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Chapter 2471 Why Do You Want to Kill Her

At 1 pm the next day, Leng Shaoting had a meal with Jing Yunyao at the siheyuan, then they went straight to the airport.

They had prepared everything well yesterday.

After arriving at the airport, Leng Shaoting called Gu Ning who shared the news with the Tang family at once.

Although Gu Ning didnt tell them earlier, the Tang family knew that Leng Shaoting would come to visit them these days.

Therefore, they were ready for his arrival.

Knowing that Leng Shaoting had already arrived, the Tang family was very happy.

Seeing as Leng Shaoting came to see them on the second day of the festival, it was clear that Gu Ning was very important to him.

It made them feel that Gu Ning had chosen the right guy.

Tang Yunrong and Cao Wenjun would visit the Tang family today as well.

It was what they did every year.

Because of that, Jiang Lihua wouldnt go to visit her own family until the day after Tang Yunrong came home.

Because if Jiang Lihua and her husband were absent when Tang Yunrong was home, it would be impolite.

Over the years, it had become a habit.

Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao arrived at the airport of City B at about 4 pm.

So when it was about 3 pm, Gu Ning set off to the airport to pick them up.

Leng Shaoting could arrange for someone to send him a car, but Gu Ning was free, so she decided to go fetch them.

It was the second day of the festival, but the airport was still crowded, since not everyone could go home and celebrate the New Year festival with his or her family.

Due to their jobs, they had to stay where they worked.

As a result, some people couldnt go home until the second day of the festival.

It was also possible that some people failed to get a ticket to go home before the festival, so they could only delay the reunion.

Although they missed the first day, they still had several days to gather with their family during the festival.

In addition, some people had been busy for a whole year, so they seized the chance and traveled outside.

Therefore, there were still a lot of people in the airport even though it was the most important festival of the year.

Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao took a private jet.

Leng Shaotings private jet was due to land about a dozen minutes after Gu Ning reached the airport, so she went into the arrival hall and sat down to wait for them.

Ever since Gu Ning was reincarnated, she always encountered accidents.

Some had something to do with her, while some had nothing to do with her.

Anyway, once she got involved, it would have something to do with her.

Right after Gu Ning sat down, she felt someone staring in her direction.

To be specific, the girl sitting next to her was being targeted.

It was a young man who targeted the girl.

His eyes were red with fury.

His body tightened and even trembled a little.

Obviously, he was extremely angry.

In such a situation, he could easily lose his mind and become violent.

Therefore, Gu Ning paid special attention to him, then she noticed that he secretly carried a dagger.

It seemed that the man aimed to attack the girl.

Although Gu Ning didnt know what the girl had done to the man to make the man lose his reason, she had to stop it from happening since she saw it.

No matter what, if the man really committed the crime, he would surely be put in jail.

Even if it was the girls fault and the man decided to take revenge, he might pay a high price for his impulsive decision.

Gu Ning felt that the man must be very aggrieved for him to look so angry.

Therefore, before the man did anything, she moved to stop him.

Without delay, she stood up and walked towards the man.

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Because Gu Ning wasnt looking at him, the man had no idea that she was coming to him.

He didnt notice her until she stood in front of his face.

The moment the man saw Gu Nings face, he was stunned by her beauty, but he was in no mood to appreciate it now.

Instead, he became alert when Gu Ning suddenly showed up in front of him, because he was just looking at the girl next to her.

“Whats wrong” he asked.

“I just want you to know its a public place.

If you dare do anything illegal, youll be put in jail.

Dont take the risk,” said Gu Ning.

She kindly reminded him not to do it.

If he didnt listen, he would only dig a grave for himself.

Hearing that, the man stiffened and coldly stared at Gu Ning.

How could she know what he wanted to do

“I dont know her.

I just felt that something wasnt right.

I dont know what has happened between you two that made you so angry, but have you ever thought about the consequences Its better for you to calm down for a while.

Dont risk your life,” said Gu Ning to comfort him.

She didnt know who was right and who was wrong, but what she needed to do right now was to calm down the man.

If the girl really had done something unacceptable, the court would judge her.

She didnt think the man should risk his life.

Anyway, since Gu Ning already noticed what he wanted to do, she had to do something.

She didnt have the heart to watch the girl die in front of her.

Gu Ning was reluctant to kill, even when she met her enemies, she wouldnt kill them.

Usually, she would just disable them.

Hearing Gu Nings words, the man didnt become angrier in humiliation.

Instead, he calmed down.

It was the airport, a public place! If he dared to break the law right here, he would surely be put in jail.

Did he want it to happen Of course not! However, he was unwilling to miss the chance.

“Can you tell me why you want to kill her” asked Gu Ning.

The man was shocked.

He turned to look at Gu Ning in surprise.

How could she know that he wanted to kill the girl The next momenr, he became alert.

“How do you know that” asked the man.

“I have accurate instincts,” said Gu Ning.

She couldnt tell him that she saw the dagger in his bag.

“If you dont want to tell me, its fine, but I do hope that you can get your reason back.

You still have a life to live after all.”


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