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Chapter 2386: Ive Never Killed Anyone

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It was just a thought.

He didnt actually think it could be true.

Gu Ning gave him a meaningful glance, then nodded.


Tang Jiakai rounded his eyes in shock.

He focused on Gu Nings face, trying to see whether she was just joking.

However, Gu Ning was very serious.

“I-Its true” Tang Jiakais face turned deathly pale and he began to tremble in horror.

“Yes.” Gu Ning said, “Dont worry, its fine since Im here.”

Tang Jiakai was more surprised.

How could Gu Ning stay so calm even though she knew there was a ghost Why did she say that it would be fine since she was here How strong was she She wasnt afraid of ghosts at all! Was Gu Ning just joking

Tang Jiakai was full of questions, but his throat was too dry to make a sound.

When the male ghost floating above the grave heard Gu Nings words, it turned to look at Gu Ning coldly and began to observe her.

Was she joking with Tang Jiakai by saying that there was a ghost If she meant it, could she see the ghost And if it was true, why wasnt she scared Who was she What did she do Was she a threat

Thinking of that, the male ghost became alert.

If she was an ordinary human, the ghost wouldnt be afraid, but she couldnt be an ordinary human if she meant what she said.

“Follow close behind me,” Gu Ning said to Tang Jiakai.

If any accidents happened, she could quickly protect him.

Although the ghost wasnt very aggressive, Gu Ning didnt want Tang Jiakai to be in danger.

Moreover, even if the ghost wasnt very aggressive and Gu Ning could easily catch it, she couldnt destroy it right away.

She had to help the two boys out of its trap first.

If she didnt save the two boys, they might be trapped in different spaces even after the male ghost was destroyed.

The only way to save the two boys was to persuade the male ghost to let them out.

If Gu Ning wanted to do that, she had to figure out the grudge between them.

Only when Gu Ning solved the problem could the male ghost let go of his obsession.

“Sure.” Tang Jiakai agreed and followed close behind Gu Ning.

He was a grown man and it was embarrassing that he hid behind a girl, but Gu Ning was much stronger than him! She was his idol, so he didnt care whether it was embarrassing or not.

Besides, his life was more important than his face.

There might be a ghost! It was scary enough when he had just heard about it, so he was afraid that he might be scared to death if he really saw it.

After that, Gu Ning walked towards the grave.

She stopped two meters away from it, then met the ghosts eyes.

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The male ghost wasnt sure that Gu Ning could really see it until she stared straight at it.

Instantly, the ghost became even more alert.

“What do you want” Gu Ning asked straight to the point.

Tang Jiakai and the male ghost were amazed by Gu Nings question.

Even the two boys who were trapped were surprised.

However, they could only hear a girls voice, but couldnt see anyone, so they were scared and trembled in horror.

Was it a female ghost

“Who Who is talking”

The two trapped boys shouted at the same time, but only Gu Ning and the male ghost could hear them.

“Ningning, w-who are you talking to” Tang Jiakai asked.

Could it be a ghost He thought to himself.

He couldnt see anything and only saw Gu Ning talking to the grave.

Was it because…

Tang Jiakai suddenly rounded his eyes in shock.

Was there a ghost in this grave Was Gu Ning talking to the ghost

The next second, Tang Jiakais face turned pale and he trembled heavily.

“You can see me” The male ghost was taken aback.

Although he had thought about it earlier, he was still astonished when she stared straight at it and talked to it.

“Right.” Gu Ning replied to the male ghost, but didnt answer Tang Jiakais question.

“What do you want Can you let them go” she asked again.

“Who Who is talking” The two trapped boys continued to shout.

Was there someone talking to them Let them go Why They had done nothing!

“Let them go Impossible! If it hadnt been for Chen Yuxi, I wouldnt have been killed!” the male ghost said emotionally, showing his deep hatred.

“If your death is caused by Chen Yuxi, how about the other boy Why did you trap him too” Gu Ning asked.

She wasnt sure whether it was true that Chen Yuxi caused the male ghosts death.

It could be true, but it could also just be a misunderstanding.

Hearing Gu Nings words, both Tang Jiakai and the two boys were scared.

Whose death was caused by Chen Yuxi Who had Chen Yuxi killed

Because Gu Ning was talking to the ghost in the grave and it was Chen Yuxis friend who was buried inside, Tang Jiakai thought that the dead person might have a relationship with Chen Yuxi.

However, in his eyes, Chen Yuxi was a good boy.

He shouldnt have committed any crimes.

People shouldnt judge a person from his appearance, but Tang Jiakai still refused to believe that Chen Yuxi was a criminal.

“Because hes also involved,” said the male ghost.

“No, Ive never killed anyone.

Ive never killed anyone!”

One of the two trapped boys argued at once when he heard Gu Nings words.

He was Chen Yuxi.

“Chen Yuxi, how did the person in this grave die” Gu Ning asked.

She couldnt jump to conclusions just because of the male ghosts words.

Hearing that, Tang Jiakai was sure that Gu Ning was indeed talking to the grave, or to be specific, the ghost in the grave.

He couldnt find his two friends because the ghost stopped him from doing so.

The ghost believed that it was Chen Yuxi who caused its death.

Tang Jiakai wasnt certain, but he felt it was unbelievable.

Anyway, Gu Ning was asking Chen Yuxi.

Did that mean that Chen Yuxi was nearby


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