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An Qian then called the police station and Le Zhengyu.

Le Zhengyu was shocked to hear the news.

He immediately postponed the meeting he was going to attend, and got in his car.

He was exceeding the speed limit and even drove ahead when it was still a red light.

Even though he knew that An Qian was safe now, he couldnt relax before he saw An Qian in person.

It normally took a dozen minutes to get there, but Le Zhengyu arrived after only six minutes.

The second that he saw An Qian, Le Zhengyu clasped her in his arms.

It felt so good to have her in his arms at this moment.

“Miss Gu, I seriously dont know how to thank you enough.

Youve saved An Qian twice and helped me once.

If you have any need in the future, please be free to let us know.

Well do whatever we can,” Le Zhengyu said with sincerity.

They both knew that Gu Ning didnt lack money, so they didnt offer her a check.

“Please dont say that.

An Qian and I are friends.

Im glad to help her, but if I really need anything in the future, Ill turn to you for help,” Gu Ning replied.

Before long, the police arrived and brought them all to the police station.

The camera that Chen Mengqi had used to record was the proof of their crime, but according to the rules, An Qian and Gu Ning needed to give their accounts as well.

After that, Gu Ning and others went back.

In the end, the four men and Chen Mengqi were sentenced to prison for three years.

Gu Ning, meanwhile, had the final exams several days later.

She had been the first in her grade in the last monthly test, so she was arranged to write the final exams in the first examination room, in which the top 30 in the grade would write the final exams together.

Qin Zheng and Mu Ke were also in the first examination room, and they sat in the same row.

Qin Zheng finally had a chance to be near to Gu Ning, but he still had no chance to talk to her, because Mu Ke kept chatting with her before the exam.

And Gu Ning handed her paper in within half an hour every time.

By the time that Qin Zheng finished his paper and left the classroom, Gu Ning was already with her friends.

Everyone knew that Gu Ning handed her paper in much earlier, but it was still shocking to see her doing that.

None of them could finish half of the paper within half an hour!

After the three days of the final exams, it was vacation.

Gu Nings friends proposed to have fun together with Su Anya.

They went to have a meal in a fancy hotel before doing karaoke, and then went to have night snacks.

Su Anyas birthday was around the corner, and she invited them to join her birthday party.

She also told them not to prepare gifts, and that she could help them with formal clothing.

Everyone knew that the Su Family was one of the super-rich families in City F, and it absolutely wouldnt be a simple birthday party.

Many celebrities would attend without doubt.

However, it was impossible that Gu Ning and her friends wouldnt prepare gifts.

They didnt say good-bye to each other until it was very late that night.

They had an early winter vacation this year, and it was 23 days away from the New Year festival, which was to Gu Nings advantage.

Most of her friends had to attend classes even during the winter vacation, but she wouldnt do the same thing, mainly because she didnt have much time for it.

She already had a busy schedule set for this winter vacation.

She would fly to City G tomorrow afternoon, and stay there for a few days before leaving for Province Y.

After that, she planned to go to the capital if time permitted.

She would be attending a university in the capital half a year later, so she wanted to find an appropriate piece of land for an office building for her company as soon as possible.

No matter how busy she would be, she had to be back in City F five days before the New Year festival to shop with Gu Man.

Gu Man didnt know what Gu Ning was up to, but she was aware that Gu Ning was occupied by business.

Gu Man didnt ask further but reminded Gu Ning to be careful.

Jiang Xus store worked well recently.

He had only made a single greatly profitable deal till now, but his store was thriving, and also had tens of thousands of yuan in profits in a week.

He had just started his business for a short time, so not many people knew his brand.

However, once he began to cooperate with Shenghua Real Estate, things were completely different.

Although Shenghua Real Estate was a large real estate company in City F, it wasnt big compared to other companies in this industry, and it only had barely a billion yuan in assets.

Therefore, Shenghua Real Estate focused on City F, and they didnt have many ongoing projects.

Thus Xuri Construction Material Store was the only construction materials provider of Shenghua.

The next day, Gu Ning went to the beauty salon with Gu Man and Gu Qing in the morning.


Hao and Mrs.

Lu came the saloon too, and they were both excited to see Gu Ning, because they had bought jade jewelry that they had always wanted after Gu Nings recommendation.

And they wanted to thank Gu Ning in person.

Many of their friends also went to Jade Beauty Jewelry store to buy jewelry in City G, and the brand was growing increasingly famous now.

It was becoming universally known that many rich women went to City G to buy jewelry in the Jade Beauty Jewelry store.

Nowadays, Jade Beauty Jewelry was the most popular brand in City G.

At noon, Gu Ning dined with them again.

And then when it was around 2:30 pm, Gu Ning went to the airport.

Gu Ning didnt tell Zhou Zhenghong that she was coming to City G this time, because she didnt want to bother him too often.

After she arrived at City G, she took a taxi heading straight to Jade Beauty Jewelrys flagship store, and called Zhou Zhenghong on her way.

Zhou Zhenghong was already in the store, so Gu Ning told him she was going to meet him soon.


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