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Chapter 2281: That Girl!

Gu Nings words confused a lot of people.

They thought it had nothing to do with what they were arguing about right now.

Why did she tell the woman to stop buying the two brands

“Its none of your business what I buy! It has nothing to do with you! Who do you think you are” Lin didnt understand why Gu Ning said that and she got mad.

“Youll know it in a while, but now.

Lets talk about your humiliation to me.

Since you refused to apologize and I poured coffee on you, its a draw.

I wont blame you for that, but I need to tell you that not all beautiful girls are poor and will sell their bodies for money.

Dont think youre doing justice by criticizing other people.

Youre simply venting your negative emotions on the innocent,” said Gu Ning.

She had already poured coffee on Lin, so it didnt matter whether Lin apologized now.

Gu Ning was unwilling to waste more time on her.

She couldnt beat Lin anyway.

Hearing Gu Nings words, other people agreed with her.

Not all beautiful girls were poor and would sell their bodies for money.

Obviously, Lin was mentally sick and tried to damage Gu Nings reputation.

As a result, no one defended Lin now.

“A draw How is it possible I just criticized you for a very short while, but my clothing is worth thirty-six thousand yuan!” Lin got furious.

She didnt think her criticism was a big deal, even if Gu Ning was innocent.

She just criticized her and didnt really injure her, while her clothing was indeed damaged.

“Do you think my reputation isnt valuable Do you believe you can humiliate me as you like” Gu Ning said coldly in anger.

“I just told the truth,” said Lin.

This time, Gu Ning was really angered, and Leng Shaoting couldnt stand it any longer.

He stood up and walked straight over, which put great pressure on everyone.

He was so handsome!

Many women were stunned by his outstanding appearance.

Leng Shaoting glared at Lin, then coldly said, “Youre hardly comparable to her!”

Leng Shaoting never bothered to bully other people, but now he couldnt allow this woman to humiliate his girl again and again.

“You…” Lin was mad when Leng Shaoting slighted her, but she didnt know what to say when she faced Leng Shaotings aggressiveness.

Gu Ning didnt want Leng Shaoting to argue with Lin, because it wasnt pleasant, so she stopped him by pulling his arm.

She shook her head at him and comforted him.

Afterwards, she turned to look at Lin and said seriously, “I never give in to power, nor bully other people with power.

I prefer to stay reasonable, but if you cant be reasonable, I think I shouldnt be polite to you.

Im not afraid of slander, but I hate it.

You said I sold my body for money, and even caught me going into a hotel with an old man.

Do you have any evidence If not, I can sue you for slander.”

Hearing that, Lin got anxious and threatened her at once.

“Sue me Do you know who I am Tell you what, I can easily chase you out of the capital!”

“What” Gu Ning snorted.

She just told Lin she never gave in to power! “I told you I never give in to power.

Well, since you want to bully me with power, may I know your family background How can you chase me out of the capital”

Lin couldnt care less about Gu Nings words although Gu Ning confidently said she never yielded to power.

Even if Gu Ning was someone, Lin didnt think Gu Ning could be more influential than her.

Therefore, Lin said arrogantly, “My husband is the chairman of the Aben Group.

My family is the Jiang family in the capital.

I suggest you not mess with us.”

Gu Ning had heard of the Aben Group, which was a large business group with over ten billion yuan in assets.

However, it was hardly comparable to the Shengning Organization.

Although the Shengning Organization had only been established for a month and did not seem very influential, Gu Ning had powerful connections in the capital.

Not many corporations dared to take the Shengning Organization lightly.

“The Aben Group I know of it, but Im not afraid of it.

Oh, did you say you can easily chase me out of the capital Then I must tell you my name.

Im Gu Ning.

I major in economics in the Capital University.

Im a freshman this year,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt tell Lin she was the chairman of the Shengning Organization, because Lin could easily find it out.

As long as Lin wasnt dumb, she should stop causing her trouble.

“Gu Ning It sounds very familiar.”

When someone heard Gu Nings name, she felt it was super familiar.

“Yes, I feel its familiar too.”

“Gu Ning The Capital University.

Is she that girl” An idea dawned on someone, but she was very sure of it and felt very excited.

“Who” someone asked in a hurry.

Gu Nings name really sounded very familiar to them.

Lin also frowned, because she had heard of Gu Nings name before as well.

There were many people who shared the same name, so it wasnt a big deal even if she had heard of Gu Nings name before.

However, Gu Ning said she was studying in the Capital University, so Lin felt the name couldnt be an ordinary girls name.

Did this young girl enjoy a high status

Lin finally thought about what Gu Ning had said to her just now.

Gu Ning said she never gave in to power.

After knowing that Lins husband was the chairman of the Aben Group, she didnt seem scared at all and even told Lin who she was.

Thinking of that, Lin got anxious.

However, how influential could this girl be

When Lin was confused, someone explained that to everyone.

“Shes the famous national goddess, the youngest, prettiest, most potential, most successful entrepreneur, the chairman of the Shengning Organization!” someone said.

The youngest, prettiest, most potential, most successful entrepreneur This was the first time Gu Ning had ever heard of that title, so she was a little surprised.

It must be a new title people gave to her!

It was true.

Internet users just voted Gu Ning to be the youngest, prettiest, most potential, most successful entrepreneur, but Gu Ning didnt pay much attention to the hot topics on the Internet recently, so she was unaware of it.

Other people, however, were all shocked.

It turned out that this girl in front of them was the youngest, prettiest, most potential, most successful entrepreneur, the chairman of the Shengning Organization, Gu Ning!


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