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Chapter 2257: Harmonize Herself with the Surrounding Environment


Although the Ji family had dozens of billions of yuan in assets, it had nothing to do with her.

Her older brother would inherit their familys wealth, while she only had about ten million yuan.

Actually, many people were jealous of Gu Ning for winning money so easily, but they knew that they were barely comparable to her.

Before they went to dinner, Ye Chaoxiong ordered someone to exchange the chips for money for Gu Ning and the best gambler from Country Y.

They would exchange money for chips again tomorrow.

The dinner party was in the form of a buffet.

In that way, it was convenient for communication among the guests.

Everything was ready, so they could eat right after they came.

It was a very exciting game today, and Gu Ning had many fans.

So once she showed up, many guests came to strike up a conversation with her.

Although Gu Ning didnt have much patience, she stayed polite and talked to them as kindly as possible.

However, because she looked a little cold, other people didnt dare to waste much of her time.

When they walked away gradually, the best gambler from Country Y walked towards Gu Ning with a cup in his hand.

There were too many people just then, so he didnt join in their conversation.

“Hi, Miss Tang, my names Lucas,” Lucas kindly said to Gu Ning.

“Nice to see you.” Gu Ning politely replied to him.

“Miss Tang, thank you so much today,” said Lucas, but he didnt give a reason.

He knew Gu Ning was aware of it.

Whatever the reason was, Gu Ning had helped him, so it was necessary for him to thank her.

“Its my pleasure.


Lucas, cheers.” Gu Ning understood why Lucas thanked her.

She didnt bother to talk too much about it and directly clinked her glass against his as a reply.

After that, they had a drink together and Lucas stopped bothering Gu Ning, then left.

After a while, other gamblers from foreign countries came to say hi to Gu Ning.

They didnt see her as their enemy.

Leng Shaoting was like her bodyguard and quietly followed behind her the entire time.

He remained patient, watching her socializing with other people.

He only cared about Gu Ning.

There were so many people.

Her throat should be dry after talking so long! Therefore, Leng Shaoting handed a glass of water to Gu Ning once in a while.

He was very considerate.

However, it was a little strange in other peoples eyes.

Because Leng Shaoting seemed aloof, it was surprising that he could be so thoughtful.

Hunter, Hidesuke Ida, and Piao Wankui stayed far away from Gu Ning.

They werent afraid of her, but simply didnt want to see her.

Once they saw her, they would be in a bad mood.

Besides, they had all lost to Gu Ning today, so it was impossible for them to be in a good mood.

Nevertheless, they were at a party now, so they had to suppress their anger.

They were reluctant to make themselves a joke.

Although they lost to Gu Ning this time, it wouldnt damage their reputation.

There were still a lot of people who tried to strike up a conversation with them, but it was hard to say whether they were sincere.

In fact, not many people were sincere at such an event; they were just flattering each other.

There were a lot of people at this party and it was a little noisy.

Gu Ning was a bit far from Ji Anchen, so she couldnt hear his voice and found nothing wrong.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt want to stay here for long, so they left as early as possible.

After walking out, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting directly went back to the hotel.

In the room, when there were no outsiders, Leng Shaoting finally had the chance to tell Gu Ning that he had already found the hirer.

“In that case, Hunter should be the mastermind,” said Gu Ning in annoyance.

It actually wasnt surprising, because she was already suspicious of Hunter.

She simply had no evidence to prove it.

Although they still didnt have evidence right now, they thought it was very likely that Hunter was the mastermind.

However, if they really wanted to punish Hunter and Ji Anchen, they still needed to collect evidence or get their confession.

“We can deal with it after the competition is over.

Ill seize the chance to anger Hunter at the gambling table these days,” said Gu Ning.

As long as she was sure they were guilty, it couldnt be easier for her to pay them back when she had many chances to see them.

She didnt need to be violent or attract a lot of attention when she punished them.

She only needed to release some icy magical power.

Once the dinner party was over, Ji Anchen left along with Hunter.

They didnt go back to the hotel, but instead headed somewhere else.

On the way, they had a private talk.

“That woman called Tang Aining is quite skilled.

Do you have confidence to win tomorrow” Ji Anchen asked.

“To be honest, I dont have much confidence.

Didnt you say shes good at Sic Bo” said Hunter worriedly.

“Its really strange.

It seems everything is under her control.

I think she might have cheated,” said Ji Anchen.

“She cheated” Hunter asked with confusion.

He had observed Gu Ning for a while back then and saw nothing abnormal.

As a good gambler, Hunter knew all the tricks gamblers might play during gambling, and he could see whether Gu Ning played a cheap trick by a glance.

“There are feng shui masters in our country.

They can use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

So I think she might have paid a feng shui master to bring her good luck,” said Ji Anchen.

“Feng shui masters” Hunter was greatly surprised, because it was beyond his knowledge.

“Well, its not easy to do, and it could harm both the feng shui master and the person who wants to have good luck.

Normally, people wont do that.

In fact, not everyone can successfully have good luck in that way.

Im not a feng shui master, so I dont know much about it, but a friend of mine is quite interested in feng shui.

We can go to ask him about it,” said Ji Anchen.

This gambling competition actually had nothing to do with him, it simply aroused his curiosity that Tang Aining never lost.

He didnt have to know the reason.

Because of his good relationship with Hunter, he decided to help him with it.

“Great,” said Hunter.

He was really curious about it and wanted to know why.

“If its possible, can he bring me good luck too”

Hunter lacked confidence, but was reluctant to lose, so he would like to see if he could have good luck.

“Well see,” said Ji Anchen.

It was only his guess that Tang Aining had paid a feng shui master to bring good luck to her, but he wasnt sure of it.


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