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Chapter 2493 They Are Indeed Members of the Jing Family

Right at this moment, Jing Yunyao released some magical power and knocked the young girl meters away.

Seeing that, the woman immediately went to support the young girl, in case she fell to the ground.

However, the young girl was still slightly injured inside.

Perhaps because this young girl resembled Jing Yunfei, Jing Yunyao, who could do nothing, chose to stand out.

After all, it was not wrong that they wanted to deal with monsters.

If they were other cultivators, Jing Yunyao would only stop them and explain it to them, but she couldnt help doing more when she saw a familiar face.

Jing Yunyao guessed correctly.

They indeed had a relationship with Jing Yunfei.

The woman was his wife, Liu.

And the young girl was his daughter, Jing Bingjie.

Looking at Jing Yunyao, Liu and Jing Bingjie were astonished and angry.

They were astonished, not because they recognized Jing Yunyao, but because they didnt expect someone to stop them halfway.

They were angry because Jing Yunyao stopped them and injured Jing Bingjie.

Zhan Zhiyin and Leng Shaoming were surprised to see Jing Yunyao, but they also felt relieved.

“How dare you stop us You even injured my daughter.” Liu angrily questioned Jing Yunyao.

As a cultivator, shouldnt she help them kill the monster However, on the contrary, she stopped them.

Jing Yunyao said nothing.

She walked towards them in silence.

Subconsciously, Liu and Jing Bingjie backed in fear, staying alert.

“What do you want” asked Liu.

Although she believed that Jing Yunyao wouldnt attack them because Jing Yunyao would be punished by Tiandaozong if she dared to do so, she was still worried after Jing Yunyao injured Jing Bingjie.

“Nothing, I just want to have a talk with you,” said Jing Yunyao with a vague smile.

“About what You stopped us for the female monster.

Arent you afraid youll be punished” Liu asked and threatened.

She thought that Jing Yunyao also belonged to the cultivation world.

Jing Yunyao used to be one of them, but now she wasnt.

“Im not from the cultivation world.

There is nothing for me to be afraid of, but I know this girl.

I wont let you hurt her.” Jing Yunyao snorted.

She didnt let Leng Shaoming hear her, because he couldnt know it.

She didnt care whether Zhan Zhiyin heard her, because Zhan Zhiyin should know that she wasnt a mortal.

“What Youre not from the cultivation world”

Both Liu and Jing Bingjie were shocked.

They didnt expect that Jing Yunyao wasnt one of them.

They had heard that there were also cultivators in the mortal world, namely Shangguan Yang and his disciples.

However, even if there were other cultivators, they thought it would be difficult to meet them.

“Shes a monster, but only her soul is a monsters soul.

Her body isnt.

So, as long as she does nothing wrong, cultivators shouldnt attack her,” said Jing Yunyao.

Hearing that, Liu and Jing Bingjie were surprised again.

It turned out that the girl had a humans body and a monsters soul.

In that case, they indeed shouldnt cause her trouble as long as she did nothing wrong.

“You just attacked them for no reason, perhaps because you werent aware that she only has a monsters soul.

If so, I can forgive you.

Now, you should leave and you should stay away from them.” Jing Yunyao said, “If you refuse, Im afraid I will have to teach you a lesson.”


Liu and Jing Bingjie were mad.

It was their fault that they attacked the girl without knowing that she actually only had a monsters soul, but Jing Bingjie was injured now.

Liu and Jing Bingjie were reluctant to accept that result.

“My daughter is injured!” said Liu.

“So Do you want to take revenge You can try if you want to,” said Jing Yunyao.

She didnt feel sorry at all.


Liu and Jing Bingjie were angered again.

Did they dare take revenge They wanted to, but they didnt have the ability to do so.

Jing Yunyao had easily knocked Jing Bingjie away, and Liu could feel that she was much stronger than them.

It couldnt be more obvious that they were no match for her.

So they had no courage to take revenge!

“Do you think you can bully us just because youre at a high level Do you know who we are Were members of the Jing family!” Jing Bingjie couldnt swallow her anger, so she tried to use the influence of the Jing family.

Jing Yunyao frowned, but she wasnt surprised when she heard that, because she had guessed about that earlier on.

Although they were members of the Jing family, there was no grudge between them.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao didnt hate them.

She just wanted to stay away from them.

If they didnt mess with her, she would do nothing to them, but she wouldnt hesitate to fight back if they dared to cause her trouble.

“So what Do you think Ill be scared of the Jing family” said Jing Yunyao disdainfully.

She really disdained the Jing family right now.

“You…” Liu and Jing Bingjie were astonished and mad.

It was beyond their imagination that Jing Yunyao dared to disdain the Jing family.

Did it mean she was more important than the Jing family or that she just thought too highly of herself

How influential could a cultivator in the mortal world be

“Who are you” asked Liu.

She wanted to know more about Jing Yunyao.

“Thats not important.

If you want to take revenge, do it now.

If not, you should go.

I dont have time to waste on you,” said Jing Yunyao without patience.

She wouldnt tell them who she was.

“You…” Liu and Jing Bingjie were angered by Jing Yunyao once more.

“Since youre not afraid of the Jing family, why dont you dare to tell us who you are Are you afraid that the Jing family will punish you” said Liu.

She was unwilling to leave, so she tried to anger Jing Yunyao.

“Well, it seems that you dont want to leave.

If so, let me help you,” said Jing Yunyao, sounding dangerous.

After that, she walked towards them, as if she was going to beat them.


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