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Chapter 2490 Gu Ning Is Also a Cultivator

The fact that Yunyao returned was bad news to the other major families.

After all, she was too strong

Yunyao was very impressive seventeen years ago, so she might be even more powerful right now.

Besides, she destroyed the zombies this time, which was really shocking! Although Yunyao refused to use her original identity, her existence was still very helpful for the Leng family.

To be honest, Yuan Wenye didnt think that Yunyao lied about her experience of losing her memories after getting injured, but he agreed with Du Zhenghan that it was best to conduct an investigation about it.

He wanted to deliberately make some problems when Du Zhenghan conducted the investigation, but Du Zhenghan told him about Wei Lingfengs warning, so he didnt insist.

If he dared to do that, he would be in serious trouble once it was exposed.

Du Zhenghan also told Yuan Wenye that Wei Lingfeng warned them not to tell more people about the zombies.

Yuan Wenye understood how serious it was, so he had no intention of spreading it abroad.

However, he would leak the news that Yunyao was still alive to the Rong family and the Chang family.

As for the purpose, he hoped that they would do something after finding out.

“Yunyao, do you have anything to deal with in a while” Master Leng suddenly asked.

“Nope,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Why dont you go back to the Leng familys house and have dinner with me We can chat,” said Master Leng.

“Of course,” said Jing Yunyao.

She was more than willing to comfort Master Leng right now, because he badly needed it.

Afterwards, they went back to the Leng familys house, but didnt go inside.

Instead, they walked to the gazebo in the yard.

Spring had already passed, so the weather wasnt that cold.

It was even sunny today, and they felt warm under the sun.

When there were only the two of them, Master Leng asked, “Does Ningning know that you are cultivators”

“She does.

I couldnt say much when we were with the president, but since youre aware that Shaoting and I are cultivators now, I think I can tell you more about that.

In fact, Ningning is also a cultivator, thats why she has a special medicine with unbelievable effects.

That medicine isnt something that exists in the mortal world,” said Jing Yunyao.

She couldnt tell Wei Lingfeng everything, but Master Leng was her family.

Knowing that Gu Ning was also a cultivator, Master Leng was surprised.

It turned out that Gu Ning was a cultivator as well!

“How about Ningnings parents Are they cultivators too” Master Leng asked.

If cultivators were born with the talent, could Gu Nings parents be cultivators

“No, Ningnings parents are both mortals.

Ningning became a cultivator by chance,” said Jing Yunyao.

She couldnt give him more details.

“Oh!” Master Leng barely knew about cultivators, so he believed Jing Yunyaos explanation.

Jing Yunyao didnt dare to tell Master Leng that she actually caused Leng Yuanhans death.

As a cultivator, she shouldnt have gotten together with a mortal, but she broke the rule.

That was why her father was determined to kill him.

She always felt guilty about it.

Especially after she regained her memories, she felt as if it had just happened yesterday.

She couldnt get over


“Since youre a cultivator, you shouldnt be an orphan, right” Master Leng asked.

Jing Yunyao used to tell them that she was an orphan and the Leng family believed that.

If it wasnt the truth, she must be hiding something from them.

Master Leng wanted to know the truth.

Speaking of her family, Jing Yunyao looked upset at once.

She could control her emotions, but she didnt bother to do that in front of Master Leng.

“My mother passed away when I was little.

I have a father, but he treated me badly.

My step-mother and her children bullied me.

I wasnt skilled at cultivation back then, so they refused to play with me.

I had to work hard on it till I made great progress.

After that, my father made full use of me, but I was reluctant to be used, so I ran away.”

Hearing that, Master Lengs heart ached for her.

“Well, let bygones be bygones.

You already left the family, and now the Leng family is your family.

No one will bully you here.”

Jing Yunyao was deeply touched, because she could feel that the Leng family treated her very well.

Some members in the Leng family didnt get along with her, but that wasnt important.

“Um, I cant interfere in your work.

I want to respect your decision, but you and Shaoting must protect yourself first no matter what crises you encounter in the future.

Do you understand” Master Leng gave a heavy sigh.

He couldnt stop it from happening, so he had to face it and could only hope that everything would go on smoothly.

As soldiers, it was their responsibility to fight back danger for the country even if they had to risk their lives, but it wasnt easy for Master Leng to accept it when it happened to Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao.

He had already lost a son.

He didnt want to lose his grandson and daughter-in-law too.

“Of course, I promise,” said Jing Yunyao.

Even if Master Leng didnt say that, she would still take care of herself.

She wouldnt joke with her life.

Hearing Jing Yunyaos reply, Master Leng felt much better, but it would still take some time for him to completely accept it.

Yuan Wenye deliberately leaked the news that Yunyao was still alive to the Rong family and the Chang family, so they soon heard about it.

However, they werent fully convinced because they hadnt seen her in person yet.

Anyway, if Yunyao was really alive, it would be terrible news for them.

They had no idea about the zombies, but they had heard about what Yunyao had achieved before.

In order to verify it, the two families sent out people to get more information.

Afterwards, they learned that Master Leng took Yunyao to Wei Lingfengs office at about 3 pm today.

They failed to find out the reason why yet, but they were sure that Yunyao was indeed still alive.

They also suspected that Yunyao “died” for a purpose, so they conducted an investigation about it too.

If there was a purpose, they could find fault with the Leng family.

Yunyao was the Leng familys daughter-in-law, so if she made any mistakes, it would be the Leng familys fault.


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