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Chapter 2502 Did He Encounter Any Trouble

Although Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting wouldnt let Shangguan Yang interfere, Shangguan Yang would be present if they really had conflicts.

After all, if he didnt go with them, he would be worried about their safety.

Jing Yunyao didnt know that the Jing family was searching for her, but she didnt really care about that anyway.

After all, it wasnt a problem for her to team up with Leng Shaoting against the three strongest cultivators in the Jing family.

Therefore, she wasnt afraid of the Jing family right now.

She was willing to face it.

While Leng Shaoting was absent, she and Miao Jingjing either cultivated in the siheyuan or went to their flower shop.

Before long, the news that Yunyao, or Jing Yunyao to be specific, was still alive soon spread abroad in high society.

People who were familiar with her were all surprised.

Was it true that someone who died over ten years ago suddenly showed up again

Most people doubted that, because they didnt see Yunyao in real life.

They didnt even see her photos, so it was hard for them to believe it.

Perhaps she only resembled Yunyao, or it was just a rumor.

However, people who had a good relationship with the Leng family immediately called them.

Since the news was already abroad and everyone was aware of that, the Leng family directly admitted it.

After that, everyone congratulated them, but nobody asked why Yunyao wasnt dead.

Although the news about Jing Yunyao was everywhere, no more people heard news about the zombies.

After it went abroad, Senior Mrs.

Xu called Jing Yunyao right away and asked her whether she was alright.

She didnt know how the news went abroad; whether Jing Yunyao spread it herself or whether someone else did it maliciously.

If Jing Yunyao did it on her own, it would be fine, but it would be really evil if someone else did it purposefully.

Jing Yunyao had told Senior Mrs.

Xu that she was unwilling to make her identity public, since once it went public, it would cause unnecessary trouble.

Jing Yunyao replied to Senior Mrs.

Xu that someone deliberately did it, but that she didnt care.

Wei Lingfeng was already aware of it, so she wouldnt be in trouble.

Hearing that, Senior Mrs.

Xu was relieved.

After that, she asked Jing Yunyao whether she was free in the afternoon.

If she had time, they could meet up.

Jing Yunyao had a lot of free time, so she accepted Senior Mrs.

Xus invitation.

Because Jing Yunyao had taken Miao Jingjing to meet Senior Mrs.

Xu several times before, Miao Jingjing was already familiar with them.

Therefore, Senior Mrs.

Xu told Jing Yunyao to bring Miao Jingjing too.

If Jing Yaorongs people heard Yunyaos name, they would have surely connected it with Jing Yunyao and sought more information about it, but only the Leng family and other people in the same circle were aware of it, so Jing Yaorongs people failed to get any useful information.

The capital was a very large city, so it wasnt easy to find a certain person.

At the Kunlun Mountain.

Gu Ning and the others had stayed at Kunlun Mountain for five days.

After five days of cultivation, she became stabler at her level, but Leng Shaoting hadnt broken through to the next level yet.

It wasnt easy to break through to the next level, so they didnt rush.

Anyway, Leng Shaoting showed signs of breaking through to the next level this time, so he had to finish it here before going back.

Because if he went home right now, he might have to do it in the city.

It wasnt suitable for him to break through to the next level in a city.

Although there wouldnt be heavenly thunder when he entered the Yuan Ying Period, it would cause strong explosions, and people could easily notice that.

Gu Ning and the others brought enough food with them.

They could stay there for nearly half a year, let alone a few days or half a month.

Moreover, they kept the food in the telepathic eye space, so the food would stay as fresh as always.

After arriving at the Kunlun Mountain, Gu Ning let the monster fox and tree vine out for cultivation.

As soon as the tree vine felt the magical power at the Kunlun Mountain, it was excited, because there was indeed thicker magical power.

At dinner time, Si Jin and Gu Ning were ready to cook together.

Jiang Liluo didnt sit there and do nothing.

He went out, trying to catch some wild animals, since they always saw wild rabbits, at the Kunlun Mountain, especially in winter.

Right now the Kunlun Mountain was covered by snow, so there might be wild rabbits.

Gu Ning and the others set up a shed outside the tower to cook.

And at night, they would cultivate in the tower instead of sleeping.

The next day, they would all be refreshed.

Forty minutes later, Gu Ning and Si Jin finished cooking, but Jiang Liluo wasnt back yet, which filled Si Jin with anxiety.

Gu Ning also felt it was strange, because Jiang Liluo told Gu Ning that he would come back if he failed to find wild rabbits in half an hour.

The girls could finish the meal within half an hour, and they didnt lack food.

Jiang Liluo only went to catch wild rabbits to add a new dish.

Therefore, if he couldnt find any, he would come back and go out another day.

However, forty minutes were gone, but Jiang Liluo was still absent.

Therefore, it was hard for them not to be anxious.

Most importantly, Jiang Liluo was always punctual.

“Did he encounter any trouble” Si Jin guessed worriedly.

It was the Kunlun Sects place and where they were most familiar with, so it was impossible that Jiang Liluo would get lost.

However, because of the thick magical power, there might be evil cultivators and monsters.

As a result, Si Jin was afraid that Jiang Liluo might have run into those things and been stopped on the road.

Even though average evil cultivators and monsters were no match for Jiang Liluo, there could be stronger evil cultivators and monsters!


Si Jin wasnt just over-thinking, she indeed had a premonition, so she was really worried that Jiang Liluo was in danger.

“Lets go out and find him,” said Gu Ning.

She was worried too, so she thought that they better go out and look for him.

“No problem,” said Si Jin as she immediately put down the plates in her hands, and stood up.

Because Shangguan Yang stayed with Leng Shaoting at the back of the tower, Gu Ning and Si Jin didnt go to tell them when they left with the monster fox.

During this time, Gu Ning made great progress in qinggong, so she could fly over the cliff with some difficulties.

However, no matter how difficult it was, she needed to do it by herself so that she could continue to make more progress.

They searched around at the back of the mountain as they shouted.

Unfortunately, there was no one within twenty meters in radius, so they had to go deeper and deeper.


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