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However, other people had no idea about that, so Baili Zongxue felt it was unfair for Gu Ning even though Gu Ning did it, not just to save them, but also to save herself.

Anyway, Baili Zongxue couldnt tell other people about Gu Nings abilities, because it would only cause trouble.

Besides, nobody would believe it.

“Its fine, I just need to rest for a while,” said Gu Ning with a smile.

“Of course,” said Baili Zongxue, then stopped talking to Gu Ning.

Because Gu Ning felt weak after using too much magical power, she couldnt use it to recover now.

It would only make her more tired.

However, she could directly take power crystals, so she took out a bottle of ten power crystals and took all of them at once.

As a cultivator, one or two power crystals werent of much use, so she needed to take many of them, but if it was over ten, it would be too many, so Gu Ning only took ten power crystals.

Afterwards, her face gradually became ruddy again, but she still needed more time to regain her energy.

After resting for an hour, Gu Ning became energetic again.

Baili Zongxue was relieved when she saw that Gu Ning was doing much better.

A while later, a stewardess announced that the plane had started landing.

And after about thirty minutes, the plane landed at the airport of City Rui.

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The passengers didnt feel completely safe until this moment.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue got out of the plane and left the airport.

On their way out, Gu Ning called Qi Tianlin and asked where he was.

She would go to him.

For the time being, Qi Tianlin wasnt staying in a fixed location, because he didnt dare to stop in case the mutant caught up to him.

Instead, he was wandering around in City Rui.

Although the mutant wasnt as likely to attack him in a crowded place, it still could happen.

Therefore, Qi Tianlin couldnt stop moving, since it was the only way to help him feel safe.

In that case, Gu Ning could only contact Qi Tianlin when she got to the city center.

After all, it took more than an hour to get to the city center from the airport.

Qi Tianlin didnt know where he would go within that hour.

Anyway, he had no destination and was unfamiliar with City Rui.

After walking out of the airport, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue took a taxi towards the city center.

A while later, the taxi driver asked them, “Miss, which flight did you take”

“HX5580, were from the capital,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt care much about that.

Hearing that, the taxi driver took a deep breath, then continued.

“Did it suffer serious air turbulence during the route”

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue were surprised.

How did he know

No one should have told him earlier, and he was only a mortal.

He shouldnt be able to foresee it.

Gu Ning got alert and asked, “Yeah, but how do you know it”

“I took the flight before.

It flies over City Wu along the way.

About two hours ago, A magnitude 7 earthquake occurred in a mountainous area more than 100 kilometers away from City Wu.

Which affected the air space too.

At that time, HX5580 must have suffered a lot from it.

I was worried it might cause a serious accident, but luckily nothing happened,” said the taxi driver.

That was the reason why he took a long breath after hearing that they just took HX5580.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue immediately figured out why the plane shook so heavily earlier.

If so, that plane was under great threat at that moment.

“Did anyone get injured” Gu Ning asked with concern.

“Of course, but because its a mountainous area and not many people were living there, the death toll isnt high.

It should be about twenty.

No one wants anyone to die, but its unavoidable,” said the taxi driver.

“Right.” Gu Ning agreed.

Then she took out her phone and searched for news about the earthquake.

It was true that an earthquake occurred in a mountainous area more than 100 kilometers away from City Wu.

The surrounding counties and towns were affected, but the death toll wasnt high.

After making sure of it, Gu Ning sent Chen Cangyi a message, telling him to donate two million yuan to the mountainous area.

She couldnt save the world, but she was a very kind person.

If it was possible, she was happy to do something to help innocent people.

Gu Ning also told Chen Cangyi to arrange for trustworthy people to collect information about the households living there.

She wouldnt directly donate the money to charity.

Gu Ning didnt trust charities, because people who really needed money might not get the help they needed.

After all, there were too many staff who would take money out of the donation for themselves.

It wasnt uncommon, and was allowed by the government.

These charities actually didnt focus on charitable activities.

They were more like middlemen, so they would take fees.

The Tang familys charity wouldnt do that, but Gu Ning still told Chen Cangyi to deal with it himself.

Chen Cangyi had just learned that City Wu suffered an earthquake.

He also felt that it was necessary to donate, but the company was owned by Gu Ning, so he planned to talk to her about it.

However, before he could do that, he received Gu Nings message so he immediately did what she said.

After an hour, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue entered the city center and Gu Ning called Qi Tianlin again.

At this time, Qi Tianlin was driving towards the city center.

Because he was going to meet Gu Ning soon, he became less worried, so he told her to meet at a restaurant.

After that, Gu Ning told the taxi driver to go to the appointed restaurant.

It was time for a meal, so they could directly have a meal after they met.

Shortly after Qi Tianlin and his people arrived, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue came.

At their meeting, Gu Ning saw that Qi Tianlin obviously wasnt in a good condition.

He looked haggard.

It seemed that he didnt sleep well while he was being chased.

Yu Hao and Cheng Hua by his side also looked haggard, and were even in a worse condition than Qi Tianlin.

After all, they drove in turns.

As the head, Qi Tianlin only needed to sit there.

Luckily, even though they looked haggard, they werent out of strength.

Qi Tianlin carried power crystals which he bought from Gu Ning.

When they were extremely tired, they would take the power crystals and become energetic again.


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