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Chapter 2488 Jing Yunyao Chose to Be Honest

“Were willing to trust Yunyao, but I still think its necessary to do an investigation,” said Du Zhenghan.

Although he indeed believed that Jing Yunyao had done nothing wrong, he was reluctant to give up without doing anything.

“Great, then conduct an investigation as you like, but lets be candid here, if you dare to slander Yunyao, youll be punished,” said Wei Lingfeng.

He was afraid that they would deliberately drag Jing Yunyao into trouble.

Du Zhenghan understood Wei Lingfengs meaning very well, so he was a little displeased.

They werent so despicable and wouldnt do anything to harm Jing Yunyao on purpose, but he also understood his worries, so he agreed.

“Alright, thats it.

You can go now.

About the zombies, no one else should know about it.

I dont want unnecessary trouble to be caused,” said Wei Lingfeng, then he told Du Zhenghan and the others to leave first.

“Yunyao, stay for a moment.

Since youre willing to serve the country, I think its necessary for me to tell you something right now.”

“Sure.” Du Zhenghan and the others replied.

After that, Du Zhenghan and the others went out and closed the door.

Jing Yunyao, Master Leng, and Xu Jinchen stayed.

Once Du Zhenghan and the others were out, Master Leng asked in horror, “Yunyao, do zombies really exist”.

When he heard about the zombies, Master Leng was shocked.

He couldnt believe it.

To his astonishment, zombies really existed.

“Right.” Jing Yunyao said, “There are all kinds of unbelievable things in this big world.

Although you might have never seen them, they really exist.

Shaoting and I didnt tell you about it, because we didnt know how to put it.

We didnt want to worry you.

Master Leng gave a heavy sigh.

He could hardly accept that, but he had been through a lot, so he was mentally strong.

Therefore, even though it was hard for him to believe it, he accepted it in the end.

After all, if monsters and ghosts really existed in this world, he couldnt change it.

Was he worried He was very worried.

No matter how strong they were, they were humans.

How could they defeat monsters and ghosts

“You must have known about it earlier on!” Master Leng asked Wei Lingfeng, but in an affirmative tone.

Otherwise Wei Lingfeng wouldnt be so calm! It wasnt easy to accept the shocking news after all.

Wei Lingfeng panicked a little, then honestly replied.


“Then why did you order Shaotings team to deal with them What if they were injured Its not easy to kill those things!” Master Leng slightly lost control of his emotions.

At this moment, he didnt care about Wei Lingfengs position and angrily questioned him.

Master Leng loved their country and he was even willing to sacrifice himself for their country, but he couldnt stay calm once he learned that Leng Shaotings life could be in danger.

He never wanted Leng Shaoting to join the army, but he couldnt stop Leng Shaoting either.

Ever since Leng Shaoting started carrying out dangerous tasks, he never slept at ease.

Luckily, Leng Shaoting later proved that he had the ability to protect their country, so Master Leng could relax a little.

However, Master Leng still couldnt be relieved until he knew what Leng Shaoting was doing at work.

He was always worried about Leng Shaotings safety, and now he was more anxious than ever.

In the old days, Leng Shaoting only needed to fight against humans, but now even zombies had appeared.

It wasnt something that humans could handle.

Jing Yunyao had told him that Leng Shaoting left to deal with something.

Where did he go Did it have something to do with monsters and ghosts too

Thinking of that, Master Leng was full of anxiety.

He asked Jing Yunyao at once, “Yunyao, where is Shaoting Where did he go Does it also have something to do with monsters and ghosts”

“Dad, calm down.

Shaoting just went with Ningning and their master.

Its not about monsters or ghosts.” Jing Yunyao immediately comforted Master Leng.

Wei Lingfeng wasnt annoyed at all at being questioned by Master Leng.

After all, he agreed that it wasnt a smart decision.

It seemed that they put Leng Shaotings life in danger.

He cared about Leng Shaotings safety, but only Leng Shaoting who had superpowers could deal with it now.

Anyway, he had promised Leng Shaoting to keep it a secret, so he didnt tell Master Leng.

He planned to not do that right now either.

Even if Master Leng needed to know, he would let Yunyao do it.

“Given the current situation, I guess I have to be honest with you.

Actually, Shaoting and I arent ordinary people,” said Jing Yunyao.

She decided to be honest right now.

At least, he wouldnt be worried about their safety afterwards.

“What do you mean I dont understand.” Master Leng was nervous.

He didnt know why Jing Yunyao said that she wasnt an ordinary person, which filled him with more anxiety.

“In fact, not only monsters and ghosts, but people with superpowers also exist in this world.

When I say superpowers, I mean they can do what mortals cant do.

For example, they have magic power,” said Jing Yunyao.

The next second, she raised her hand and pointed at the coffee table.

With the help of her magic power, the teacup flew to her hand.

That scene shocked everyone.

Even though Wei Lingfeng and Xu Jinchen were aware that Jing Yunyao had superpowers, they had never seen it with their own eyes before.

“Wow…” Master Leng was stunned and couldnt believe his eyes.

“Actually, Im a cultivator.

Cultivators gain strong powers by cultivation of Taoist philosophy.

If youve watched fantasy dramas, you should know about it to some extent.

Its basically the same,” said Jing Yunyao.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

Fantasy dramas werent strange to them.

Although they hadnt seen cultivators in real life before, they had heard of cultivation.

However, it was too unbelievable!

“Um, people in fantasy dramas can fly with swords.

Can you do the same thing” Xu Jinchen asked excitedly.

He was really curious to know about it.

If it was possible, he wanted to see how she did that.


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