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Chapter 2463 Its Not up to You


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Although she didnt know whether the bunch of people would come tonight, if they didnt, she would just have some fun in the clubhouse.

Pan Ziruis clubhouse wasnt far from the city center, so they arrived twenty minutes later.

Normally, clubhouses were located in suburbs near the city center, because they occupied a large piece of land.

It wasnt suitable for clubhouses to open in the city center.

It was also always crowded and noisy in the city center, so people couldnt relax.

Since it was a high-end clubhouse, it needed a quiet place.

In addition, the land in the city

center was too expensive, so it wasnt a good deal to run a clubhouse there.

If it was a small clubhouse, it might be profitable, but Pan Ziruis clubhouse was open to both the rich and the powerful.

After they reached the clubhouse, Pan Zirui arranged for a private room for Gu Ning and the others.

It was near the front door, so they could quickly stop the bunch of

gangsters if they came.

The clubhouse wouldnt become busy until later in the night, because people were usually still busy with work during the day.

At about 8 pm, people would gradually come to the clubhouse to relax.

However, when Gu Ning and the others stayed till 9 pm, there were only four groups of men and

women coming in.

This clubhouse had over forty private rooms!

Although it was rare for all the rooms to be booked, normally most of them were occupied and only four or five would still be available.

In the past, even though not many people came to have fun at this time, they usually booked a private room in advance.

Therefore, at this time, at least twenty private

rooms should be occupied.

However, only four or five private rooms were booked recently.

As a result, there was a huge difference.

Customers often spent over a dozen thousand yuan in a private room, so it was a great loss if over twenty private rooms were still


Upon thinking of that, Pan Zirui felt upset.

The Pan family was rich and Pan Zirui owned a car worth over a dozen million yuan, but no businessman wanted to lose money.

No matter how rich he was, he couldnt

afford the loss for a long time!

After a few hours, Qi Tianlins phone was still turned off.

It seemed that Gu Ning couldnt get through to him today.

Because Gu Ning and the others came to enjoy themselves at the same time as they were waiting, they drank a little.

Pan Zirui opened a bottle of red wine for them and they

drank together.

Gu Ning couldnt get through to Qi Tianlin, but Pan Zirui wasnt worried because she stayed here.

At 10 pm, there were about six groups of people in the clubhouse.

Moments later, a bunch of gangsters walked in.

Once they came, the receptionist called Pan Zirui and Pan Zirui and his men immediately went out.

There were about a dozen of them.

Each of them were muscular and violent with a steel bar in their hands.

“Oh, Mr.

Pan, your clubhouse is still open” The leading man made fun of Pan Zirui.

“Of course, itll be open tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but you, arent you afraid that youll drag yourself into serious trouble if you dont stop damaging my club”

Pan Zirui became tough since Gu Ning was here.

Therefore when the leading gangster laughed at him, he retorted at once.

“Good for you, Mr.

Pan!” The gangster couldnt care less about Pan Ziruis sudden courage.

“Ive never been a coward, but I hope you wont beg and cry for forgiveness later.” Pan Zirui mocked.

Although he felt bothered when they smashed his club several times

before, he never gave in to them.

He was just no match for them.

“F*ck, how dare you say that to my face!” The gangster got mad when Pan Zirui said that.

“Smash this club!” He ordered.

They came to smash things, instead of beating people.

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The moment he finished, over a dozen gangsters separated and went to break and damage the stuff in the store.

Unfortunately, they were bound to fail this time, because Gu Ning, Qiao Ya, and Gao Yi moved faster than them.

Before they could damage anything, they were stopped.

They were tall and strong and had a steel bar in their hands, but they were still no match for Gu Ning, Gao Yi, and Qiao Ya.

The club was soon filled with sounds of smashing things, then people screamed and yelled in pain.

Gu Ning, Gao Yi, and Qiao Ya quickly broke their limbs, so they screamed in pain.

It was hard to tolerate the pain of their limbs being broken.

After that, they fell heavily down to the ground.

Seeing that, all the waiters were stunned and excited.

They were unbelievably strong!

During these days, they were bothered by this bunch of gangsters, but they summoned up their courage and continued to work because those gangsters only smash things

instead of injuring them.

If those gangsters attacked them, they would have already quit.

It was a great club, but their safety mattered more!

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning, Gao Yi, and Qiao Ya easily beat the bunch of gangsters to the ground.

Those gangsters could barely get back to their feet.

It seemed that they were in big trouble this time.

However, wasnt Gu Ning afraid of the Kirin Gang since she injured its members

“Were from the Kirin Gang.

How dare you injure us Youll be paid back!” The leading gangster threatened.

“Great! Tell your head to pay me back right now! Im waiting to meet him,” said Gu Ning arrogantly.

“Who do you think you are Why should our head see you” The leading gangster didnt think that Gu Ning wasnt scared.

He believed that she was too naive.

“I dont think its up to you.” Gu Ning said, “Well, if you can tell me who sent you here, I can punish you lightly.

Or youll regret doing it later.”

Gu Ning also threatened them.

“Ridiculous!” The gangster sneered.

Although they were defeated and injured by Gu Ning now, they still refused to believe that she wasnt afraid of the Kirin Gang.

After all, nobody was willing to mess with the

Kirin Gang.

“Alright, I already gave you a chance, but you gave it up.

If so, dont blame me for being too cruel,” said Gu Ning.

Seeing the confident expression on Gu Nings face, those gangsters from the Kirin Gang started feeling anxious.

Was this girl an important figure Was she really not afraid

of the Kirin Gang Could she still be fine after injuring them

If so, they would really be in serious trouble, but they were reluctant to accept that fact..


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