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Therefore, after taking a deep breath, Han Chenglin said seriously to Chu Peihan, “Chu Peihan, I have had a great interest in you from the day we met.

I did everything, trying to be closer to you.

After a while, I realized that Im not just interested in you.

I fell in love with you.

Once I learned that you and my cousin, Xiaoyue, are classmates and you two are close friends, I bribed her.

I told her not to tell you about our family relationship.

She told me your schedule, so I could meet youby chance.

I just wanted to see you more often.

I thought that I could confess my affection for you after we became more familiar, but I didnt expect to run into Han Zhexi today.

He ruined my plan.”

Hearing Han Chenglins confession, Chu Peihan was struck dumb.

It was beyond her imagination that Han Chenglin fell in love with her.

What surprised her more was that her heart began to pound in excitement.

Was she happy about that Why Did she like Han Chenglin too

No, no, no, she didnt think so!

Maybe she had a good impression of him, but it could hardly be considered love.

Suddenly, Chu Peihan didnt know what to say.

She really wanted to escape right now.

As a result, she directly stood up and said, “I dont want the coffee anymore.

Sorry, I gotta go.”

The moment she finished, she ran outside.

“Hey!” Shi Xiaoyue wanted to stop her, but Han Chenglin was faster, so she decided not to follow them.

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After all, it wasnt appropriate for her to be the third wheel, and the coffee they ordered was already on the table.

She couldnt waste it.

Han Chenglin caught up to Chu Peihan at the door and pulled her back.

He knew it wasnt good, but he didnt know what else he could do right now.

“Peihan, I mean every word I just said.

I know you dont hate me so much now.

Can you give me a chance” said Han Chenglin seriously.

After being pulled by Han Chenglin, Chu Peihan was very nervous.

She had no courage to look at him.

“Its such a surprise.

I-I need some private time to think about it,” she said, struggling hard.

Given Chu Peihans skills, it couldnt be easier for her to get rid of Han Chenglin, but she didnt want to hurt him, so she didnt use a lot of force.

“Im afraid youll disappear from my life.” Han Chenglin was a little aggrieved.

“No, I wont.

Please, let me go now,” said Chu Peihan subconsciously.

She was scared by Han Chenglins sudden confession, and had no idea how to face it, but she didnt really have the intention of rejecting him.

She just panicked.

Given her personality, if she disliked a man, she would reject him without hesitation.

Only when she wasnt sure of her feelings would she hesitate.

Chu Peihan never paid much attention to a romantic relationship, let alone being entangled.

“I can send you back to school,” said Han Chenglin.

He didnt want her to leave alone, even though she was a very strong girl.

In fact, Chu Peihan would be safer alone than he would be, but he was worried about her right now.

“No, Ill go back on my own,” said Chu Peihan with determination.

“Send me a message when you arrive, alright” Knowing that Chu Peihan was determined, Han Chenglin didnt dare to force her, in case she got mad.

He could only ask her to send him a message after she arrived so that he could know she was safe.

“Sure.” Chu Peihan agreed in order to stop Han Chenglin from sending her back to school.

After that, Han Chenglin let Chu Peihan go and she immediately ran to the subway station.

At this moment, Chu Peihans cheeks were hot and red.

She even felt too embarrassed to be in public.

Watching Chu Peihan run away, Han Chenglin didnt return to the café until she totally disappeared from his sight.

He wanted to follow her till she was safely back at her school, but he understood that Chu Peihan would easily notice him if he really did that.

And he was reluctant to anger her.

Therefore, Han Chenglin didnt follow her.

He could only wait till she sent him a message.

When Han Chenglin came back alone, Shi Xiaoyue wasnt surprised, but she wasnt sure of Chu Peihans attitude, so she asked, “Hey, what did she say”

“She said its a big surprise and she needs some time to think about it,” said Han Chenglin.

Because he didnt know that Chu Peihan also had a good impression of him, he was a little anxious.

“Obviously, she has a good impression of you.

It just happened too suddenly, so she doesnt know what to do.

She just needs some time to think about it.

Given what I know about her, she wouldnt run away if she has no feelings for you.

She would just reject you without hesitation,” said Shi Xiaoyue.

She was certain that Chu Peihan had a good impression of Han Chenglin, but she didnt know whether Chu Peihan liked him.

After all, she hadnt talked about it to Chu Peihan.

“Really” Han Chenglins face lit up.

Actually, he knew Chu Peihans personality very well, but he was still afraid that Chu Peihan might reject him.

“Just give her some time.

I wont go back to school today.

Ill go to school tomorrow,” said Shi Xiaoyue.

She didnt dare to face Chu Peihan right now, so she decided to avoid her for the time being.

After that, Han Chenglin drove Shi Xiaoyue home.

Although Shi Xiaoyue didnt go back to school, she still sent Chu Peihan a message of apology.

Shi Xiaoyue: Peihan, Im sorry, I shouldnt have kept it a secret from you.

But I didnt mean to hurt you.

I know I approached you for a purpose, but I was forced to do that.

I hope you can forgive me.

And my cousin really likes you.

Hes a good man, otherwise I wouldnt have agreed to help him.

Ive always treated you as my best friend and close sister.

I promise I wont push you into trouble.

I dont know whether you will be a good match, because it takes time to get to know each other, but if you think my cousin isnt a bad guy, please give him a chance.

You can break up with him if he isnt the right one for you.


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