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The two pieces of jade were both for sale People who were interested in it got excited at once.

Once Gu Ning finished, they rushed to shout out their bids.

“Eleven million yuan.”

“Twelve million yuan.”

“Thirteen million yuan.”


Zhao Rong couldnt stay calm any longer.

After thinking for a while, he decided to take part in it, so he shouted.

“Eighteen million yuan.”

He was afraid that Gu Ning might harbor a grudge against him and refuse to sell it to him, so he peeked at her to see her reaction when he made his bid.

However, Gu Ning was tolerant, and didnt bother to harbor a grudge against Zhao Rong, even though she disliked him.

In addition, it was a business.

There was no reason for her to refuse to sell the jade.

Zhao Rong wasnt a foreigner after all.

If there were foreigners, she wouldnt sell the jade to them.

Unfortunately, sometimes, she had bad luck.

Seconds after Gu Ning had that thought, she heard an unpleasant male voice.

“Twenty-five million yuan.”

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He sounded like a foreigner from Country R.

Gu Ning had that thought, because foreigners from different countries spoke their native language in different accents.

So Gu Ning felt that he should be from Country R.

Gu Ning was a little upset.

She didnt want to sell her jade to foreigners, but a foreigner ended up showing up.

For the time being, Gu Ning didnt stop him, because the person from Country R might not be able to get the jade in the end.

If the foreigner was going to get the jade, Gu Ning would stop him then.

“Thirty-four million yuan.”

Finally, Gu Nings two pieces of jade were sold at the price of thirty-four million yuan.

It was the highest price the jade could be sold at.

If they continued, they couldnt make much money from it, so no one placed another bid.

Because the final bidder was a native, Gu Ning said nothing and sold the jade.


Kang, please transfer the money for my bill to my account after deducting the fee for the stone-cutting.” Gu Ning gave her account number to the buyer and Kang Shaojie.

She won and made dozens of millions of yuan, and the jade raw materials barely cost anything, but it was their bet that the loser should pay the bill for the winner.

She wasnt mean, but just played the game according to the rules.

If she didnt take the money, Kang Shaojie might lose face.

“Of course.” Kang Shaojie immediately took Gu Nings card.

He never had the thought to deny their agreement.

Not to mention thousands of yuan, even if it was over a hundred thousand yuan, he would do what he promised.

Because they were both VIP customers of the bank, the money was soon transferred to Gu Nings account.

After settling the deal, it was nearly 2 pm.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue hadnt eaten yet, so they decided to stop shopping and have a meal first.


Kang, see you again,” Gu Ning said to Kang Shaojie politely.

“Miss Gu, if you dont mind, can we share a meal Please dont worry, I have no evil intentions.

I just hope that we can be friends after witnessing your amazing skills at stone-gambling,” said Kang Shaojie sincerely.

It was his real idea.

“Why not!” Gu Ning accepted his invitation.

She didnt care whether it was true or not, or whether Kang Shaojie had another purpose.

Gu Ning believed she needed to learn more about the local miners if she wanted to do business in City Rui.

The best way to know them better was to spend more time with them.

The Kang family was one of the three major families in City Rui.

However, they didnt really have a reputation.

Gu Ning wouldnt judge anyone by the comments on the Internet.

Whether they were good or not, she had to get to know about them.

Moreover, Internet users didnt have very good or bad comments about the Kang family, which meant the Kang family wasnt terrible.

When she met Kang Shaojie, she didnt see he was a bad man.

Instead, he seemed to be a gentleman.

She didnt think he was acting, because he seemed well-educated.

Kang Shaojie was worried that Gu Ning might not accept his invitation, so he was very pleased that Gu Ning agreed.

He made a hand gesture of invitation, then they walked out together.

Watching Gu Ning walk away with Kang Shaojie, Zhao Rong was displeased.

He originally wanted Kang Shaojie to compete against Gu Ning, but unexpectedly they became friends.

“Miss Gu, where are you from” Kang Shaojie asked.

He wasnt deliberately collecting Gu Nings information, he was just asking casually.

“The capital,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt care about that.

“Miss Gu, did you learn about stone-gambling from the senior members of your family” asked Kang Shaojie.

“From my master,” said Gu Ning.

“Oh, then your master must be a stone-gambling expert, to have such an excellent student like you,” said Kang Shaojie.

“Ha-ha, right.” Gu Ning answered.

Kang Shaojie stopped asking about that, because it might make Gu Ning feel that he was trying to collect her information.

In fact, Gu Ning didnt care much about the questions.

She cared more about his attitude.

Kang Shaojie was outgoing and wasnt curious about Gu Nings personal life.

Gu Ning didnt feel any malice from him, so she was very polite to him.

“Oh, Miss Gu, what should I call your friend” asked Kang Shaojie.

He had talked a lot with Gu Ning, and felt he should say something to her friend too.

“Her surname is Baili,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt tell him Baili Zongxues full name.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Baili.” Kang Shaojie greeted Baili Zongxue.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr.

Kang.” Baili Zongxue kindly replied.

There were many expensive restaurants and hotels outside the jade raw material market.

Because people who came to purchase jade raw materials here were normally rich, they preferred to stay in fancy places.

In order to treat Gu Ning, Kang Shaojie invited her to the best restaurant nearby.

He was the Kang familys heir in City Rui, while Gu Ning was just a young girl.

He barely knew anything about her family background, but he could see that she wasnt born in an ordinary family.

He didnt make friends with Gu Ning because she was born in a powerful family, but he was impressed by her skills at stone-gambling.

“Miss Gu, Miss Baili, please order whatever you want.

No need to save money for me,” said Kang Shaojie.

He was very generous, and wasnt showing off.

“Great,” said Gu Ning.

Actually, she had no intention of saving money for Kang Shaojie, because they were also hungry.

They ate a lot, but they were just two girls.

If Kang Shaojie cared so much about how much they could eat, he would be too petty.


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