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Chapter 2434: A Paradox

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Because Gu Ning watched Zhang Zikai take the taxi and leave, she remembered

the license plate number of the taxi.

So when they were near, Gu Ning used her

Jade Eyes to check the license plate first.

After making sure, she checked Zhang Zikais safety at once.

Luckily, Zhang

Zikai was still fine, so she felt relieved.

Although Gu Ning wasnt very familiar with the capital, she was still certain

that this road wasnt the right way to Zhang Zikais home.

On the contrary,

they were moving far away from their destination.

Gu Ning didnt know why the taxi driver did it.

Did he figure out that she was

rich after knowing where she lived Did he do it for money Or did he want to

sexually assault her because she was pretty

No matter what, he couldnt be a good guy.

As soon as Gu Ning was sure that Zhang Zikai was fine, she sent her a message

and told her that they were right behind.

There was no need for her to be afraid


After reading Gu Nings message, Zhang Zikai was relieved.

Because she

trusted Gu Ning, she wasnt so scared now although she was still a little


The next moment, Gu Ning told Gao Yi to knock into the taxi.

She decided to

cause an accident to force the taxi driver to stop.

She couldnt let the taxi driver

know that he was already exposed, because it might cause an unwanted result.

Therefore, Gao Yi drove straight into the taxi.

It wasnt serious, but the taxi

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driver had to stop and deal with it.

The taxi driver was a man of about forty, who had a plain face.

Once he got out

of the taxi, he swore at Gao Yi, “What the f*ck! Are you blind

When the taxi driver was out, Gu Ning and Qjao Ya left their car as welL Zhang

Zikai seized the chance and rapidly ran towards Gu Ning.

Without delay, Gu Ning told Qjao Ya to catch the taxi driver.

“What do you want to do Let me go!” The taxi driver was scared and struggled

right away.

Unfortunately, he was too weak and could not get rid of them.

He thought that they didnt want to pay compensation, so they used violence to

threaten him, but he soon realized what was happening when Zhang Zikai ran

to Gu Ning

At the same time, he panicked.

When did the girl seek help How could he

notice nothing

Other people who drove by them also believed that Gu Ning didnt want to pay

compensation after knocking the taxi, so some of them stopped and stood out.

“Leave it to the traffic police if there is a car accident.

Dont fight!”

“Right, be reasonable.

How could you beat him after you knocked inti his car

“Right, its you who knocked my car.

How could you hurt me now” The taxi

driver hurled the blame at Gu Ning at once when he saw that many people

stood out for him.

“Really Is it the truth Gu Ning sneered at the taxi driver.

The taxi driver

panicked again.

He obviously knew it wasnt the truth, but he couldnt admit

his crime.

Gu Ning felt touched by other peoples sense of justice, but they defended the

wrong person.

Therefore, she explained.

“Im sorry, I knocked into his taxi on

purpose, but there is a reason for that.

This girl is my friend.

We just ate

together and left separately.

I watched her take a taxi and leave, but this taxi

driver didnt send her home.

Instead, he drove her to another place.

My friend

was scared and turned to me for help, so I chased after them.

I was afraid that

he would hurt my friend if he found out that he was already exposed, so I

deliberately knocked into his car to force him to stop.”

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

This taxi driver actually wanted to kidnap

this girl

There was a lot of news that single girls disappeared after taking a taxi.


they were found, they were already killed after being raped.

As a result, people changed their attitude at once, especially when they saw

Zhang Zikai hide behind Gu Ning in horror.

They turned to glare at the taxi


“Jesus, it tums out that hes the bad guy.

He wanted to abduct the girl.”

“Call the police now.

We shouldnt let him go.”

“Right, its so scary.

If this girl werent rescued, she could.”

Saying that, someone took out his phone to call the police.

Gu Ning didnt stop

him, because she had the same idea.

Although nothing serious happened this time, it didnt mean that the taxi

driver was innocent.

If Gu Ning hadnt rushed over, Zhang Zikai could have been hurt by him, so the

taxi driver had to pay for his behavior.

Seeing that, the taxi driver hurriedly denied it.

“Nonsense, shes lying.



If he was caught by the police and was determined guilty, he could be put in jail

or arrested for half a month.

After being arrested for half a month, he would be a humiliation for his family.

His wife would divorce him once she learned what he had done!

At this moment, the taxi driver was full of regrets.

My friend told you she needed to go to Manting Mansion, but this

road isnt the right way” said Gu Ning

“I-I heard it wrong.

I thought she was going to Fengting Mansion.” The taxi

driver argued, trying to avoid the blame, but the guilty look on his face

betrayed him.

Some onlookers didnt see that, and they felt that he might be innocent.

However, more people refused to believe that.

In addition, there was a big

difference between Manting Mansion and Fengting Mansion.

How could he

hear it wrong

There is a big difference between Manting Mansion and Fengting Mansion.

How could you hear it wrong My friend also asked you about it halfway on the


You admitted that its not the usual way to her home.

You even said that

there is a lot of traffic ahead, so you took the faster way.

Anyway, this isnt the

way to Fengting Mansion either.

Itsa paradox,” said Gu Ning

At this time, those who felt that the taxi driver might be innocent changed

their opinions.

It seemed that he was really guilty.

“Ridiculous! I didnt say that.

You cant blame me for what I didnt do!” The taxi

driver denied it emotionally.

Only the girl and him were in the taxi just then, so

he believed that he could get away with it as long as he refused to admit the



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