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Chapter 2348: Fall into a Puddle

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This foreign man had a crystal ball with a soul in it, and a magic wand, so Gu Ning believed that he should be a sorcerer.

She was right.

The man was a sorcerer.

His name was Nicholas, and he was from Country F.

Gu Ning saw his ID card in his bag, so she learned his name and nationality.

Besides, she found all of them carrying guns and daggers.

It wasnt surprising, because they were fugitives and were in a dangerous grave.

They surely carried weapons with them in case they encountered danger.

After trying to get more information from Gu Ning by talking, Ma Shibiao started to focus on the situation they were in right now.

It was a grave tunnel, dark and damp, and there were snakes, worms, rats and ants, so they had to be careful.

If they were bitten by accident, they could be poisoned.

Even if those animals werent poisonous, it would be disgusting if they touched them.

Because the night-luminescent pearl contained magical power, those animals were attracted to it, but they didnt dare to come close due to its light.

They werent used to light after living in the darkness for years.

In addition, they were too weak to face the magical power of the night-luminescent pearl.

If they were too close, they would feel uncomfortable.

As Gu Ning walked ahead, she used her Jade Eyes to observe the surroundings.

She tried to find the right passage to get straight to the master chamber as soon as possible.

However, because the grave tunnel was intricate and occupied a large area, it was inevitable that Gu Ning would repeatedly walk through the same passage.

After they walked through a passage once, Gu Ning remembered its position to avoid walking through it again.

However, at one of the forks, Gu Ning disagreed with Ma Shibiao and the other men.

The passage that Ma Shibiao and the others wanted to go in would bring them back to the passage they just walked through.

Because they didnt have Jade Eyes, they couldnt see it, but Gu Ning could.

She refused to take the passage and proposed to take another road.

Those men, however, thought their choice was better, so Gu Ning said, “We just met by chance.

I dont have to follow you all the time.

If you insist on going that way, I think we can separate right now.”

In fact, it was impossible for them to separate.

Gu Ning wouldnt separate from them, and they wouldnt either.

Gu Ning simply said that to force them to go with her.

She didnt have time to argue with them.

She ached to find the treasures as fast as possible.

After getting the treasures, she would deal with them.

Even if Ma Shibiao wasnt very suspicious of Gu Ning now, he still didnt want her to leave their sight.

Moreover, she might help them if there was really danger.

Anyway, they werent sure which passage was the right path towards the master chamber.

They just relied on their senses to decide.

So since Gu Ning seemed determined, they gave in and followed her behind.

Some people had entered this ancient grave before them and might have been trapped when they couldnt find the way out, so they saw skeletons along the path every now and then.

They were professional killers and had witnessed countless bloody scenes, but they were still slightly scared when they saw the skeletons.

At the same time, they were also worried.

What if they couldnt find the way out What if they were trapped here too They had totally forgotten how they got here.

This wasnt the first time that they had gone into an ancient grave, but they werent professional grave-diggers.

This was only their third time grave-digging.

For the first two times, it wasnt difficult, because the ancient graves they had visited before were small, but they felt it was quite hard this time.

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They were worried that they might not be able to find the way out, but they werent scared.

They could dig a way out above their heads anyway.

It was dangerous and the grave might collapse, but it was a way out, so they still had choices.

After they followed Gu Ning, they didnt go back to the same passage again, so they began to rely on Gu Ning to find the right path.

They felt that she could lead them to the master chamber.

Although Gu Ning led the way, she didnt walk at the front.

Ma Shibiaos two friends were at the front, then Ma Shibiao, followed by Gu Ning and the monster fox.

And at Gu Nings back was Nicholas and his friend.

Because the grave tunnel wasnt very wide and was only about 80 cm, it could only allow one person to go through at a time.

Suddenly, a man at the front exclaimed and fell directly into the ground.

The piece he stepped on was a puddle, which was just enough to accommodate one person.

Seeing that, everyone was scared.

Gu Ning, however, stayed calm, because she had seen the puddle, but she didnt tell the man to avoid it.

She wasnt that kind and was walking behind him.

If she told him to be careful, those men might ask how she saw it.

Anyway, the puddle wasnt very deep.

It was less than two meters, and the man wouldnt drown.

However, there were some sharp things in the puddle.

If the man fell inside, he might be cut, but it wouldnt be fatal.

If it was going to kill him, Gu Ning would have reminded him to be careful.

Although they were fugitives, she still wanted to catch them alive and hand them to Leng Shaoting.

After the exclamation, the second man walked ahead to pull the first man out of the puddle.

The first mans calf was cut by a sharp object, leaving a large wound which wouldnt stop bleeding.

Luckily, they carried medicine with them in case they were injured.

Therefore, once the first man was pulled out, his friends helped him treat and dress the wound.

“Damn it, there is a pit!” Ma Shibiao swore.

He seemed to blame the person who was buried in this grave for setting this puddle to prevent other people from intruding.

“Let me walk at the front,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt aim to protect them, but simply wanted to find the master chamber as soon as possible.

Ma Shibiao agreed.

If there were any traps, Gu Ning would be the first one to fall into trouble.

He didnt want his friends to be hurt.

Therefore, Gu Ning started walking at the front, while Ma Shibiao followed behind her.

The injured man needed his friends support to step forward, so he walked at the back.

There were still many traps, puddles, and hidden weapons, but Gu Ning avoided all of them.


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