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Chapter 2265: Do a Favor for Someone

“Thanks, I will.” Gu Ning politely thanked him.

Although she already targeted Hunter, Lucas reminded her to be careful out of kindness, so it was necessary for her to thank him.

Lucas didnt waste more of Gu Nings time.

He didnt want to bother her, and they actually werent familiar so there wasnt much for them to talk about.

It was just that Gu Ning had helped him, so he showed his kindness to her as well.

Once Lucas was gone, more people came to Gu Ning and complimented her.

When Ji Anchen and Zhou Qingzhi walked away from the crowd, Ji Anchen asked, “Master Zhou, did you find anything useful”

“Not yet.

Ill go to talk to her in person in a while.” Zhou Qingzhi wasnt honest with Ji Anchen.

Before he made sure of Gu Nings background, he was unwilling to offend her.

If she had a higher status, he might be in trouble.

Therefore, he made up an excuse first.

“Isnt there anything abnormal about her Thats impossible.

She was accurate every time.

There must be something we dont know.” Ji Anchen felt that there might not be any problems with Gu Ning, so Zhou Qingzhi couldnt see anything abnormal.

However, he refused to believe that she could be that good at gambling.

“Its possible,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

If Gu Ning really had a very high status, he could only say that there was nothing abnormal about her in order to not have a grudge with her.

If so, Ji Anchen and Hunter would be quite disappointed, but it wasnt over yet.

They were reluctant to give up, especially Hunter.

After all, Hunter had lost a lot of money to Gu Ning, and he was humiliated in public by her.

They didnt have a buffet lunch today, but sat at different tables with familiar faces.

Gu Ning shared the table with Ye Chaoxiong, He Hongjie, and some others.

After having lunch, they went to have a rest in the lounges first.

The gambling competition in the afternoon would begin at 2:30 pm.

When they dispersed, Zhou Qingzhi directly went to Gu Ning.

“Hi, Miss Tang.

My names Zhou Qingzhi.

Im a feng shui professional.

Can we have a private talk” Zhou Qingzhi asked politely.

He had no intention of causing Gu Ning trouble.

On the contrary, he seemed very kind.

Feng shui professionals enjoyed a high status in City Ao and City G, so many people tried to strike up a conversation with Zhou Qingzhi before and after the meal.

Now everyone saw that Zhou Qingzhi went to talk with Gu Ning, and were quite envious of her.

“Sure!” Since Zhou Qingzhi came to talk to her in person, Gu Ning didnt refuse.

She wanted to see what Zhou Qingzhi found out about her and what he wanted to do.

Ye Chaoxiong and the others said nothing because Gu Ning agreed.

Other people might not know it, but Ye Chaoxiong was aware that Zhou Qingzhi wasnt a nice person.

Otherwise he wouldnt keep a distance away from him.

Because Zhou Qingzhi was a feng shui master and had never harmed him, he didnt dare to offend him.

If Zhou Qingzhi deprived him of his good luck by feng shui, it would be terrible.

Therefore, Ye Chaoxiong kept a regular relationship with Zhou Qingzhi.

Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting, He Hongjie, and the others to have a rest, while she left with Zhou Qingzhi.

Because she was afraid that Zhou Qingzhi might not be willing to be honest if Leng Shaoting was present, she didnt take him with her.

And Zhou Qingzhi was no match for Gu Ning, so Leng Shaoting wasnt worried about Gu Nings safety.

Gu Ning and Zhou Qingzhi then went to the seating area in the casino.

They sat away from other people.

Gu Ning asked, “Master Zhou, what can I do for you”

“Miss Tang, I have to say Im amazed by your gambling skills.

You were accurate every time.” Zhou Qingzhi complimented.

He didnt mention his purpose right away.

In fact, he wasnt being very sincere, and was feeling out Gu Ning.

“Master Zhou, thank you so much for your compliment, but you met me not just to compliment me, right” Gu Ning said with a smile.

She was unwilling to beat around the bush and waste much time on Zhou Qingzhi.

“Well, Ive never seen anyone who could do that before.

Miss Tang, can you tell me how you managed to be so accurate” Zhou Qingzhi asked.

He didnt expect Gu Ning to tell him the answer, because she wasnt dumb.

He simply wanted to observe Gu Nings reaction by asking that question, then make a judgment.

“Master Zhou, do you think Ill tell you I dont believe anyone who has that skill would be willing to tell other people about it.” Gu Ning snorted.

She knew that Zhou Qingzhi wouldnt believe that she managed to do that because of good hearing.

It was known to everyone that gamblers relied on hearing to guess the numbers in Sic Bo, but if Zhou Qingzhi was convinced by that reason, he wouldnt have come to see her.

She might use this reason to fool other people, but it was useless to Zhou Qingzhi.

“Master Zhou, since youre a feng shui master, you must be able to read faces.

Can you see anything from my face” Gu Ning said.

They were talking to each other face to face now, so Gu Ning didnt bother to avoid him.

Instead, she let him see her face clearly.

Gu Ning felt Zhou Qingzhi must have found out something unusual to come to talk to her afterwards.

“Miss Tang, I can see that you disguised yourself as someone else,” said Zhou Qingzhi with certainty.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, but wasnt very surprised.

“What else” Gu Ning asked.

She didnt deny it and admitted that she indeed had disguised herself as someone else.

Zhou Qingzhi, however, was a little surprised by her response.

Anyway, since Gu Ning didnt deny it, he continued, “Miss Tang, because youve disguised yourself as someone else, I can see anything more from your face.”

“So, Master Zhou, what do you want” Gu Ning asked.

“I just feel its hard for ordinary people to be so accurate every time in gambling.

I simply want to figure out the reason,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

“And then” Gu Ning asked.

“Im only doing a favor for someone.

I dont care about what will happen next,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

He wanted to know why Gu Ning could be so accurate, but he was unwilling to be dragged into trouble.

Was it possible

“Do you mean Ji Anchen” Gu Ning said.

It actually wasnt a question, because she already had the answer.

Hearing that, Zhou Qingzhi was struck dumb for a second.

He was surprised that Gu Ning was so sure the person was Ji Anchen.

Was it because he always stood next to Ji Anchen

It didnt seem to be a good reason.

Were there any other reasons

Either way, Gu Ning was aware of it.

“Yes.” Since Gu Ning already knew, Zhou Qingzhi didnt bother to deny it.


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