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Chapter 2496 The Woman Is Jing Yunyao

“Is that the final result” Liu couldnt accept it, even though she understood the Jing family couldnt really do anything about it.

“What do you expect me to do Does the whole Jing family have to go out to pay her back for you Even if we do that, we might be in trouble instead,” said Jing Yaorong angrily.

Hearing that, Liu shut her mouth.

“Were not sure theyre the same person, but its highly possible.

When I met her, her face was covered by a mask.

I couldnt see it.

If you saw her face this time, Bingjie can draw a painting of her.

Bingjies good at painting after all,” said Jing Yunyan.

He was curious to know what the woman looked like.

Upon thinking of Jing Yunyaos appearance, Liu seemed more displeased.

When she told the Jing family what she had encountered, she was full of anger and didnt have other thoughts, but now she got jealous once she thought of Jing Yunyaos outstanding beauty.

“Well, that bi*ch is pretty,” said Liu in a low voice and sounded obviously jealous.

Hearing that, the others only frowned and said nothing.

“Bingjie, draw the woman,” Jing Yaorong said to Jing Bingjie.

He also wanted to see the womans look.

After knowing what she looked like, he could recognize her when they met the next time.

After a night and half a day, Jing Bingjie recovered a lot, so she could draw.

“No problem, Ill draw her right now,” she said right away.

Cultivators had a very good memory, so it wasnt difficult for Jing Bingjie to remember Jing Yunyaos appearance clearly.

Because they were in a study, there was everything needed for a drawing, so Jing Bingjie walked over and started drawing.

Jing Bingjie was capable of drawing, but wasnt that skilled, so the person on the paper only slightly resembled Jing Yunyao.

However, Jing Yaorong and Jing Yunfei still found the woman looked very familiar.

“This person looks familiar…” said Jing Yunfei with a big frown, trying to remember who this woman was.

“Right,” said Jing Yaorong.

He also tried to remember who she was.

He felt that this woman looked familiar, and it was an uncomfortable feeling.

“Do you know her” Jing Yunyan was surprised, but he was actually more curious about it.

How come his father and older brother were familiar with this woman

“Is she an enemy” Jing Yunyan guessed.

Given what had happened to them, he thought that the woman had a grudge against them.

“My drawing is only slightly like her.

If I was better at it, you should be able to recognize her.

Im sorry, my ability is limited.

This is the best I can do,” said Jing Bingjie, feeling a little annoyed at herself.

She rarely practiced drawing now, or she could have done better.

“We dont blame you,” said Jing Yunfei.

If Jing Bingjie couldnt draw, they wouldnt have the chance to see the drawing of the woman.

Jing Yaorong said nothing and focused on the drawing the entire time.

The others didnt dare to interrupt him.

A few minutes later, Jing Yaorong raised his head in horror.

“No, it cant be her!” Jing Yaorong couldnt accept it, but she was the only person he could think of right now.

“Who” Everyone asked Jing Yaorong once he recognized the woman, but it seemed it was difficult for Jing Yaorong to say the name.

“Jing Yunyao…” uttered Jing Yaorong.

Her name was a humiliation to him.

He thought she was a humiliation to the Jing family, so he ordered her killed.

She should be dead already.

How come she was still alive

Jing Yaorong had a strong feeling that the woman was Jing Yunyao, but how was it possible Wasnt Jing Yunyao dead after being knocked off the cliff

However, that was the only possibility.

He was too confident back then and believed that Jing Yunyao was sure to be dead, so he didnt check whether she was completely dead before he left.

As a result, if the woman was really Jing Yunyao, he would be full of regrets.

He should have made sure that she was totally dead before he left!

“What Jing Yunyao”

Everyone was shocked.

Wasnt Jing Yunyao dead already How could it be her

Jing Yunyan, Liu, and Jing Bingjie hadnt met Jing Yunyao before, but they had heard about her briefly.

They were aware that Jing Yaorong had something to do with her death, but none of them dared to ask about it.

Even if Jing Yaorong killed Jing Yunyao, he wouldnt admit it.

Anyway, it wasnt a secret that Jing Yunyao was already dead, so it was shocking when they found out that she actually was still alive.

Jing Yunfei suddenly realized that the woman on the paper was indeed Jing Yunyao.

No wonder he thought she looked familiar!

If the woman was really Jing Yunyao, she must have injured him and Jing Bingjie on purpose.

As for the reason She hated the Jing family to death.

All of a sudden, Jing Yunfei panicked, because Jing Yunyao would surely pay the Jing family back.

And given her level right now, it was a serious problem.

If she was alone, the Jing family might be able to handle it, but if she teamed up with Shangguan Yang, it would become really serious.

Thinking of that, Jing Yaorong frowned.

“Father, are you sure that woman is Jing Yunyao” asked Jing Yunfei.

Although he thought it was highly possible, he still hoped to hear a different answer.

“I have a strong feeling that shes Jing Yunyao,” said Jing Yaorong seriously.

He didnt want the woman to be Jing Yunyao, but it was the truth and he couldnt deny it.

Knowing that, Jing Yunfei got even more nervous.

“If so, she must have deliberately injured Yunfei and Bingjie!” Jing Yunyan had a premonition.


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