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Chapter 2240: Zhan Zhiyin Is a Monster

Zhan Daosong came with Zhan Zhiyin and two bodyguards.

Because Zhan Daosong was an important figure, he left home with bodyguards.

The Zhan family was the top 1 family in City F, so they had a lot of enemies.

Most importantly, Zhan Daosong was old now and he needed other people to protect him.

Actually, Zhan Daosong came to the capital with six bodyguards in all, but he only brought two with him when he came to visit the Leng family.

The monster should be in his car, but Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning, and Jing Yunyao werent sure who it was until they got out of the car.

Gu Ning didnt bother to use her Jade Eyes to see who it was.

They were getting out of the car right away, so it wasnt necessary.

The car reached the front gate and stopped.

The chauffeur and bodyguards got out first, then they went to open the car doors for Zhan Daosong and Zhan Zhiyin on the rear seats.

When the two bodyguards got out of the car, Gu Ning was sure the monster wasnt in them.

In that case, the monster must be either Zhan Daosong or Zhan Zhiyin.

Although Gu Ning didnt see them yet, she felt the monster could be Zhan Zhiyin.

And she was right.

Once Zhan Daosong and Zhan Zhiyin got out of the car, Gu Ning was certain that Zhan Zhiyin was really the monster.

Zhan Zhiyin was very beautiful.

Even if she wore simple clothes with light make-up, her eyes were unusually attractive.

She looked like that perhaps because she was a monster, but they didnt know what monster she was.

When Gu Ning and the others were looking at Zhan Zhiyin, Zhan Zhiyins sight was on them too.

She instantly panicked a little.

She could feel that Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting were cultivators at a high level and she was stressed.

Obviously, they knew she was a monster, so she didnt know what to do now and how to face them.

Master Leng had no idea about that and he beamed once he saw Zhan Daosong.

“Daosong, been a long time!” He walked ahead to welcome his old friend.

“Leng, if I dont come to see you, will you come to see me” Zhan Daosong complained.

“Of course! I just plan to wait till the young have time.

Im old now.

Its not convenient for me to go out alone.

My family doesnt want me to go too far alone,” said Master Leng.

It wasnt a perfunctory answer, it was the truth.

He was indeed too old to go far from home by himself.

Although he was much stronger after taking Gu Nings power crystals, he was an old man.

He wasnt comparable to men in their fifties and easily got tired.

“I understand.” Zhan Daosong felt for Leng Shaoting, because he had the same problem.

If he didnt have a sick relative in the capital, he wouldnt have come either.

Zhan Daosong visited the capital this time mainly because one of his relatives was seriously sick.

Letting Zhan Zhiyin meet Leng Shaoming wasnt his primary purpose.

However, even if it wasnt his primary purpose, he still attached great importance to this meeting.

It would be best if Zhan Zhiyin and Leng Shaoming had a good impression of each other.

Unfortunately, Leng Shaoming wasnt in the capital.

Anyway, since he was already in the capital, he should come to see Master Leng even though Leng Shaoming was absent.

“Zhiyin, this is Grandpa Leng.” Zhan Daosong reminded Zhan Zhiyin to do the greetings when he saw an absent look on her face.

Hearing that, Zhan Zhiyin came back to her senses at once.

“Nice to meet you, Grandpa Leng,” she said obediently.

Although Zhan Zhiyin was nervous because of Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyaos existence, she still composed herself and didnt forget her manners.

“Great, great, its been years, and Zhiyin is a grown-up and beautiful girl now,” said Master Leng with a kind smile.

Zhan Zhiyin was indeed very adorable.

“Thank you so much for your compliment, Grandpa Leng,” said Zhan Zhiyin politely.

“Nice to see you, Grandpa Zhan.” Leng Shaoting greeted Zhan Daosong.

“Oh, Shaoting is even more handsome than before.

I havent seen you for many years,” said Zhan Daosong.

He seemed very satisfied with Leng Shaoting.

In fact, he liked Leng Shaoting more than Leng Shaoming, because Leng Shaoting was more outstanding.

However, because of his tragic childhood, Leng Shaoting was comparatively cold and more difficult to get along with.

And now Leng Shaoting already had a fiancée, so he couldnt introduce his granddaughter to him.

Zhan Zhiyin actually preferred Leng Shaoming, because Leng Shaoming was milder and easier to get along with.

She came here this time specially for Leng Shaoming.

Although Leng Shaoming was absent, it wasnt a bad thing to see Master Leng and the Leng family first.

She could leave a good impression on them.

As Zhan Daosong complimented Leng Shaoting, he moved his sight to Gu Ning who stood next to Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning put on a slight smile and greeted him first.

“Nice to see you, Grandpa Zhan, Im Shaotings fiancée.

My name is Gu Ning.”

“Oh, youre Gu Ning! Wonderful, Ive heard a lot about you from Leng.

You have great achievements at such a young age.

Youre a rare talent!” Zhan Daosong said.

He appreciated Gu Ning very much.

He had also heard about her family background, so he agreed that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were a perfect couple.

“Thanks, Grandpa Zhan,” said Gu Ning politely.

“Uncle Zhan, nice to see you.” Jing Yunyao said to Zhan Daosong.

Zhan Daosong wasnt a stranger to Jing Yunyao.

When Zhan Daosong saw Jing Yunyao, he only felt she looked very familiar, but couldnt remember who she was.

He felt he had met her a long time ago.

“This lady looks very familiar.

Is she…” Zhan Daosong turned to stare at Master Leng.

“This is my eldest sons wife, Shaotings mother,” said Master Leng.

Since they already met, he didnt bother to keep it a secret.

Hearing that, Zhan Daosong remembered who she was, but he was shocked too.

“Shes Yunyao, but isnt Yunyao…”

Wasnt Yunyao dead

Zhan Daosong didnt finish, because Yunyao was right in front of him now.

It wasnt appropriate for him to say that aloud.

However, he was full of doubt and curiosity, because he remembered that Yunyao had an accident fifteen years ago, but how she seemed fine before him.

Besides, Yunyao looked much younger than her age.

She didnt seem to be a woman who was about fifty, she looked forty at most.

He knew some women took good care of themselves, so they looked much younger than their real ages.

Those famous people also looked much younger than their real ages, so he felt it wasnt too strange.


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