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Chapter 2500 Jing Yanhua Fights back

If Jing Jining really did that, he would also leave his parents, who would feel sad.

However, as Jing Jinings father, Jing Yanhua hoped that he could be happy.

Therefore, sometimes, he had to make a difficult decision.

For the sake of his son, he had to yield.

Hearing Jing Yanhuas reply, Jing Yaorong believed that Jing Yanhua was criticizing him for not protecting his kids.

However, if Jing Yunyao hadnt humiliated the Jing family, he wouldnt have made the decision to kill her.

If other people learned what Jing Yaorong was thinking now, they would be shocked by his evil thoughts.

He was only a good father for Jing Yunfei, Jing Yunchan, and Jing Yunyan.

He cared about them.

However, for Jing Yunyao, he never ever took care of her.

From the very beginning, he ignored it when Jing Yunfei and Jing Yunchan bullied Jing Yunyao.

If he had protected Jing Yunyao even once, Jing Yunfei and Jing Yunchan would have stopped bullying her.

Unfortunately, he never did.

He only told them not to cause serious trouble.

In other words, he allowed them to bully Jing Yunyao, but not to death.

That wasnt something a father should do.

Because Jing Yunyao couldnt tolerate the bullying, she worked really hard on cultivation.

Due to her great talent, she became a top cultivator, then defeated Jing Yunfei and Jing Yunchan.

Only then could she protect herself from being bullied.

After Jing Yunyao became a top cultivator, Jing Yaorong attached importance to her.

He forbade Jing Yunfei and Jing Yunchan from bullying Jing Yunyao again.

To be frank, he wanted to use Jing Yunyao for his own benefits.

He never liked this daughter, and there was no affection between them.

Actually, if Jing Yunchan broke the rules of the cultivation world, Jing Yaorong wouldnt have been so cruel.

He only dared to bully the weak.

Jing Yaorong hated Jing Yunyao so much mainly because he disliked her mother.

He was forced to marry Jing Yunyaos mother under the pressure of the elders.

Because the father of Jing Yunyaos mother had done Jing Yaorongs father a favor, Jing Yaorongs father ordered him to marry Jing Yunyaos mother to return the favor.

However, Jing Yaorong returned kindness with ingratitude.

Unfortunately, both Jing Yunyaos grandfather and mother had already passed away.

They couldnt take revenge.

Luckily, Jing Yunyao was still alive today, so she had the chance to take revenge.

Anyway, because Jing Yaorong disliked Jing Yunyaos mother, he hated Jing Yunyao too.

As a result, he allowed Jing Yunfei and other kids to bully her.

For the same reason, he didnt bother to punish them after knowing that Jing Yunfeis mother caused Jing Yunyaos mothers death.

Jing Yunfeis mother was the one Jing Yaorong really loved, so he spoiled them.

“Fine!” Jing Yaorong stopped arguing with Jing Yanhua.

He was slightly scared of Jing Yanhuas threat, so he snorted and left.

He still needed to ask Jing Jining about Jing Yunyao, but he had to think about the punishment twice.

Given Jing Yanhuas attitude, Jing Yaorong understood that he was serious.

After the argument, Jing Yanhua lost his appetite.

Seeing that Jing Yaorong walked away angrily while Jing Yanhua was still not out, Junior Mrs.

Jing was worried and immediately walked to the study.

In the study, Junior Mrs.

Jing was looking at the sad Jing Yanhua and asked, “Yanhua, what happened”

“Something is wrong,” said Jing Yanhua.

Then he told his wife everything.

He knew his wife very well, and knew that his wife would keep it a secret.

However, the news would go abroad sooner or later, so it wasnt really a secret.

Knowing that Jing Yunyao was still alive, Junior Mrs.

Jing was shocked.

She was happy to know that, but they werent completely sure that the woman was Jing Yunyao yet.

She always had sympathy for Jing Yunyao, and did her best to look after Jing Yunyao, but her abilities were limited.

Jing Yunyao was still often bullied by her half-siblings.

When she heard that Jing Yunyao was dead, she had been sad for a long time and harbored a grudge against Jing Yaorong.

However, she could do nothing about it.

She had to survive in the Jing family, so she dared not say anything even though she hated Jing Yaorongs actions.

Besides, they were Jing Yunyaos uncle and aunt.

They had no position to interfere.

Only Jing Jining cut off his relationship with Jing Yaorong and left the cultivation world for years.

“Well, Ive never seen a crueler man than Jing Yaorong before.

Hes so cruel that he even ordered the death of his own daughter.

Whats worse, he wants to do it again after finding out that his daughter survived! He also vents his anger on Jining.

Jining has done nothing wrong.”

“Although I have never dared to behave against them, I always tell myself to tolerate it.

However, if they dare to hurt our son, Ill do everything to fight against them! I dont think Jining is wrong.

If Jining told the Jing family that Yunyao is still alive, Yunyao wouldnt be able to live!” Junior Mrs.

Jing said angrily.

All of a sudden, she became upset again.

“I just wonder whether the woman is really Yunyao…”

“Were not sure of it yet, but its highly likely.

Even if its really Yunyao, we dont need to be worried.

She has a close relationship with Shangguan Yang.

Shangguan Yang will protect her.” Jing Yanhua comforted his wife.

“Thats great.” Hearing that, Junior Mrs.

Jing felt much better, but she was still worried about her son.

“What will Yaorong do to Jining”

If Jing Yaorong dared to hurt Jing Jining, they would do everything to protect Jing Jining, but they were afraid that they werent strong enough.

“I told him, if he dares to hurt Jining, Ill report it to the head of Tiandaozong.

Although Yaorong is angry, I think hell think about it twice.

Now, we can only wait till Jining gets back,” said Jing Yanhua.

If he had a choice, he wouldnt behave against Jing Yaorong, but now he was left with no choice.

He could give in sometimes, but other times he had to be tough.

Hearing that, Junior Mrs.

Jing felt less worried.

After talking with Junior Mrs.

Jing, Jing Yanhuas anger went away, so they went to eat together.

Jing Yaorong, on the other hand, barely had an appetite, because he was already filled with anger.

Senior Mrs.

Jing asked him for the reason, but Jing Yaorong said nothing.

It wasnt a secret, but he was in a terrible mood.


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