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In the morning, Gu Ning drove Jiang Xu and the others to the airport.

Gu Qing sat on the front passengers seat, because she often got car sick.

Along the way, Gu Qing looked at Gu Ning, wanting to say something.

Gu Ning focused on the road, but she could feel that Gu Qing was staring at her, so she asked, “Aunt Qing, what do you want to say”

Gu Qing hesitated for a few seconds, then said, “Ningning, I know you hate your grandma, but I heard from your older uncle that your grandma is dying.

If shes really going to die, will you go to see her before she takes her last breath”

Knowing that, Gu Ning fell into silence.

In fact, even if her grandmother was really dying, she was reluctant to see the old woman, but she had to think about Gu Mans feelings.

Although Gu Man deeply hated the old woman as well, it was her biological mother after all.

Therefore, Gu Man hadnt visited the old woman in the hospital once during the past year, but she would attend the funeral if the old woman really died.

“Ill go if I have time,” said Gu Ning.

However, Gu Man just delivered.

If the old woman passed away now, it would be inconvenient for Gu Man to attend the funeral.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning took out a bottle of power crystals and handed it to Gu Qing.

“This medicine can treat her illness.

Take it back and tell her to take a pill every three days.

Shell be fine for a while.

Please dont get me wrong.

Im not doing this for her, but for my mother.

Shes my mothers biological mother after all.

If she really dies, my mother will surely go to her funeral, but she just gave birth to my younger brother.

She needs more rest.” Gu Ning explained.

The two power crystals were enough to keep the old woman awake.

She could eat and talk, but Gu Ning wasnt sure whether she could become clear-headed.

It was also unlikely for the old woman to walk again.

Because Gu Ning had no kindness towards the old woman, she simply wanted the old woman to live a little longer.

It was the most she could do.

They had been apart for about a year, so her hatred went a little away.

However, Gu Ning still hated the old woman.

Gu Qing understood that Gu Nings medicine had a great effect, but she didnt know it could keep her mother conscious.

She thought that it could probably only help her mother stay alive.

Either way, it was very nice of Gu Ning to do that and Gu Qing felt very touched.

Gu Qing didnt hate their mother as deeply as Gu Man, because they were in different situations and were treated differently.

Therefore, Gu Qing still cared about her mothers condition.

Even if her mother was in a vegetative state now, her mother was at least still alive.

“Ningning, thank you,” said Gu Qing.

“Ningning, thank you so much.” Gu Qinyang also thanked her.

Among all the people here, Gu Qinyang was the last one who wanted the old woman to die.

After all, Gu Qinyang was always spoiled by their mother, so there was deep affection between him and their mother.

Whenever he was free, he would go to visit her in City F.

Although their mother was in a vegetative state now, he would still feel happy as long as he could see their mother.

He understood that their mother treated Gu Qing and Gu Man badly.

And although it wasnt right, he wouldnt hate their mother just because of that.

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“Im glad to help,” Gu Ning said.

When Gu Ning drove Jiang Xu and the others to the airport, Leng Shaoting and his family went to City B from the capital to visit Gu Man.

This time, Leng Shaoting came with Jing Yunyao, Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin.

They brought many gifts with them, which they had prepared earlier on.

It would be too late to do it after they arrived at City B.

When Gu Ning talked with Leng Shaoting on the phone last night, she said that she could go to pick them up, but Leng Shaoting had already made arrangements, so he told Gu Ning to wait for them at the hospital.

In that case, Gu Ning didnt insist.

After she drove Jiang Xu and the others to the airport, she went directly back to the hospital.

Back in the hospital, Tang Yunfan was still there.

He didnt go to work today either.

He stayed because he wanted to keep Gu Man company and because Gu Ning had told him that the Leng family would come today.

They would be arriving at about 12 pm.

Therefore, Gu Man had a meal first at noon, while Tang Yunfan and Gu Ning waited for the Leng family so that they could eat together.

The Leng family also told Tang Haifeng that they would come, so Tang Haifeng came to the hospital at 11 am.

At this time, Tang Yunhang was free, so was Jiang Lihua and Tang Jiakai.

Because Tang Jiakai had encountered a ghost that night, he was still in a bad mental state.

His two friends were in an even worse condition than him.

They had a fever after that night.

Luckily, they were fine now and the fever was gone.

A few minutes past 12 pm, Leng Shaoting and his family arrived with their many gifts.

Although Tang Haifeng scolded them for carrying so many presents, it showed that they cared a lot about the Tang family.

Therefore, Tang Haifeng still felt happy.

“May I know this ladys name” Tang Haifengs sight fell on Jing Yunyao next.

He didnt know her, so he asked that question.

Because there were no outsiders in the ward, Gu Ning directly said, “This is Jing Yunyao.

Shes Shaotings mother.”

Knowing that, everyone was shocked because it wasnt a secret that Leng Shaotings parents had already passed away about a dozen years ago, but now Gu Ning told them that this woman was Leng Shaotings mother.

In addition, she looked very young.

The fact that she looked young wasnt the point because some people took good care of their skin and looked much younger than their real ages.

Gu Man was a great example.

She was over forty years old now, but she seemed to be in her early thirties.

Jiang Lihua was in the same state.

The issue was, why did a person who was dead over a dozen years ago suddenly show up If she was really Leng Shaotings mother, there must be a reason for that.

The Tang family was unaware of it, so they were curious.

Looking at their surprised faces, Gu Ning continued to explain.

“Shaotings mother had an accident over a dozen years ago, but she didnt die.

She just lost her memories.

We met her by chance not too long ago, and we helped her regain her memories.”

Hearing that, everyone nodded.

Tang Yunfan had suffered the same thing..

Both of them had lost their memories in an accident, and they got their memories back after they had a family reunion.


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