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Chapter 2235: Plant Yourself Now

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However, Gu Ning still needed to warn it.

“I mean it.

If you dare to betray me one day, Ill surely kill you.”

“I know, I know,” said the tree vine.

It was very excited that Gu Ning was willing to accept it.

Shangguan Yang and the others didnt stop Gu Ning from keeping the tree vine, because they felt it was a good idea.

“Alright, plant yourself now,” said Gu Ning.

“No problem!” The tree vine immediately planted itself and became a ball of vines with a diameter of about one meter.

Although the tree vine could hold back its vines and make itself less noticeable, it needed to spread them all about to absorb magical power.

Only in that way could it become stronger.

“You can stay and cultivate here.

Ill be gone for a while.

If any outsiders come in, dont move around or turn into other shapes.

If your secret is exposed, Ill abandon you,” said Gu Ning.

Although people rarely came here, she had to remind it to be careful to prevent any accidents from happening.

“Sure, my owner.” The tree vine agreed at once.

After the tree vine was settled, it was time for a meal, so they went to the dining hall.

After having the meal, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to have a walk in the backyard.

When they were out of other peoples sight, Leng Shaoting hugged Gu Ning and seriously said to her, “Ningning, thank you!”

“For what” Gu Ning was confused.

She never asked for anything in return when she did something for Leng Shaoting.

“Thank you so much for helping my mother pay her enemies back,” said Leng Shaoting.

“OK, I accept your thanks,” said Gu Ning.

She actually wanted to tell him it wasnt necessary, but she knew Leng Shaoting wouldnt feel relaxed until he thanked her.

In order to set his mind at rest, she didnt stop him.

In fact, if Leng Shaoting did anything for her, she would thank him too.

It was just manners.

She wouldnt take it for granted just because they were very close.

As soon as Gu Ning finished speaking, Leng Shaoting shut her mouth with a kiss.

He hadnt seen her for a long time and missed her badly.

He couldnt wait to have sex with her, but they couldnt do that in this situation.

Gu Ning also missed him, so she would hardly push Leng Shaoting away and she kissed him passionately.

Because both of them had burning desire, they soon lost control of themselves.

Leng Shaoting kind of lost his reason after he was aroused and he reached out his hand into Gu Nings clothes.

He was about to undress her.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning came back to her senses and immediately pushed him away.

Leng Shaoting got his reason back after he was pushed away, but he felt tortured by the burning desire.

Without hesitation, he directly pulled Gu Ning outside.

“Where are you going” Gu Ning was scared.

She thought Leng Shaoting lost control of himself and wanted to go to have sex with her in the siheyuan.

It was embarrassing!

“Lets go home!” Leng Shaoting said in a hoarse voice.

They were going to their own house.

Gu Ning understood and felt amused, but she didnt turn him down.

Leng Shaoting rushed to take Gu Ning away, but he still forced himself to calm down.

After excusing themselves from Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao, they immediately left.

He didnt tell them why, but Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao could clearly see it.

Leng Shaoting simply wanted to spend some time alone with Gu Ning.

They hadnt seen each other in days, so they had to miss each other badly.

Therefore, Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao understood their feelings.

Once they were out of the siheyuan, Leng Shaoting drove as fast as he could on the road to their home.

Unfortunately, they ran into a cultivator halfway home when they were stopped by the red traffic lights.

They couldnt avoid it, so they attracted the cultivators attention.

In such a situation, Leng Shaoting stopped thinking about sex, since they had to get away from the cultivator right away.

Although there were many cultivators visiting the capital city very often and the cultivator might not bother to pay much attention to them, they still needed to avoid the cultivator if it was possible.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to look ahead and saw Baili Zongyang.

She was relieved.

If it was Baili Zongyang, they would be fine.

“Its Baili Zongyang.

He already knows that Im a cultivator.

Even if he sees you, it wont be a problem.

I think we need to talk with him face to face since hes already aware of it,” said Gu Ning.

Although she could completely stop Leng Shaoting from meeting Baili Zongyang, she thought it would be better to let Baili Zongyang know that Leng Shaoting was also a cultivator.

Otherwise Baili Zongyang might blurt it out if he met Leng Shaoting in the future and it would cause Leng Shaoting trouble.

That wasnt what Gu Ning wanted, so it was better to let Baili Zongyang know now so that Baili Zongyang could keep it a secret.

“Sure,” said Leng Shaoting.

He wasnt surprised that Baili Zongyang already knew that Gu Ning was a cultivator.

Baili Zongxue already learned about it when they met Miao Jingjing last time, so it could no longer be a secret from Baili Zongyang.

Cultivators were frequent visitors in the capital and Baili Zongyang often met them.

Normally, he wouldnt bother to check on them, but lots of things had happened recently, so Baili Zongyang wanted to know who they were since they met.

Therefore, once the traffic lights turned green, Baili Zongyang chased after the air of cultivators.

Baili Zongyangs level wasnt as high as Leng Shaotings, but he wasnt much worse than him and there was only a short distance between them, so he soon sensed him.

Gu Ning had Baili Zongyangs number, so she called him.

Baili Zongyang was surprised to see Gu Nings call, because Gu Ning had never called him before.

They seldom had interaction even when they met.

Baili Zongyang picked up her call.

He didnt connect her call with the fact that he sensed the air of cultivators.


Baili, Im in the black Hummer in front of you now.

I know youre following us.

If you have time, would you mind having a cup of tea” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Baili Zongyang realized that the cultivator must be with Gu Ning..

The cultivator wasnt much stronger than him, so he bet the cultivator must be senior to Gu Ning.


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