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Chapter 2264: Dont You Have Any Sense of Humor

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Although Leng Shaoting now had a different appearance and wasnt as handsome as his usual look, he was still very charming.

He seemed to be about thirty.

Compared to Hunter who was already forty, he was indeed much younger and more attractive.

Everyone knew that Gu Ning was finding fault with Hunter, but they had to admit that her fiancé was indeed very handsome and young.

In addition, given his loving eyes at Gu Ning, it was obvious that her fiancé loved her deeply.

A lot of people got envious and felt upset.

A young, handsome, and rich man who loved his girl; that was the dream man of countless women.

However, in reality, it was really rare.

In most cases, the more handsome and rich a man was, the more likely he was disloyal.

Because not many people had a good relationship with Hunter, no one stood out for him.

Most people just gloated over his misfortune.

Hunter felt humiliated and furious.

He clenched his fists as his eyes turned red from anger.

At this moment, he really wanted to kill Gu Ning.

“Alright, just a joke.

Hunter, dont you have any sense of humor” Gu Ning was unwilling to cause trouble, so she stopped making fun of Hunter.

Hunter, however, felt quite aggrieved when Gu Ning said it was just a joke.

He wanted to continue to argue with her, but didnt know what to say, so he gave up in the end.

Right now, everyone had a deeper impression of Gu Nings abilities.

She was much smarter than they thought.

After that, Gu Ning went to gamble with He Hongjie.

Although Gu Ning wouldnt let him win, she was much kinder to him.

She didnt place a big bet and only made him lose chips worth tens of millions.

All in all, he won some money.

After watching Gu Nings gambling with He Hongjie, everyone figured out that she only made foreign gamblers lose all of their chips.

When she met local gamblers, she just won a little money from them.

Many local gamblers and the audience approved of her behavior.

It even aroused their patriotism and they got quite excited.

There were also a lot of foreign gamblers who hated Gu Ning, because she treated them badly.

However, they could do nothing about it.

In fact, they were also trying to rob her of her chips.

They were enemies, so it was very normal that Gu Ning deliberately made them lose.

Anyway, they just felt displeased that they lost so much money.

That was human nature.

The gambling continued.

Finally, there were only three gamblers left and the game was over.

The three gamblers were Gu Ning, Ye Chaoxiong, and Lucas.

Because Gu Ning had won many chips and had no intention of winning their chips, there was no need for them to continue gambling with each other.

Lucas had great luck and didnt meet strong competitors, so he won some money.

Lucas was skilled at gambling as well, because he was also considered the best gambler in his country.

Actually, whenever Lucas gambled with Hunter in the past, Lucas usually lost more money, but now Lucas won a lot, while Hunter lost all of his money.

Engulfed in fury, Hunter hated Lucas too.

Not every gambler lost all of his or her chips in this gambling competition, so Gu Ning didnt win as much money as yesterday.

In the end, she won about two billion yuan.

Ye Chaoxiong won four hundred million yuan, and Lucas won two hundred million yuan.

“Jesus, Miss Tang is unbelievable!”

“Right, I think she casually said big and small as she likes.”

“I have the same feeling.”

“Could she really see the numbers in the dice cup”

“I dont think so, but I heard all the best gamblers make the judgment by hearing.”

“By hearing How”

“I dont know, but the best gamblers really rely on their hearing to win.”


Zhou Qingzhi squinted at Gu Ning with a thoughtful look.

Hearing It was helpful, but couldnt be so accurate every time.

This was the first time that he had ever seen such incredible accuracy in his life.

He didnt think hearing could do that.

Besides, Zhou Qingzhi could see that Gu Ning had strange features this time.

She clearly disguised herself as someone else, but he failed to see her real face.

It seemed this woman called Tang Aining was indeed strange!

When the gambling competition was over in the morning, they went to have a meal and rest.

Now, many people saw Gu Ning as their idol.

Luckily, Gu Ning didnt use her real face, or she would be in trouble.

Gu Ning, or Tang Aining, actually attracted a lot of attention from people in the casino.

Videos of her were posted on the Internet, and news about her went viral quickly.

Lots of Internet users noticed her.

Although many people disliked gambling, they had to admit that Tang Aining was incredibly good at it.

Especially when she robbed the best gamblers from Country M and Country R of their chips, everyone felt pleased, because they hated people from Country M and Country R.

Now they were all robbed of money, which was quite pleasant for the Internet users from Gu Nings country.

However, when the news spread abroad in other countries, foreign Internet users were also amazed by Gu Nings gambling skills, but they soon turned to criticize her.

The best gamblers from their countries were embarrassed by her, so they attacked Gu Ning.

It was unreasonable.

“Miss Tang, youre incredible!” On their way to the dining hall, Lucas walked with Gu Ning and complimented her.

He said that sincerely and it wasnt just a courtesy.

Although he was envious of Gu Ning as well, he had no hatred towards her.

Gu Ning had helped him and he was willing to form a good relationship with her.

“Thanks.” Gu Ning politely thanked him.

“Well, Miss Tang, you better be careful.

Hunter isnt good-tempered,” Lucas said kindly.

He didnt know how strong Gu Ning was, but he was clearly aware of Hunters character.

She had humiliated Hunter today, so it was impossible for Hunter to submit to the humiliation.

What he didnt know was that Hunter had actually already tried to murder Gu Ning, but failed..

He could hardly hurt Gu Ning.


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