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After the night snacks, they left in different directions.

Chu Peihan and Hao Ran called their private chauffeurs.

Yu Mixi and An Yi shared the car with Chu Peihan, while Hao Ran would send Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping home.

Mu Kes home was in another direction, so he took a taxi alone.

He was a boy, so it wouldnt be dangerous.

During their conversation, Gu Ning found out that Su Anya lived in Fenghua Luxury Mansion too, so the two went home together.

Everyone knew that Gu Ning was able to protect herself and her friends, so they werent worried about their safety.

After they arrived at Fenghua Luxury Mansion, Gu Ning asked, “Do you need me to send you home”

“No, thanks, its fine.

Its safe here,” Su Anya declined.

She didnt want Gu Ning to know her real identity yet.

“Alright, bye-bye,” Gu Ning didnt insist.

During the following days, Shenghua Real Estate was still amid endless rumors.

Even the staff in Shenghua worked in anxiety.

Was Shenghua Real Estate going to fail

Shenghua Real Estate didnt respond to the outside or the inside at all.

No one knew what Shenghua Real Estate was planning to do next.

Zhou Zhenghong called Gu Ning after the accident, but Gu Ning told him to relax and that Shenghua Real Estate would be fine.

Hearing Gu Nings relaxed tone, Zhou Zhenghong understood that Gu Ning would be able to handle it well.

Jiang Xu also asked Gu Ning about the accident.

However, just three days later, Shenghua Real Estate suddenly summoned a news conference and exposed several recordings as well as videos.

The first recording was that of when Wang Mao was talking with a mysterious man on the phone.

The mysterious man was the marketing manager of Hongyun Real Estate in City G, Ren Kang.

The second recording and video showed the two workers who had incited other workers to strike meeting Ren Kang secretly.

Ren Kang had caused the accident and purposely spread rumors to ruin Shenghua Real Estates reputation and on-going project.

Shenghua Real Estate had been greatly affected and lost a lot of money.

Its representative made it clear that Shenghua would sue Hongyun Real Estate.

After the news conference, everyone was shocked.

Because of the recordings and videos, people naturally chose to believe Shenghua Real Estate and the rumors gradually disappeared.

People were only confused by the reason why the two companies suddenly became enemies, because Shenghua Real Estate was located in City F, while Hongyun Real Estate was in City G.

Anyway, the two were opponents now.

Hongyun Real Estate was also astonished to hear of the news.

Fang Changsheng couldnt deny the solid proof, so he could only blame Ren Kang.

He claimed that it was Ren Kangs individual behavior and didnt represent the company.

However, when people forgot this scandal, Fang Changsheng would keep Ren Kang safe.

Facing the pressure from Fang Changsheng, Ren Kang had to bear the charge.

Hongyun gave an official explanation that Ren Kang was responsible for the acquisition of Zhengyang Street, and he hated the fact that Shenghua Real Estate had settled the deal before him, so he tried to get revenge on Shenghua.

It was a reasonable explanation, so most people believed it, but there were also a lot of people didnt buy it.

Many insiders knew that Fang Changsheng was a selfish and evil person, and that he must have ordered Ren Kang to do so.

However, Gu Ning hadnt collected evidence to show that Fang Changsheng was connected with Ren Kang in this scandal, so Fang Changsheng was safe for now.

And it was just the beginning of the competition between Shenghua Real Estate and Hongyun Real Estate.

After what had happened, Gu Ning made up her mind to destroy Hongyun.

She decided to collect Hongyun Real Estates dirty secrets, and she thought of a person who might be of great help.

He was the famous hacker K who had many interactions with Gu Ning in her previous incarnation.

However, he had an extremely weird temper, and it was very hard to hire him to do something.

Unless he was interested in it, and it was a challenge to him, otherwise he felt like it was an insult to his IQ.

Meanwhile, you had to pay one third of your assets to hire him, and your assets had to meet his basic standards.

It wasnt a challenge for K to get Hongyun Real Estates dirty secrets at all, and he wasnt interested in it either.

Even if Gu Ning paid him all her assets, he would probably still not do it, because money was nothing in his eyes.

The only thing he didnt lack in this world was money, and he only asked for an extremely high payment for fun.

However, Gu Ning knew exactly what K wanted.

His legs became paralyzed after an accident five years ago, and now he could only move with the help of his wheelchair.

Therefore, the only thing that he wanted in this world was to walk with his legs again.

And Gu Ning had her magical power now.

As long as he was alive, she could cure any diseases, but she had no idea whether she could help his legs recover to what they had been before.

Even so, it was still unbelievable for normal people to walk again.

Gu Ning was confident that K would agree to help her.

She also planned to cure K over a long period of time, so that he would help her longer.

Shenghua Real Estate got the compensation in the end, and the construction site was finally back to normal again.

Those who wanted to see Sheghua fail had only made a joke of themselves, and Shenghua Real Estate only grew more powerful after this mess.

It had successfully grabbed the land from the real estate tycoon in City G.

At the same time, those construction workers who had left Shenghua Real Estate were highly regretful now.

As for Wang Mao and the other two who had accepted a bribe from Ren Kang, they were also punished according to the law.

Only Ren Kang got away with it.

Although he was mainly responsibility for this mess, he couldnt afford the full compensation himself, so Fang Changsheng used an excuse to help Ren Kang pay the compensation to Shenghua Real Estate.

After that, Fang Changsheng turned to the vice mayor, Liu Shikun to protect Ren Kang.

Unexpectedly, Liu Shikun didnt dare to help him because he didnt want to be involved.


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