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“Nice to see you, Senior Shangguan.

Im Lu Min, a disciple from Tiandaozong.”


They greeted Shangguan Yang.

Shangguan Yang and Gu Ning had met them before, but didnt know their names.

“Nice to see you too.” Shangguan Yang replied, then asked, “Are you busy now”

Shangguan Yang wanted them to help him bring Jing Jining over, but they had to have time to do that for him.

“Were not.

Were free these days, so were wandering around on the street.”


Upon hearing Shangguan Yangs question, they knew that he needed them to do something for him.

“Well, I need someone to do me a favor now.

Would you please help me” Shangguan Yang asked.

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“Of course, Senior Shangguan.

Whatever you need, were more than willing to help,” they said sincerely.

They were unimportant people, and felt very honored that they were able to exchange greetings with such an important figure like Shangguan Yang.

They were indeed more than willing to help Shangguan Yang.

“Great, please help me visit the Jing family and ask Jing Jining to come to my residence to see me,” said Shangguan Yang.

He was very nice to them.

They thought it might be something very important, and they got nervous in case they couldnt do it well, so they were all relieved when they heard that Shangguan Yang only needed them to call someone over.

“No problem, well go to the Jing familys house and tell Lord Jing to come to see you right away.” Answered Yang Ping.

“Thank you so much,” said Shangguan Yang.

“Its our pleasure.

Well, I guess we need to go now,” said Yang Ping, then they immediately left.

Onlookers figured out Shangguan Yangs identity when they noticed that disciples from Tiandaozong spoke to him respectfully.

So they also stepped forward to say hi to Shangguan Yang.

However, they only exchanged greetings, and didnt bother Shangguan Yang.

In fact, they didnt dare to waste his time.

Shangguan Yang replied to all of them politely.

Before long, Shangguan Yang and Gu Ning arrived at Shangguan Yangs residence.

Because the house wasnt completely finished, there were still people busy building.

They didnt know Shangguan Yang and Gu Ning, but they were polite to them after Gu Ning told them their identities.

They didnt doubt Gu Nings words, because nobody would dare to disguise himself as Shangguan Yang.

The cultivation world wasnt large, so if anyone dared to do that, it would soon be exposed.

After that, some of the construction workers took them inside.

Only the outer layer of Shangguang Yangs residence wasnt finished yet, so the inside was already furnished and decorated.

At the same time, Yang Ping and the others arrived at the Jing familys house.

Although they were just disciples in the primary level of Tiandaozong, the Jing familys security guards didnt dare to slight them.

“Were disciples from Tiandaozong.

Is Lord Jing home We need to see him,” said Yang Ping politely.

He wasnt arrogant at all.

Some disciples from Tiandaozong might look down their noses at ordinary citizens, but only a few of them did that.

Most disciples were modest.

“Yes, please wait for a while.

Ill deliver the message right now.” The domestic servant didnt know that Jing Jining was forbidden to leave, so he told the truth when someone asked him about Jing Jining.

He thought that it was Tiandaozong that wanted to see Jing Jining, so he didnt dare to delay it, nor did he ask them why they wanted to see Jing Jining.

“Thanks,” said Yang Ping.

After that, the Jing familys domestic servant went inside to deliver the message.

No one stopped him along the way, so he smoothly went to the southern yard.

Jing Jining was also there, so the domestic servant successfully saw him.

After that, the domestic servant told Jing Jining that several disciples from Tiandaozong wanted to see him, then Jing Jining followed them out.

On his way out, he met Jing Yunyan.

“Hey, Jining, where are you going” Jing Yunyan asked.

“A few disciples from Tiandaozong want to see me outside.

Im going to see them,” said Jing Jining.

He also thought that Tiandaozong wanted to see him.

He had no idea that it was Shangguan Yang who wanted to see him.

“Oh, Ill go with you,” said Jing Yunyan.

He wouldnt stop watching Jing Jining, in case Jing Jining spread any news.

“Whatever,” said Jing Jining casually.

In fact, whether they paid special attention to him or not, it wouldnt change anything.

Even if he said nothing, Jing Yunyao would still come.

The final result wouldnt change just because of him.

Afterwards, Jing Yunyan followed Jing Jining out.

Outside the gate, they saw Yang Ping and his companions.

“Nice to see you, Lord Jing.” Yang Ping and the others politely greeted Jing Jining and Jing Yunyan.

Although Jing Jining was unfamiliar with them, he still knew their names.

“Hi, Junior Yang, what can I do for you”

“Lord Jing, it actually isnt us, but Senior Shangguan wants to see you.

He came to the cultivation world.

Now hes in his residence.

He asked us to invite you over,” said Yang Ping.

Knowing that it was Shangguan Yang who wanted to see Jing Jining, both Jing Yunyan and Jing Jining were greatly surprised.

“Um, Im sorry, Jining has something else to deal with.

Im afraid he cant go.

Please pass our apologies to Senior Shangguan.” Jing Yunyan was afraid that Jing Jining might say something inappropriate after meeting Shangguan Yang, so he opened his mouth and stopped them at once.

Was it just a coincidence that Shangguan Yang came to see Jing Jining at this moment Did Shangguan Yang know anything

Did Jing Jining send someone to tell Shangguan Yang behind their backs Was that the reason why Shangguan Yang wanted to see Jing Jining now

Whether it was a coincidence or not, he had to stop Jing Jining from meeting Shangguan Yang.

“Oh, do I have something else to deal with How come I didnt know that” Jing Jining argued with Jing Yunyan.

He understood what Jing Yunyan wanted to do, but Shangguan Yang was already here.

He couldnt stop him from meeting Shangguan Yang.

Jing Yunyan was aware that Jing Jining refused to listen to him, so he warned him coldly.

“Its the patriarchs order.

I think you should know.”

“Well talk about that after I meet Senior Shangguan,” said Jing Jining.

He didnt bother to ask for permission, because Shangguan Yang came to see him.

“How could you disobey the patriarch” Jing Yunyan threatened.

“Why are you stopping me from seeing Senior Shangguan Its not often for Senior Shangguan to visit the cultivation world.

He wants to see me.

You have no reason to stop me! If other people hear that, they might think that you dont get along with Senior Shangguan and even disdain him!” said Jing Jining, because he clearly knew Jing Yunyans intention.


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