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Chapter 2335: Im Sorry, Chairman Gu

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Although Gu Ning disliked Ma Lequans attitude towards his father, she wouldnt fire him just because of that.

He was merely self-abased and cared too much about his face.

They were a family after all, and his father gave him money simply because he wanted him to live a good life.

Gu Ning wouldnt stir things up between them.

If it was possible, she hoped that Ma Lequan could feel grateful to his parents and stop exploiting them.

He accepted his parents kindness, so he should take care of them.

If he could prove that he wasnt a bad son, Gu Ning was willing to keep him in his position.

She didnt have the right to order him to change, but she could decide whether to fire him.

“Im sorry, Chairman Gu.

I shouldnt have asked my parents for money.

Ill give the money back to my father right now.

Please forgive me this time.” Ma Lequan immediately admitted his fault.

Although he was unhappy about it, he was respectful of Gu Ning, so he was willing to listen to her.

Besides, his behavior was indeed unacceptable.

Without delay, he returned the money to his father.

“Well…” The old man didnt want to take the money, because he sincerely wanted to help his son.

However, after knowing Gu Nings importance, he was worried that Ma Lequan might be fired if he didnt take the money.

Therefore, the old man held the money in hands, having no idea what to do.

“Sir, I wont stop you from helping your son, but I hope that you can care more about your wife and yourself,” said Gu Ning.

Because it was their family affair, she couldnt judge.

After that, she turned to Ma Lequan and said, “I didnt mean to forbid you from taking the money.

You just cant leave your parents behind after taking their money.

They sold their only house to support you.

Its unacceptable that you dont allow them to live with you.

Let me say it again.

If your girlfriend really loves you, she wont force you to do something that is beyond your abilities.

Its understandable that she needs a house and safety, but you better work on that by yourself.”

Gu Ning didnt say that to stir things up between Ma Lequan and his girlfriend.

She simply wanted to remind him to keep his reason.

“Chairman Gu, I understand.

Ill reflect on my fault,” said Ma Lequan.

He indeed accepted Gu Nings advice and realized that he shouldnt treat his parents like that.

However, he couldnt make a complete change within a short time, because his character was formed over a long time.

Gu Ning didnt expect him to be a filial son overnight, but she hoped that he could care more about his parents.

He shouldnt exploit his parents just to live a good life.

There was no perfect man in this world.

We all had our burdens to bear.

As long as she didnt catch him doing bad deeds, she wouldnt fire him casually.

After Gu Nings involvement, Ma Lequan stopped exploiting his parents.

He realized that it wasnt right, and he stood in awe of Gu Ning.

Ma Lequans father still gave him two hundred thousand yuan and only kept a hundred thousand yuan for his wife and himself.

Ma Lequan also didnt abandon his parents.

He transferred a certain amount of money to them every month.

It wasnt much, but was enough for their living expenses.

However, that was what happened afterwards.

Before Gu Ning left, she told Ma Lequan to have a meal with his father and buy some thicker clothes for his parents.

It was very cold outside, and his father was only wearing thin clothes.

When it was done, Ma Laquan should send his father to the train station before coming back to work.

Ma Lequans parents lived in a town, but it wasnt far from the capital, so his father could get home in two hours.

The receptionists at the front desk looked out once in a while.

They tried to see how it went after Gu Ning walked out.

Although there was a distance and they couldnt hear their conversation, they could see them.

From their behavior, it was obvious that Gu Ning criticized Ma Lequan and Ma Lequan was scared of Gu Ning.

“Oh, I hope that Ma Lequan isnt so bad.

His father looks so pathetic.”

“Yeah, but it seems that our boss just criticized him.

Hope that he can change his attitude and treat his father well.”

“Although there must be a reason for that and some kids hate their parents because their parents treat them badly first, I dont think his father is a bad father.”

“Alright, Chairman Gu is coming.

Stop talking about it now.”

Hearing that, they closed their mouths at once.

Fu Yanming didnt know what had happened downstairs just then, nor that Gu Ning came.

He didnt hear about it until Gu Ning was in the office.

He reported the recent situation of the company to Gu Ning.

Even if they were targeted a few times, no serious trouble was caused.

Sales of their products were as high as always.

Gu Ning stayed in the company for about an hour, then left.

She called Yu Zi and asked whether she was free to meet.

Yu Zi now enjoyed great fame in the fashion industry.

She was a famous designer, so Charm was promoting more expensive gowns.

Many celebrities even wanted Yu Zi to design and make customized gowns for them.

Yu Zi received too many orders to finish, so she was always occupied.

However, no matter how busy she was, she still had time to eat, sleep and date.

She only had less time to date now.

Yang Ziqian was unhappy about that, because his girlfriend was too busy to date him.

Therefore, he came to spend some time with Yu Zi once he was free and she was too busy to go see him.

Therefore, many staffers were envious of Yu Zi and her boyfriends affection for her.

Even though Yu Zi was famous and made much more money now, she didnt think she was superior to other people.

She still loved Yang Ziqian deeply as usual.

Because Gu Ning was back in City B, Yu Zi had to see her, but they could only meet at the company this time.

As a result, Gu Ning needed to go there in person.

Gu Ning had no plan to let Yu Zi come to see her.

She only asked whether Yu Zi was in the company so that she could go meet Yu Zi.

After arriving at the company, she saw Peng Xiaoman by chance.

“Hi, Chairman Gu!” Upon seeing Gu Ning, Peng Xiaoman excitedly greeted her.

Ever since she came to work in City B, she hadnt seen Gu Ning again..


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