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Chapter 2449: Pick up the Bride


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No matter how skilled they were at martial arts, they needed to practice regularly to stay physically strong.

If they didnt practice for a long time, they would regress.

However, they didnt go running after they got up that morning, but simply cleaned themselves and went to the Cao familys house.

Because it wasnt too far away and they had enough time and there wasnt much traffic on the road, Gu Ning and Zi Beiying arrived about twenty minutes later.

The Cao family was well-decorated, and every member was up.

They were ready to see the bridegroom.

All the bridesmaids were waiting and the bride was putting on her make-up and was almost finished.

And it was not only the bridesmaids; Gao Chengyun and Jiang Zezheng were also present.

Although they were men, they were Cao Wenxins best friends, so they came to send her to meet the bridegroom.

Gao Chengyun had totally given up on Cao Wenxin, so he wasnt sad that Cao Wenxin was about to get married.

He actually felt happy for her.

In addition, Gao Chengyun and Tong Jiayao were very close now, they just werent sure whether they should get together yet.

Anyway, they might soon become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang also came to send Wenxin to meet the bridegroom.

As for their seniors, because they were guests, they would directly go to the hotel in the afternoon.

If the Tang familys seniors came right now, it wouldnt be right.

After all, the Cao family was Cao Wenxins family, and the Tang family were their guests.

They would hold a traditional wedding, so they would wear traditional wedding gowns.

It was cold, so they could wear thicker pieces of clothing inside.

Gu Ning would show up today as a guest, so she wore a casual suit.

Normally, pregnant women shouldnt wear any make-up, but Kouzi wasnt harmful and since there was magical power in its products, it could even take care of a womans skin.

In addition to the magical power, the raw materials of Kouzi products were all taken from natural plants, and they were all chemical-free.

“No wonder everyone says that the bride is the most beautiful!” As soon as Gu Ning saw Cao Wenxin, she was impressed.

She wasnt just saying that as a courtesy, because they were too close for that.

Cao Wenxin, who was dressed up today, was indeed much prettier than usual.

Cao Wenxin flushed a little.

Because Gu Ning prepared an expensive gift for Cao Wenxin, she gave it to Cao Wenxin at the Cao familys house and told her to put it away.

“Its too expensive!” Cao Wenxin said.

She liked it very much, but it was too expensive.

However, it was a wedding gift, so she had to take it, because it stood for Gu Nings good wishes for her.

“Nonsense, you should know that I am in the jade business.

I barely spent money on the jade,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt want Cao Wenxin to feel burdened.

Cao Wenxin understood that the jade hardly cost Gu Ning anything, because Gu Ning got the jade through good luck and she simply spent some money to engrave it.

However, it actually cost over ten million yuan in the store.

Zi Beiying came with Xu Jinchen this time and Xu Jinchen would give a present on their behalf, but she had met Cao Wenxin a few times before.

They werent very familiar, but they werent strangers either, so she also prepared a gift for Cao Wenxin.

It wasnt as expensive as Gu Nings, but it wasnt cheap.

Receiving Zi Beiyings gift, Cao Wenxin felt a little embarrassed, because they werent very familiar.

She felt it wasnt right to accept Zi Beiyings gift.

However, since Zi Beiying came with a gift, she couldnt refuse to take it.

Zi Beiying was a guest, and she had to care about their guests feelings.

Therefore, she bore it in mind and decided to send Zi Beiying a gift when Zi Beiying got married.

They gathered together in Cao Wenxins room and chatted casually.

All of a sudden, Cao Wenjun became their topic.

“As the younger sister, youre already married now.

When can your older brother get married” Tang Yunrong said.

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“No need to rush, Im only twenty-six.

Wenxin is already pregnant, and youre going to have a grandkid.

You can enjoy your life with the baby for a few years, then Il get married,” said Cao Wenjun in a resigned tone.

His mother had urged him to get married countless times.

In fact, many men didnt want to get married early, at least not before thirty.

Cao Wenjun was only twenty-six years old now, so he thought that he still had time.

However, parents often didnt think so.

They believed that kids should get married after graduation, so they always urged their kids to get married as soon as possible.

“Well, I always feel like youre already thirty,” said Tang Yunrong.

She wasnt lying.

Cao Wenjum rolled his eyes.

“Do I look like a man of thirty Many people believe Im still a college student.”

“Is not about your appearance.

Youve graduated and worked for several years, so I think youve already reached the age to get married,” said Tang Yunrong.

Hearing that, Cao Wenjun didnt know what to say, but most of his colleagues and friends already had a family, so he could understand it.

He could understand it, but it didnt mean he would live the same life.

It didnt matter to him whether he could get married as soon as possible, because he wanted to marry for love.

After all, getting married was a very important decision, and it would be painful if he married someone he didnt love.

Unfortunately, there were few people who could marry for love, but he would try to find his love.

At 7:30 am, the bridegroom came.

There were twelve luxury cars.

And in addition to Leng Shaoting, there were about thirty men.

If only members of the Red Flame came, it wouldnt be grand.

Although Cao Wenxin was pregnant and they would hold a simple wedding, they wouldnt omit the necessary parts.

Xin Bei was very generous and prepared many thick red envelopes for the bridesmaids so that the girls wouldnt stop him from seeing the bride.

The moment Xin Bei saw Cao Wenxin, he was stunned, because she was so beautiful today! Even he felt a little self-abased before her.

Nevertheless, he was more proud of her, because she was his girl.

After that, Xin Bei knelt down before Cao Wenxin and proposed to her again.

At this moment, their friends seized this chance and bombarded him with questions.

Who would be in charge of the money

Of course Cao Wenxin.

Who would do the housework

Undoubtedly, he would do that.

The bride accepted the flowers happily, but they couldnt leave right away, because they needed to find her wedding shoes..


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