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However, Su Anya felt she was treated unfairly, so she complained.

“Peihan, dont be so aggressive.

Men dont like that.”

However, she was just joking.

“I havent decided whether to get married or not yet.

I dont think its bad to stay single.

I can do whatever I want.

I feel free when Im single,” said Chu Peihan.

Although she felt like that now, she might change her mind in the future.

She just hadnt met a man who could steal her heart.

Even if she met her Mr.

Right and they got together, she wouldnt change herself for him.

It was hard to change ones character.

Chu Peihan understood that Su Anya was joking, but she was very serious.

If a man couldnt accept her character, she wouldnt be together with him.

She might have a quick temper, but she was reasonable and wouldnt cause unnecessary trouble.

Han Chenglin, however, was disappointed when he heard her reply.

She hadnt decided to get married or not yet He was surprised to hear that she enjoyed being single.

“Why do you have that idea Why do you think you can be free by staying single” Han Chenglin asked.

“Because its a cruel society.

I read so much news about irresponsible and violent men.

Women, however, are asked to be perfect.

We must give birth to kids and raise them.

We have to do housework and take care of the old.

Were not even allowed to live with our own parents after we get married.

I know there are good men and bad women, but its too hard to find a good man.

I dont know what man Ill meet.

After all, most bad men only show their real color after getting married.

Im not weak, and Ill surely pay the man back if he dares to hurt me after marriage, but it doesnt seem worth it, so I think its not bad to stay single,” said Chu Peihan.

She saw through todays society.

Hearing that, Han Chenglin suddenly didnt know what to say.

After all, what Chu Peihan said wasnt uncommon in todays society.

Once men got rich, they could easily go bad and cheat on their wives.

Most rich men kept mistresses although they were already married.

However, Han Chenglin wasnt one of them.

In his family, his father and third uncle were good men, on the other hand, his second uncle married a mistress.

Because of that, his second uncle was never welcome in their family.

His second uncle was even chased out by his grandmother to live outside.

The Han family was a large family with multiple generations, but they lived together.

Besides, they didnt allow Han Chenglins second uncles current wife to visit the Han familys mansion, unless his grandmother wanted to see her for something serious or when it was a festival.

Han Chenglins grandmother still allowed them to see her because his second uncle was her son after all, and it didnt cause a big sensation back then.

The Han family hadnt been humiliated, and outsiders all thought that Han Chenglins second uncle got a divorce before marrying again.

Anyway, it wasnt important.

“I know there are many terrible men nowadays, but there are a lot of good men too! You said you dont know what kind of man youll meet so youll instead choose to stay single.

I think youre simply terrified to give it a try,” said Han Chenglin.

He said that to challenge Chu Peihan, because he didnt want her to be determined to stay single.

If she made up her mind to stay single, how could he chase her and make her his girlfriend

“Im terrified Im not a coward.” Chu Peihan was dissatisfied when Han Chenglin said that to her.

“Since youre not terrified, why dont you have a try Dont tell me you dont want to waste time or energy.

Its just an excuse.

Life is full of challenges.

Youll never know if its worth it unless you try,” said Han Chenglin.

He tried to encourage Chu Peihan to be positive.

“Well, let me ask you a question.

Are there more good men than bad men in your life Do you trust them Of course, there is no perfect person in this world.

Everyone has shortcomings.

If a man isnt violent or disloyal, if he cherishes what his wife does for the family, if hes the breadwinner, if he loves his wife, do you think hes a good man.

Can your male friends do that” Han Chenglin asked.

Chu Peihan didnt answer his question right away, but pondered over his words.

She didnt know whether her male friends could do that, but she believed that they could, so she said honestly, “I dont know whether they can do that, because theyre all unmarried, but given my knowledge of them, I believe they can.

At least, theyre not terrible men.”

“Since you believe they can do it, why have you lost confidence in men” asked Han Chenglin.

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“Hey, why are you suddenly becoming so serious Ill think about it after I meet someone I like.” Chu Peihan wanted to change the topic.

She just said that, and didnt really mean to stay single forever.

Hearing that, Han Chenglin felt more disappointed, because it meant that he wasnt the man she wanted.

Well, it seemed that he still needed to work on that!

After that, they dropped the topic.

After driving Su Anya home, Han Chenglin sent Chu Peihan home.

Before he left, Han Chenglin was afraid that Chu Peihan might forget to dine with him tomorrow, so he reminded her.

“Dont forget that Im buying you a meal tomorrow.”

“Sure,” said Chu Peihan, then walked away without looking back.

“Chenglin, do you like Miss Chu” his assistant asked.

“How did you see that” Han Chenglin asked.

He didnt deny it, which meant he admitted it.

“I saw it with both of my eyes.

Anyway, you treat her differently,” said the assistant.

If he couldnt see it, he wouldnt have asked that question.

Han Chenglin said nothing, and his assistant stopped asking about it.

However, he believed that Han Chenglin had special feelings for Chu Peihan.

Unfortunately, given Chu Peihans reactions, she obviously felt nothing for Han Chenglin..

The assistant wondered whether she was aware of Han Chenglins feelings for her.


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