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Chapter 2498 Feel out Jing Yanhua

Jing Jining was at a high level, and now he formed a relationship with Shangguan Yang.

Relying on Shangguan Yang, he left a good impression on Tiandaozong.

Therefore, Jing Jining had enough support to replace him.

If Jing Jining wanted to be the new patriarch of the Jing family, he would be able to make it happen.

Upon thinking of that, Jing Yaorong couldnt stay calm, so he immediately went to see Jing Yanhua.

Although they all lived in the Jing familys large house and didnt move away, they lived their own lives separately.

Jing Yaorong lived in the east yard, while Jing Yanhua lived in the south yard.

At that moment, it was time for the meal, so when Jing Yaorong arrived, Jing Yanhua and his wife were about to eat.

Seeing Jing Yaorong coming over with a displeased expression, Jing Yanhua and his wife knew that something must have gone


“Whats wrong” Jing Yanhua asked with concern.

“I need to talk with you about something.

Lets go to the study right now!” said Jing Yaorong in an unhappy tone.

Although he wasnt sure whether Jing Yanhua was aware that Jing Yunyao was still alive, the news greatly affected his mood.

As a result, he didnt have a good attitude, but he still curbed his anger before being certain of it.

“Sure.” Jing Yanhua left the dining table, and went to the study with Jing Yaorong.

In the study, Jing Yaorong stared straight at Jing Yanhua.

He wanted to observe Jing Yanhuas reaction as he talked with him.

“Liu and Bingjie ran into a woman who was at a high level in the capital yesterday.

She injured Bingjie and even disdained the Jing family.

She said she couldnt care less about the rules of the cultivation world.

I wonder whether shes the same woman who injured Yunfei and who Yunyan met on the plane.

In other words, she might be the junior who belongs to the same sect as Shangguan Yang,” said Jing Yaorong.

He didnt directly say Jing Yunyaos name, because he wanted to finish the questions step by step.

“What Bingjie was injured Is it serious” Jing Yanhua seemed worried about Jing Bingjie and his actions were very normal.

However, it didnt mean anything, so Jing Yaorong continued.

“Its not serious, but it has seriously damaged our familys reputation.

Bingjie drew her out and we finally figured out who she is…”

“Who is she” Jing Yanhua asked at once, but he only looked confused and curious.

Perhaps Jing Yanhua was good at acting!

Before today, Jing Yanrong trusted Jing Yanhua, but there would be no trust between them from now on.

“Jing Yunyao,” said Jing Yaorong.

This was the key moment.

“What Isnt she already dead”

Jing Yaorong was stunned.

He could barely believe his ears, because he really had no idea that Jing Yunyao was still alive.

Jing Yaorong didnt think that Jing Yanhua was acting, but he still stayed alert.

“I couldnt believe it either, but I have a strong feeling that it is Jing Yunyao.” Jing Yaorong said, “I came to see you because I believe that Jining has always been aware of that.

He knows that Jing Yunyao isnt dead.”

“What Jinings aware that Yunyao isnt dead” Hearing that, Jing Yanhua was shocked, but he also felt it was understandable.

“If the woman who injured Yunfei is the same one Yunyan met on the plane and the one who injured Bingjie last night, she surely has a relationship with Shangguan Yang.

Therefore, if shes really Jing Yunyao and Jining knows Shangguan Yang, he would know about Jing Yunyao,” said Jing Yaorong.

“But were not certain that the woman is really Yunyao,” said Jing Yanhua.

Jing Yanhua had mixed emotions, because he hoped that the woman was Jing Yunyao, but also wished it wasnt.

Although Jing Yunyao had indeed broken the rules of the cultivation world, he didnt think she should be punished by death.

He was very sad about Jing Yunyaos death, but he could do nothing to Jing Yaorong for her.

After all, he was just her uncle and had no right to pay her father back for her.

Therefore, if Jing Yunyao was still alive, he would be happy about it.

However, he didnt want the woman to be Jing Yunyao, because Jing Jining would be dragged into trouble.

Given Jing Yaorongs attitude, he would surely blame Jing Jining for it.

Anyway, Jing Jining had a close relationship with Jing Yunyao, so he wouldnt tell the Jing family if he knew that Jing Yunyao was still alive.

After all, if the Jing family learned about it, it would only cause Jing Yunyao trouble.

Once Jing Yaorong learned that Jing Yunyao was still alive, he wouldnt allow her to live a good life.

“Its possible, but I dont think its very likely.

After all, we didnt see her body and we werent sure whether shes really dead,” said Jing Yaorong.

He was too confident back then, so he didnt check whether Jing Yunyao was completely dead before he left.

Hearing that, Jing Yanhua felt it might be true that Jing Yunyao was still alive.

“Do you need me to ask Jining about it” Jing Yanhua asked.

He didnt know why Jing Yaorong talked about it with him, but he knew that it wasnt over.

He was mostly worried about Jing Jining right now, because Jing Yaorong might punish Jing Jining.

How should Jing Jining handle it

He didnt want either Jing Yunyao or Jing Jining to be in trouble.

However, he didnt dare to persuade Jing Yaorong to stop investigating it.

Although Jing Yaorong wouldnt kill Jing Jining, because Tiandaozong wouldnt allow him to, Jing Yaorong might still punish Jing Jining.

Therefore, if Jing Yaorong aimed to hurt Jing Jining, as Jing Jinings father, Jing Yanhua would undoubtedly defend him.

“We do need to ask Jining about that, but Ill do it in person after hes home,” said Jing Yaorong.

He still didnt trust Jing Yanhua.

“Sure.” Since he said that, Jing Yanhua agreed, but he had to be there too, because he didnt trust Jing Yaorong either.

He clearly knew how cruel Jing Yaorong was, so he was afraid that Jing Yaorong might torture Jing Jining.

“Yanhua, please dont blame me for this, but did you really have no idea that Jing Yunyao is still alive” Jing Yaorong directly asked, because he failed to get the information he wanted.

He didnt want to just assume that Jing Yanhua must be aware of it, but he felt he needed to make it clear.

He didnt want to wrong Jing Yanhua, and hoped that Jing Yanhua really had no idea about that.


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