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Chapter 246: Head to City Teng

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“What are you doing now” Leng Shaoting asked.

“Im in City G.

I went to check on the jewelry store, and Im in my apartment now,” Gu Ning said.

After a second, she added, “I miss you.”

Leng Shaoting immediately felt passionate.

He wanted to be by Gu Nings side right away, but he also knew that he had to fulfill his task first.

“I miss you too, and Ill come to you the minute that I finish my task,” Leng Shaoting said, trying his best to curb his passion.

Gu Ning understood that Leng Shaoting needed to work, and said, “Call me before you come to me, and dont surprise me again, because we can miss the chance to meet each other.

Im going to Province Y in a few days.

If time permits, Ill also be going to the capital.”

“Who will be with you” Leng Shaoting asked.

He knew that Gu Ning was excellent at stone gambling, and that she had to go to Province Y for it.

“Ill be alone,” Gu Ning said.

“Where are you going in Province Y” Leng Shaoting added.

“City Teng,” Gu Ning replied.

“Im leaving for City Teng in a few days too, but it hasnt been safe in City Teng recently.” This time, Leng Shaoting wasnt happy that they were going to meet each other in the same place, but it was Gu Nings work, so he couldnt stop her.

“If you have to go there, do come to me by then, or Ill be worried.”

To Gu Nings surprise, they would both be in City Teng.

In fact, she didnt care that it wasnt safe there, but she promised that she would come to him once she was in City Teng.

She missed him so much.

“Would it bother you if come to you” Gu Ning asked.

“Of course not,” Leng Shaoting answered.

“Great! See you then,” Gu Ning said.

Leng Shaoting relaxed when Gu Ning gave him an affirmative answer.

Gu Ning didnt tell Master Fu and his friends that she was in City G, because she spent most of her time cutting raw materials in the processing plant.

There was a pile of raw materials, and she had only cut out half till now.

However, only half of it was enough to support Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Jewelry wasnt daily commodities after all, and an emerald the size of a fist was adequate for dozens of small pieces of jewelry.

No matter how popular the brand was, it was pretty good if they could sell five to six pieces of jewelry and make millions of yuan on average per day.

Gu Ning only stayed in City G for two nights, and got aboard the plane to City Teng in Province Y around 9 am the morning of the third day.

Gu Ning called Leng Shaoting before she got on the plane.

Leng Shaoting wouldnt be in City Teng until tomorrow, so Gu Ning would be alone today.

Leng Shaoting wanted to keep Gu Ning company but he worked in a team, so he could only remind her to be careful.

There wasnt a direct plane from City G to City Teng.

So Gu Ning had to fly to City Y, which was the capital city of Province Y, and then transfer to City Teng.

During the break of an hour before Gu Ning went aboard the plane to City Teng, She found a restaurant to eat in, in City Y.

After the meal, Gu Ning took out an encyclopedia of antiques to read to kill the time.

There was an old man in his early sixties with his granddaughter who sat at the table beside Gu Ning.

The girl was about 15-years-old, and was accompanied by two middle-aged men who were around 30-years-old.

Both of them looked serious and as if they were bodyguards.

The old mans eyes lit up when he found that Gu Ning was reading an encyclopedia of antiques, and asked with astonishment, “Isnt this an encyclopedia of antiques Do you like antiques”

However, before Gu Ning could answer, the young girl opened her mouth first and said sarcastically, “She must be pretending.”

“Mind your words!” the old man criticized, then apologized to Gu Ning.

“Im so sorry for my granddaughters rude behavior.

Please dont mind her.”

“Its nothing,” Gu Ning said airily.

She wouldnt bother to be mad at an impolite young girl.

However, the young girl retorted, “I dont think that Im wrong.

Only old people are interested in antiques, and youre too young for that.”

Indeed, antiques always had a special place in old peoples affections, while the young generation was rarely involved, but it didnt mean that there were no young people who had interest in it.

“Shaoyin, couldnt you be polite” the old man criticized again, and the young girl immediately shut her mouth.

She pursed her lips, but didnt dare to argue once more.

Gu Ning was slightly mad this time.

She looked to the young girl and said, “I dont think it has anything to do with you whether I can understand antiques.

Do you have to be so sarcastic”

Hearing that, Zhang Hanyin replied arrogantly, “I just hate to see people acting like theyre really somebody!”

“We just met each other for the first time, and how do you know that Im acting Dont you think youre being too arrogant” Gu Ning argued.

“Then do you know antiques at all” Zhang Hanyin asked.

She didnt believe that Gu Ning knew anything about antiques.

“Shaoyin, if you behave like that again, I wont bring you out anymore!” Master Zhang threatened, then looked to Gu Ning and apologized again.

“Im so sorry about that.”

Although Gu Ning found that the girl was annoying, she didnt want to upset Master Zhang.

“Its fine.”

“Do you like antiques, or are you majoring in it” Master Zhang asked out of curiosity.

He was curious because he loved antiques.

“I like antiques, so I bought some books to read,” Gu Ning replied.

“Very well, there arent many young people who are interested in antiques now,” Master Zhang complimented Gu Ning.

No matter how much Gu Ning knew about antiques, it proved that she had to be a stable girl since studying antiques was boring.

Seeing that her grandfather complimented Gu Ning, Zhang Hanyin was displeased.

“Grandpa, why dont you test her”

“Shaoyin!” Master Zhang snapped.

Although he was curious too, they were merely strangers and it wasnt polite to test Gu Ning all of a sudden.

“Miss Gu”

At this time, a male voice sounded.

Gu Ning immediately recognized the voice.

She looked over and saw Zhao Yuefeng.


Zhao, what a coincidence!”

“Oh, its really you!” Zhao Yuefeng was excited to see Gu Ning.

“Why are you in Province Y Did you just arrive here or are you heading back”

“I just arrived, and Im going to City Teng.

How about you” Gu Ning said.


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