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Chapter 2451: Im with You!


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It was mostly her mothers fault, because her mother was too bossy.

At the beginning, her older brother sided with their mother, so her sister-in-law felt aggrieved and even wanted to have a divorce, but now her older brother learned to be smart and quiet.

He would let them argue and wouldnt say anything about it.

Their mother was old now and didnt have much energy to frequently argue, so they could finally live in harmony.

Junior Mrs.

Caos younger brother and younger sister-in-law didnt live in City B, so they didnt live under the same roof as their mother.

Therefore, her younger sister-in-law didnt have a close relationship with their mother and there was no conflict between them either.


I just cant help it,” said Tang Yunrong.

Then she gave a sigh.

She didnt go back to her room until the wedding cars were totally gone from her sight.

They needed to prepare too, because after having lunch, they would go to the hotel.

‘When their cars arrived at the wedding house they burned fireworks, then the bridegroom carried the bride on his back into the house.

Along the way, friends and relatives tried to stop them and they had to distribute red envelopes to successfully get to their destination.

In the wedding house, the newly-wed couple needed to serve the bridegrooms parents tea.

Because Xin Bei didnt have parents, his uncle and aunt sat there to represent his parents.

Therefore, Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin served Xin Beis uncle and aunt tea.

Because Xin Beis uncle and aunt were also relatives of the Cao family, Cao Wenxin was familiar with them.

She respectfully greeted them along with Xin Bei.

Afterwards, they received red envelopes from Xin Beis uncle and aunt, which finished the part of their wedding.

At this moment, it was about 10 am, so Cao Wenxin rested for a while, then changed into a casual suit before going to the hotel with the others.

Then after eating, the newly-wed couple went to prepare for their wedding.

Because of the cold weather and the fact that Cao Wenxin was pregnant, she still wore the same thick traditional wedding gown.

‘Their friends and relatives could walk around or help them with the ceremony which would begin in the afternoon.

It would start at 6 pm, but the newly-wed couple needed to welcome their guests at the gate of the hotel at about 4 pm.

Cao Wenxin was pregnant, but she wasnt weak, so she would go and stand outside.

And if she felt tired, she could rest for a while.

They actually didnt need Leng Shaoting and the others help, but the others didnt know what else they could do, so they decided to go to the hotel with the bride and bridegroom.

‘The best men were Zhao Weixian, Xiao Nanchen, Zhao Lang, and Lu Fan.

They had a close relationship with Xin Bei.

In fact, Xin Bei had countless close comrades in the military, but he only needed four best men, so he called them.

Ai Weishun and Chen Meng werent the best men because they felt they were too old to fit that role.

As for Xu Jinchen and Si Ming, their girlfriends came with them, so they werent the best men either.

Zhao Weixian also wanted to attend the wedding along with his girlfriend.

in fact, he had already proposed to his girlfriend and his girlfriend accepted his proposal.

So she should be his fiancée now.

However, they hadnt settled on the wedding date yet, and would do that after the weather turned warm.

Zhao Weixian wanted to come with his fiancée, but his fiancée was occupied, so he came alone.

Therefore, he could be the best man.

Leng Shaoting, on the other hand, wasnt suitable for the best man.

It had something to do with his character, because he always stayed cold.

It was a wedding and they came to celebrate it, so people wanted to see smiles, but Leng Shaoting rarely smiled.

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Therefore, if the guests saw his cold face, they might think that he was unhappy.

There might also be rumors that his girl had been stolen away.

On such a good day, nobody wanted that to happen.

Leng Shaoting was Xin Beis close brother, but honestly he wasnt a good choice.

Besides, Leng Shaotings girlfriend was also invited.

Moreover, his status was so high that Xin Bei didnt dare to ask him to be the best man.

After they came to the hotel, it was still early, so they had a rest first.

Cao Wenxin didnt need to put on more make-up, so she only needed to touch it up, do her hair, and put on the gown later.

“Are you still nervous now” Gu Ning asked Cao Wenxin.

“Not too much, but still a little,” said Cao Wenxin.

Upon thinking that there would be many guests watching them from under the stage, it was hard for her not to feel nervous.

After all, the Cao family was a dominant family with businesses in many industries.

They had a lot of connections, so there were a large number of guests.

“Relax, Im with you!” Before Gu Ning said anything, Xin Bei comforted Cao Wenxin.

In fact, he was also very nervous, but he composed himself well.

“Sure!” Cao Wenxin said, and felt better.

At 3 pm, Cao Wenxin began to change her style and clothing, so by the time everything was done, it was about 4 pm.

Although they should go to welcome the guests now, it was still two hours away from their formal wedding, so there werent many guests yet.

‘The majority of the guests didnt come until 5 pm, so Cao Wenxin walked out to welcome them then.

Gu Ning and the other people stayed in the lounge.

They didnt go out, because they couldnt do anything.

Not many people knew about Xin Beis background, but he was wearing a military uniform in one of their wedding photos.

Therefore, people realized that he was a lieutenant colonel! It was shocking news.

If he was a lieutenant colonel, he was only a rank lower than Cao Wenxins father.

He was so young, and he had a bright future ahead!

Guests who saw the photo immediately shared the news with other people, and it soon spread abroad.

More and more guests heard that the bridegroom was a young lieutenant colonel.

‘They didnt know much about the bridegroom before they came to the wedding today, but he couldnt be ordinary since he was able to marry Cao Wenxin.

However, they thought that the bridegroom must have been born in an influential family.

Now in everyones opinion, the bridegroom was good-looking and had great abilities.

Actually, it was not only the bridegroom; the impressive best men also attracted a lot of attention from the female guests.

Some of them even walked ahead to ask for their WeChat account, but they were all rejected.

Xin Beis comrades didnt like to add strangers as their friends on WeChat.

They only had familiar people on WeChat..


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