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What The old lady is the shameless one

Hearing that, everyone looked at the old lady in a different way.

If it was true, only idiots would answer her calls.

“You…” The old lady was mad, but didnt know how to retort.

“No matter what your scheme is, this saloon has nothing to do with you.

It belongs to me, and I have no connection with you.

Thus you have no right to interfere in my business,” Gu Ning said.

“Youre my granddaughter.

How come you have no connection with me” the old lady argued.

She totally forgot that she had refused to admit that Gu Ning was her granddaughter before.

Facing money, the old lady was more than willing to admit that Gu Ning was her granddaughter.

“Interesting!” Gu Ning laughed out loud.

It was so ironic.

“For the past 18 years, you refused to admit that Im your granddaughter.

In your eyes, Im merely a b*st*rd.

And now, you want me to call you my grandmother just because Im rich In your dreams!”

Gu Ning didnt care to reveal her terrible history in public, because she didnt want the old lady to ruin her mother and aunts reputations.

It would be terrible if the old lady succeeded this time.

Now, the crowd started to criticize the old lady.

“Your mother did…”

However, before the old lady could finish, Gu Ning interrupted her saying coldly, “I told you not to humiliate my mother and me again.

Otherwise, youd pay for it.

Dont ever try to restrict me with moral standards.

Its useless.”

Hearing that, the old lady lowered her voice, but she was reluctant to give up.

“Your mother is my daughter, and youre obliged to support me when Im old.

Youre rich now, and you have to let me share your money!”

“Well, my eldest uncle has a company with dozens of million yuan in assets.

If his wealth isnt enough to provide you a good life, I wont stop my mother and aunt from supporting you,” Gu Ning replied.

The old lady was so greedy.

What Her eldest son had a company with dozens of million yuan in assets, and she now even asked her daughters for money She simply didnt want her daughters to live a good life!

Everyone disliked and despised the old lady now.

None of them felt sorry for her any more.

Gu Ning added then, “Each of them can only give you a thousand yuan every month.”

Although Gu Ning wouldnt stop Gu Qing and Gu Man from supporting her grandmother, she would limit the amount of allowance.

Gu Ning only did it for Gu Qing and Gu Mans good.

She didnt want others to blame her mother and aunt for not supporting their mother.

If Gu Ning had such a mother, she wouldnt give her a cent at all.

“What A thousand yuan Im not a beggar! Gu Man is still unmarried, and shes still my daughter.

I of course should be in charge of her money!” The old lady was mad.

She wanted far more than a thousand yuan.

Everyone was stunned by the old ladys shamelessness.

Even though Gu Man was still unmarried, she had a daughter and had already moved out.

The old ladys son was rich, but she still wanted to exploit her daughters.

This time, Gu Ning couldnt help laughing.

“You should be in charge of my mothers money Youre crazy.

My mothers money only belongs to her, she wont give you an allowance now either.

If you still know what shame is, you better go away right now.

Otherwise, Ill call the police.”

“You…” The old lady didnt expect that Gu Ning would dare to force her to go away.

“Exactly! Shes so shameless! She has kicked her daughters out, and now wants to take control of her daughters money Who does she think she is”

“Its so awful to have such a mother!”

“If I were her daughter, I would go far away from her, and never come back.”

Everyone criticized the old lady.

The old lady couldnt stand it, so she suddenly went amok.

“Gu Ning, youre merely a b*st*rd without a father! It was me who brought you up, but you have no respect towards me! And you even made Xiaoxiao transfer to another school.

Youll go to hell!”

What Ningning made Xiaoxiao transfer to another school

Gu Qing and Gu Man were both astonished.

However, they believed that Gu Ning wouldnt do that for no reason.

Gu Xiaoxiao must have done something terrible to Gu Ning, and made Gu Ning do something to force her to transfer to another school.

The rest of the people didnt believe the old ladys words either.

Gu Ning was furious, and she almost lost control of her urge to slap the old lady.

Her utterly cold look made the old lady tremble in shock.

“Youre indeed shameless.

However, since you brought it up, Im glad to tell you the truth.”

“Although I dont believe that you had no idea why Gu Xiaoxiao transferred to another school, Ill tell you once more.

She is my biological cousin, but humiliated my mother in public.

I slapped her for that, and she turned to the Qing Gang for help.

She hired some hoodlums to rape me.

If I hadnt beaten down those hoodlums, I would be ruined already.

I didnt call the police and throw her into prison, but you arent grateful at all.

You even blame me for that.

It was our schools decision to expel her, because no school would allow a student to do such a vicious thing and no school wanted a student who has committed such a crime!”

Gu Qing and Gu Man were stunned by Gu Nings words.

The crowd also took a long cold breath in.

The girl called Gu Xiaoxiao is so malicious that she even hired hoodlums to rape her cousin!

Gu Man ran to Gu Ning clasping her in her arms and crying in pain.

“Ningning, my poor child.

I had no idea that you suffered so much.

Its all my fault.

Its all my fault.”


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