materials with top-level and middle-high-level jade that she left in the store, and numbers of a stone with low-level jade and two normal stones.

Then she sent the numbers to Kang Shaojie to prove her ability.

Gu Ning: Mr.

Kang, I know you dont have much confidence in my abilities.

I chose several jade raw materials.

If you trust me, you can cut them open to see whether Im qualified to work with you.

You can do that either in public or private, but please dont tell other people about that.

Gu Ning didnt care whether Kang Shaojie wanted to cut the raw jade materials open in public or private.

After all, if he did it in public, it could bring him more customers.

Once Kang Shaojie received Gu Nings message, he called the manager of his familys store to prevent other people from taking away the jade raw materials.

He told the manager to keep them, while he would rush back.

Half an hour later, Kang Shaojie came, but Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue were already gone with enough raw jade materials of high quality.

This time, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue put the raw jade materials they bought in a small warehouse they just rented.

There were small warehouses for rent everywhere in the raw jade material market.

After Kang Shaojie came, he cut those raw jade materials open in public.

As a businessman, he undoubtedly wanted to attract more customers to his store.

He cut out a piece of low-level jade from the first one.

Although the jade was low level, he could still make money from it, so he was excited.


Kang, its unbelievable that you got jade from the very first one!”

“Right, Mr.

Kang is indeed amazing!”


Everyone complimented him, although they were actually jealous.

Due to his status, nobody dared to show jealousy on their face.

Because Gu Ning told him to keep it a secret, he couldnt tell them that it was Gu Ning who helped him choose the jade raw materials.

However, he was unwilling to say it was his own effort, so he explained.

“I didnt pick them out.

One of my friends did.

She told me to help her cut them open.”

“Shes really good then!”



The crowd complimented them again.

Someone thought Kang Shaojies friend was too generous.

How could she let Kang Shaojie cut the raw jade materials open.

Wasnt she afraid that he would keep the jade for himself

They didnt know much about Kang Shaojie, so it was possible.

Anyway, they wouldnt leave their raw jade materials with their friends, no matter how close they were.

After the jade was cut out, a jeweler asked Kang Shaojie whether he wanted to sell it.

Because a piece of low-level jade wasnt useful for Kang Shaojie, he agreed to sell it.

It was low-level jade and wasnt large, so it was sold at the price of a couple hundred thousand yuan.

Some high-end jewelers didnt want low-level jade, but ordinary jewelers needed it.

Normal jewelers couldnt afford top-level jade.

Afterwards, Kang Shaojie cut the second one open.

There was jade in the second one too, and it was at middle-high level.

This time, even Kang Shaojie was astonished.


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