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Chapter 2305: Jinchen Isnt Available

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Liu Jinglang wasnt only generous, he was also very good in bed, so she was reluctant to leave him.

She hated pleasing rich, old men who were mean and bad in bed, and she had to pretend to enjoy having sex with them.

“What happened” Xu Qinyin asked when they had walked away.

“Just a friend of my friend.

I met him a few times, but we arent familiar.

Hes a terrible man, so I dont want to talk to him,” said Zi Beiying.

Xu Qinyin wasnt born yesterday, so Zi Beiying couldnt fool her by saying that nothing had happened.

“Oh, I see.” Xu Qinyin accepted her explanation.

They walked around until it was time for lunch.

After having lunch, they continued to shop.

All women like shopping.

Whether they lacked clothes or not, they always needed more.

After shopping for hours, all of them bought some clothes, shoes, or jewelry.

Although Gu Ning had her own garment shop, it didnt mean she had to wear Gufan all the time.

She would get bored if she wore the same brand for a long time.

As for jewelry, Gu Ning wasnt very interested in it.

She had a whole set of jade jewelry made from the Kings Green, but she only wore the necklace.

Leng Shaoting also sent her a lot of jewelry, but she felt it wasnt convenient to wear bracelets.

After all, she often fought with other people, and the bracelets could be easily broken.

Therefore, Gu Ning put them in her telepathic eye space, and would wear them when it was necessary.

Whenever they walked around in a shopping mall, they often ran into familiar faces.

Zi Beiying met someone she knew earlier, and now Xu Qinyin saw some acquaintances.

In a luxury jewelry store, they met a mother and a daughter.

Because the woman took very good care of her skin, she looked much younger than her age.

Her daughter was at the same age as Xu Qinyin.

“Oh, hi, Qinyin, what a coincidence! I didnt expect to see you here.” The woman greeted Xu Qinyin with a broad smile once she saw her, then she turned to look at Gu Ning and Zi Beiying.

She was amazed by the two beautiful girls.

Although she had seen many pretty girls before, Gu Ning and Zi Beiying were prettier than any of the girls she had ever met, so she was surprised by their astounding beauty.

However, when the womans daughter saw Zi Beiying and Gu Ning, she looked jealous.

She was beautiful too, but her appearance showed what kind of person she was and she looked a little mean.

Besides, the jealousy in her eyes proved that she wasnt a kind and friendly person.

Nice people wouldnt show obvious jealousy just because other people were better than them.

Only mean people hated being overshadowed.

“Hi, Qinyin!” The young girl greeted Xu Qinyin.

Her voice was very gentle, but sounded insincere.

“Hi, Mrs.

Yao, Liwei!” Xu Qinyin politely greeted them.

The Yao family and Xu Qinyins family were familiar, so they werent strangers.

“How are your mother and aunt doing recently” asked Mrs.


“They are very well,” said Xu Qinyin.

“Your cousin, Jinchen, is still single.

I bet your aunt must be very anxious about that, right” Mrs.

Yao asked with concern, but she was actually trying to get some useful information.

Zi Beiying frowned.

She understood why Mrs.

Yao asked that question, and so did Gu Ning.

Xu Qinyin wasnt dumb either, and knew what Mrs.

Yao wanted to hear.

Right when Xu Qinyin was about to say something, Mrs.

Yao continued.

“Although Jinchen is still young, many people at his age already have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Its understandable that your aunt is worried about Jinchens future.

I can understand your aunt, because Liwei is also single and shes already twenty-five this year!”

At the beginning, Zi Beiying and Gu Ning werent sure of Mrs.

Yaos intention, but now they figured out that she wanted Xu Jinchen to be her daughters boyfriend.

Zi Beiying was a little displeased, but wasnt mad.

After all, Mrs.

Yao didnt know that Xu Jinchen already had a girlfriend and the girl was her.

Even if she was aware of it, it wouldnt change anything because Xu Jinchen disliked Yao Liwei.

“Thank you so much for your care about Jinchen, Mrs.


Actually, Jinchen already has a girlfriend, and my aunt is very satisfied with his choice,” said Xu Qinyin.

She knew that Mrs.

Yao wanted Xu Jinchen to be Yao Liweis boyfriend, and Yao Liwei had tried to attract Xu Jinchens attention.

Unfortunately, Xu Jinchen had no interest in Yao Liwei.

Xu Qinyin had a good impression of Yao Liwei, but it was Xu Jinchens personal affair after all.

As an outsider, she couldnt interfere.

All the families that were familiar with the Xu family had tried to introduce their daughters to Xu Jinchen, because Xu Jinchen was the only single man in the Xu family.

Xu Qinyins own younger brother was too young and wasnt an adult yet, so her younger brother wasnt their focus.

Because they were in the same circle, the Xu family didnt stop them from introducing girls to Xu Jinchen, but it was up to Xu Jinchen whether he wanted to choose a girlfriend from among them.

If either of them was unwilling to be together, their parents wouldnt force them.

Yao Liwei had failed to attract Xu Jinchens attention, but she didnt give up.

After all, Xu Jinchen was very outstanding in almost every aspect.

She could hardly give him up!

Hearing the news, Mrs.

Yao and Yao Liwei were upset.

“What Jinchen already has a girlfriend” Mrs.

Yao exclaimed.

She couldnt accept it, but she immediately realized that she shouldnt forget her manners, so she acted happy for Older Mrs.


“Oh, Im so happy for your aunt, but who is Jinchens girlfriend”

“Um, my younger sister-in-law wasnt born in the capital, but Singapore,” said Xu Qinyin.

She directly addressed Zi Beiying as her sister-in-law, which meant the Xu family already accepted Zi Beiying.


Yao and Yao Liwei understood why Xu Qinyin said that, and were very disappointed.

“Oh, what does her family do” asked Mrs.


She wanted to know whether the girls family was more influential than the Yao family.

If not, it would be harder for her to accept the result.

If it was, she would feel better.

Xu Qinyin understood what Mrs.

Yao wanted to know, but she actually didnt know much about Zi Beiyings family.

She only knew that Zi Beiyings family wasnt worse than the Xu family, so she said, “I dont know much, but Im sure my younger sister-in-laws family is no worse than our family.

My aunt even said that its Jinchens honor that he can win the girls heart..”


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