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Chapter 2440: Do You Want to Fight

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Although she also felt it was unacceptable that Jiang Yutong fell in love with her cousin, it was her personal affair.

She had no right or courage to judge her.

In Jiang Yutongs eyes, she was only a lackey, but the Jiang family was more influential than her family and her parents ordered her to form a good relationship with Jiang Yutong.

Therefore, no matter how displeased she was, she wouldnt say anything as long as it had nothing to do with her.


she really felt too embarrassed to follow them.

“If you want to leave, go take a taxi on your own.

Ill go with them,” said Jiang Yutong.

She didnt care about her friend right now, and only wanted to follow Tang Jiayang,

Jiang Yutongs friend knew that she wouldnt succeed in taking their car, so she had to stay with Jiang Yutong, or the Jiang family would blame her for leaving Jiang Yutong alone at the airport.

As Jiang Yutongs friend, she had to follow her.

If she left right now, Jiang Yutong would certainly vent her anger on her, even though it was Jiang Yutong who told her to leave first.

Some people were too self-centered to care about other peoples feelings.

The girl stayed friends with Jiang Yutong because it was her familys order and Jiang Yutong hadnt done anything horrible to her yet.

Jiang Yutong simply shouted at her sometimes when she lost temper.

Jiang Yutong followed Tang Jiayang and the others to the parking lot, and was determined to take their car, but Tang Jiakai stopped her.

Gu Ning would still drive the car, so she got in first, then she opened the trunk so that Tang Jiayang could put his suitcase in.

Afterwards, Tang Jiayang got in the car as well.

It was Gu Nings advice.

She told him not to face Jiang Yutong and to let Tang Jiakai deal with it.

Tang Jiayang needed to be unkind to Jiang Yutong, but not now, because they were in a public place.

It wasnt suitable for him to do that.

‘Tang Jiakai coldly stared at Jiang Yutong, then said coldly, “Jiang Yutong, stay away from my car.”

“Just send me back, please!” Jiang Yutong said, looking pitiful.

Although she disliked Tang Jiakai, she had to act pitiful in front of him in order to take his car.

“No way, if you dare to touch my car, Ill beat you.

Dont think Ill be gentle just because youre a girl,” said Tang Jiakai seriously, threatening her.

He never beat women, but he wouldnt tolerate such an unreasonable woman.

He was a reasonable man, but he hated ridiculous people, and he had no time to waste on arguing.

“You…” Jiang Yutong didnt believe that Tang Jiakai would dare to beat her, but he looked very serious, so she was still a little scared.

Several male onlookers heard Tang Jiakais words, and felt that it was unacceptable.

It wasnt what men should do, so they stood out and blamed Tang Jiakai.

“Hey, bro, as a man, you cant beat women.

Its not what we do.

And how could you leave a girl alone here”

He was friendly, because he just wanted to persuade Tang Jiakai to be gentle.

He didnt aim to argue with him.

Although they didnt know their relationship, they felt that they were either a couple, or the girl liked him.

No matter what, they believed that Tang Jiakai shouldnt leave Jiang Yutong alone here and even threatened her.

“Its none of your business!” Being criticized by them, Tang Jiakai was displeased at once and retorted in anger.

“Its none of my business, but your behavior is unacceptable,” said the man angrily.

“So what Do you want to fight” Tang Jiakai got mad and seemed as if he was ready to fight.

Gu Ning was afraid that Tang Jiakai might lose control of himself and really get into a fight with them, so she immediately got out of the car.

Before that, she told Tang Jiayang to wait in the car.

Tang Jiayang understood that Gu Ning could deal with Jiang Yutong, so he listened to her.

After Gu Ning was out of the car, she said to Tang Jiakai, “Jiakai, get in the car now.”

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‘Tang Jiakai was displeased, but he still listened to Gu Ning and got in the car.

‘When Gu Ning got out, those men saw her face.

They were impressed by her beauty and felt that she looked a bit familiar, but they couldnt remember where they had seen her before.

Jiang Yutong wanted to follow when Tang Jiakai got in the car, but Gu Ning stopped her.

“Jiang Yutong, were both girls, so I wont be a gentleman.

I dont care who you call.

Its useless.” Gu Ning coldly looked at her.

If Tang Jiakai really beat Jiang Yutong, he would be criticized for doing that no matter how much the Tang family disliked Jiang Yutong.

He was a man after all.

However, Gu Ning was different.

She was a girl and the Tang family would only defend Gu Ning if she injured Jiang Yutong, because they believed

that Gu Ning did it for a reason.

“You…” Jiang Yutong was mad, then threatened her.

“Gu Ning, if you dare hurt me, Ill post it on the Internet and let everyone sce your real face…”

Because Tang Jiakai was a man, Jiang Yutong bet that he might not really beat her, but she wasnt sure whether Gu Ning would do that.

Gu Ning was extremely strong and she was no match for Gu Ning.

Therefore, she could only threaten her.

However, even though she threatened Gu Ning, she didnt have much confidence.

After all, Gu Ning had a lot of loyal fans, and they would surely defend her.

The moment those men heard Jiang Yutong call Gu Nings name, they realized that this beautiful girl in front of them was Gu Ning.

No wonder they felt she looked so familiar!

They didnt know much about Gu Ning, but they had heard a little about her, so they trusted her.

Since Gu Ning was so unkind to this girl, this girl must have done something terrible.

In that case, they shouldnt defend Jiang Yutong any longer in case Gu Ning was wronged.

“No problem, lets see who the Internet users will side with,” said Gu Ning confidently.

“I think you better tell them the whole story and let people judge whether youre a girl without standards or with an infatuation..”


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