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Chapter 2373: Untitled

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Feng Wu smirked.

She then took out the Fire Dragon Rod and struck out at Lady Gu.

“Go on shouting, I dare you!”

Most people wouldnt be able to withstand such force.

Feng Wu aimed at Lady Gus forehead.

Luckily for Lady Gu, she evaded in time.

The rod landed on her shoulder instead.

Lady Gu cried out in pain.

The crowd sucked in their breaths.

That thump sounded so painful.

However, His Majesty didnt stop Feng Wu.

Was His Majesty on Feng Wus side

Old Mrs.

Gu was furious.

Lord Gu narrowed his eyes.

However, the Long family reacted first.

Long Yanyi stopped the rod and glared at Feng Wu.


He was the current head of the Long family.

Around him, the temperature seemed to drop.

All eyes fell on him.

Emperor Wu watched this with a brooding look in his eyes.

Jun Linyuan sat on his right and Empress Dugu on his left.

Jun Linyuan was watching Feng Wu, and Empress Dugu was watching Emperor Wu.

Empress Dugu had hoped that she had guessed wrong, but when she saw Emperor Wu give Feng Wu tacit consent to beat up Lady Gu, she knew that she couldnt lie to herself anymore.

Emperor Wu had feelings for Lady Ling.

Empress Dugu was both jealous and nervous at that discovery.

Long Yanyi didnt know any of this.

He just kept staring at Feng Wu.

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“Did you kill my sister” he asked.

Feng Wu shook her head.


Long Yanyi asked, “Then how did she die”

Feng Wu gave him a strange look and smiled a little.

“Im afraid youll have to ask Lord Gu.”

Long Yanyi narrowed his eyes.

“What do you mean”

He didnt have the patience for this.

Then there was a sound.

Someone sighed.

The crowd turned around and saw that Lord Gu had stepped forward.

All eyes were on him.


Gu was his wife, and the whole thing started because of his so-called relationship with Lady Ling.

They were waiting for him to tell the truth.

Now that he had stepped out, he was probably going to tell them what they wanted to hear.

Everyone looked at him in expectation.

Lord Gu walked up to Long Yanyi and lowered his head.

“I do have to take responsibility for my wifes death.

Master Long, you can do whatever you want with me.”

Long Yanyi clenched his fists.

Lord Gu said, “Lady Ling has feelings for me, but I would never betray my wife, so I only promised her that she could become my concubine..

However, I didnt know that she would…”


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