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Anyway, as long as he was there, he wouldnt allow Jing Jining to say something that other people shouldnt know.

“Um, Jining, why dont we go out for a walk I need to have a private talk with you,” said Shangguan Yang.

Actually, he had no secrets to share with Jing Jining, but Jing Yunyan came with Jing Jining, which made him feel that Jing Yunyan had a malicious purpose.

It was as if he was spying on Jing Jining.

Therefore, Shangguan Yang wanted to ask Jing Jining about it.

“Sure,” said Jing Jining and immediately stood up.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyan squinted.

He sensed that Shangguan Yang had noticed that something wasnt right and so wanted to talk with Jing Jining without his presence.

He wouldnt allow it to happen, so he also stood up at once.

“Senior Shangguan, Ill go with you.

This is my first time that Ive visited your residence.

Im interested in a tour too.”

However, Shangguan Yang was displeased, looking at Jing Yunyan in annoyance.

“Lord Jing, youve not been invited.

I can accept that.

Youre a guest, so I ought to be polite, but dont you think its a little rude for you to ask for a tour Lord Jing, why dont you leave first”

Shangguan Yang wouldnt waste any more time on Jing Yunyan.

Jing Yunyan got mad for a second.

He didnt expect Shangguan Yang to embarrass him publicly and even try to chase him away.

Unfortunately, since Shangguan Yang ordered him to leave, he couldnt stay any longer.

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He was afraid that Jing Jining might leak information, so he warned him before he walked away.

“Well, if Senior Shangguan wants me to leave right now, Ill go.” Jing Yunyan replied angrily, then turned to say in a disdainful tone, “But I need to tell Jining about one thing.

The patriarch just sent me to find Jining to deal with something.

However, he needed to come to see you, so we could deal with the matter later.

However, I need to tell him about it now.”

When Jing Yunyan said that, he was worried that Jing Jining might embarrass him again by saying that he was lying.

However, he was reluctant to leave like that, so he gave Jing Jining a warning glance.

Jing Yunyan deliberately said that it was their business, so it had nothing to do with Shangguan Yang.

Instead, it was the Jing familys family affair.

Otherwise, it could easily cause a misunderstanding if he had a private talk with Jing Jining at this moment.

“Sure!” Jing Jining didnt embarrass Jing Yunyan this time.

On the contrary, he acted in concert with him.

Afterwards, he said to Shangguan Yang, “Senior Shangguan, please give me a moment.

I need to go out with my cousin for a while.”

“No problem,” said Shangguan Yang.

Although Jing Yunyan felt that he didnt give Jing Jining an obvious warning, Shangguan Yang and Gu Ning saw everything.

They knew there was something wrong.

They guessed that Jing Jining was being spied on, and Jing Yunyan might warn Jing Jining not to do something when they had a private chat outside.

Anyway, they would ask Jing Jining about it later.

After that, Jing Jining went out with Jing Yunyan.

Because Jing Yunyan was in a bad mood since Shangguan Yang chased him away, he didnt say good-bye to them on his way out.

Once Jing Jining and Jing Yunyan were gone, Gu Ning said, “Master, Jing Yunyan came with Uncle Jing for a purpose.

Im afraid that its not an order from Jing Yaorong that they need to go to deal with something.

I think Jing Yunyan is going to warn Jing Jining about something.”

“I agree, but well know by asking Jining about it later,” said Shangguan Yang.

No matter how they guessed right now, they couldnt figure it out.

After Jing Jining went out with Jing Yunyan, Jing Yunyan warned him seriously.

“Jining, you better listen to my father.

Dont say anything that other people shouldnt know.

Or itll cause all of us trouble.”

“I understand.” Jing Jining replied.

He wasnt angry and didnt bother to argue with Jing Yunyan.

He agreed with what Jing Yunyan told him.

However, he might not really listen to him.

In fact, it wouldnt make a difference even if he told other people that Jing Yunyao was still alive.

Although Jing Jining agreed, Jing Yunyan was still worried that Jing Jining might not listen to them, so he continued to threaten him.

“You better keep your words.

If anything bad happens to my father.

Your parents wont live a peaceful life either…”

Upon hearing that, Jing Jining squinted, looking at Jing Yunyan coldly.

“Jing Yunyan, stop threatening me with my parents, or Ill teach you a lesson first.

Dont think my family is easy to bully.

We arent cowards.”

“You…” Jing Yunyan was angry, but was also afraid of Jing Jining.

He didnt want to annoy Jing Jining, because Jing Jining might blurt their familys dirty secret out in anger.

That was the last thing that he wanted.

As a result, no matter how angry Jing Yunyan was, he had to curb his anger at this moment.

He could only go home and talk about it with his father.

“Dont forget what you agreed to do,” said Jing Yunyan, then left.

As soon as Jing Yunyan left, Jing Jining went back to the house.

“Why did he come with you” Shangguan Yang asked.

Jing Jining replied honestly.

“To spy on me! Yunyao ran into Jing Yunyans wife and daughter the other day.

She injured his daughter, Jing Bingjie.

The Jing family was alert since a female top cultivator showed up in the capital.

They connected the dots and found out that Yunyao isnt dead.”

“After I came back, they questioned me about that.

Because I didnt know they would find out that Yunyao is still alive, I lost control of my reactions and they verified that it was true.

So I admitted it.

Anyway, Yunyao is in the early stage of the Out-of-Body Stage now, and Shaoting is in the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period.

Even if they meet each other by chance, they should be no match for Yunyao and Shaoting.

There is nothing to worry about.

In order to not let more people find out that Yunyao is still alive, they sent someone to spy on me and forbade me from leaving the cultivation world.”


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