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Before Jiang Liluo came, Ba Tianyang told him about the situation and that this time, he would do a task together with Zhang Ziyang.

He also mentioned that when he competed with Mr.

Dus bodyguard, he didnt need to defeat him too fast.

He could finish the match after five minutes.

Ba Tianyang said that to Jiang Liluo because he knew that Jiang Liluo was much better than them.

Jiang Liluo could easily defeat Mr.

Dus bodyguard within a moment.

Although Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were still undergoing training, they would become the top bodyguards in their company once the training was finished.

The bodyguards were divided into different levels according to their abilities.

How they finished their tasks would decide how much money they could earn.

Therefore, even if someone thought it was unfair, he had to first defeat his colleagues.

Jiang Liluo listened to Ba Tianyang and defeated Mr.

Dus bodyguard within five minutes.


Du was very satisfied and decided to hire Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo.

There were weak and strong people in this world.

Some people might get jealous because other people were stronger than them, while others wouldnt.

Ones morals were very important.

If one wants to be better than other people, he or she should work harder.

If someone got jealous just because other people could do better than them, it would be their own problem.

No one got strong without any effort.

Since Mr.

Du decided to hire bodyguards from Gu Nings company, he needed to talk about the details of the task he needed them to do.

Not every task would be accepted, so they needed to know why Mr.

Du needed bodyguards.

If it was illegal, they wouldnt agree to do it.

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Even though Mr.

Du needed to tell them the details, they would sign a confidentiality agreement.

It turned out that Mr.

Dus son got involved in a drug trafficking gang, but his son wasnt a member of the gang.

On the contrary, his son was an undercover agent.

Now Mr.

Dus son had already contacted the police.

The police made arrangements and they were going to take action tomorrow night.

They wanted to catch all the drug traffickers.

Although the police would send two people to protect Mr.

Dus son, Mr.

Du didnt think they would be enough.

They were only policemen, not special forces.

When a drug trafficking gang went crazy, they would kill ruthlessly.

As a result, Mr.

Du had the thought of hiring stronger bodyguards to protect his son.

Even though Mr.

Du disagreed with his sons adventure, he couldnt stop him, Du Wei, from doing that.

Besides, if they couldnt handle it well this time, his son would be in a lot of danger in the future.

In order to not worry his father, Du Wei agreed to let his father hire bodyguards to protect him secretly although accidents might not happen.

After hearing the reason, Ba Tianyang immediately had a good impression of Mr.

Du and respect for his son.

Anyway, if the situation wasnt what Mr.

Du described and if it was actually illegal, the bodyguards had the right to quit.

They wouldnt pay back the deposit.

This was also written in the agreement.

However, if the situation was different from what the hirer told them, but was legal, it wouldnt be a problem.

After all, the hirer could have his secrets.

After verifying their job and signing the agreement, Mr.

Du paid the deposit and left.

Because they needed to carry out the task tomorrow morning, Mr.

Du would come to pick up Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo tomorrow morning.

Before that, Ba Tianyang had a private talk with Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo, He mainly told Jiang Liluo what he shouldnt do.

However, an hour after Mr.

Du left, Ba Tianyang received a call from him.


Du told him that the action was advanced, so he needed Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo right now.

Since they were bodyguards, they were ready to fight anytime.

So since Mr.

Du needed them right now, they set off at once.


Dus son, Du Wei, was a college student who just graduated.

Because he behaved like a hoodlum normally and had a bunch of friends who were real hoodlums, he accidentally got involved in a drug trafficking gang.

Du Wei always wandered around, but he still had a sense of justice.

He was also very smart, so he wouldnt really join them in drug-trafficking.

Instead, he won their trust and secretly contacted the police.

The drug trafficking gang was going to make a deal this time.

It wasnt a big deal, just a small deal between two small gangs.

However, drug-trafficking was unacceptable, so Du Wei decided to ruin it since he was aware of it.

The deal time and place werent settled yet.

They were only sure that they would do it tonight.

The gang Du Wei was in was the buyer, while the seller gang would settle the deal time and place.

The seller was afraid that the buyer would play tricks in advance, which might cause them to suffer a double loss.

The gang Du Wei was in was a small gang.

Although there werent any large gangs in the capital, there were many small gangs.

However, they were very careful, and never dared to go against the government.

As long as they didnt cause serious trouble, the government wouldnt bother to arrest them.

Most importantly, the government didnt have much time, and not every official had a strong sense of justice.

Only when someone reported them would the government get involved.

After all, if the government did nothing, the officials would be in trouble in the end.

In addition to Du Wei, six gangsters would go to complete the deal.

Du Weis bodyguards wouldnt go to the appointed place with them, because that would expose Du Wei.

Therefore, they could only follow Du Wei secretly.

If Du Wei was in danger, they would stand out then.

At the moment Du Wei and other gangsters were still waiting to set out.

After Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo arrived, they waited nearby.

At 7 pm, they received a message telling them to meet at an abandoned factory in a suburb of the southern district at 8:30 pm.

Without delay, Du Wei and the other gangsters set out in a MPV.

When no one was watching him, Du Wei sent Zhang Ziyang a message telling them the appointed time and place.

Before they went to do this task, Mr.

Du contacted Du Wei and gave Du Wei Zhang Ziyangs number, so Du Wei was able to contact Zhang Ziyang.



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