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Chapter 2223: Too Many Loopholes in Your Answers

“Deputy Governor Zhou treats me very well and I owe him a lot.

I cant see him getting in trouble and do nothing.

As for my mother, I know Im not a filial son,” said the security guard.

“Who ordered you to frame Deputy Governor Zhou” asked the interrogator.

“I dont know.

The person was wearing a baseball cap and a mask when he met me.

I only know its a man about 1.8 m.

He had the same build as me,” said the security guard.

“Why did he choose you” asked the interrogator.

“About three days ago, I had a day off.

I went to my hometown to visit my mother.

As soon as I arrived, a man with a baseball cap and a mask stopped me.

He told me his intention and I agreed to prevent my mother from being injured.” The security guard said, “And I put the illegal stuff into Deputy Governor Zhous study when everyone was asleep at midnight.”

The security guard indeed had a break three days ago and he went to visit his mother in his hometown, but it was a lie that a man with a baseball cap and a mask stopped him.

There werent surveillance cameras along the road, so nobody would know he was lying.

“Did you mean you secretly put the illegal stuff into Deputy Governor Zhous study when everyone was asleep last night” The interrogator asked to make sure of it.

“Yes,” said the security guard.

“Deputy Governor Zhou told us he just took out something from the cabinet this morning.

He didnt see the illegal stuff then,” said the interrogator.

Hearing that, the security guard got nervous and suddenly didnt know what to say.

Before long, he came back to his senses and said, “Perhaps Deputy Governor Zhou didnt notice it.”

Although he said that, he actually had no confidence.

After all, it was a lie and he felt quite stressed.

“Since you said you put it into the cabinet, tell me which cabinet you put them in” asked the interrogator.

“It was dark.

I didnt dare to turn on the lights, so I used the flashlight of my phone.

I randomly opened a cabinet and put the illegal stuff inside, then quickly left.

Im not sure which cabinet it was,” said the security guard, but he was losing confidence.

He didnt follow the police to do the search, so he had no idea which cabinet the illegal stuff was put in or whether the illegal stuff was put together.

“Do you mean you quickly left after you put the illegal stuff in a random cabinet” asked the interrogator.

Hearing the interrogators question, the security guard grew more anxious.

What should he say right now Was the illegal stuff put together in the same cabinet Or were they separated in different cabinets

“What You cant remember that” The interrogator actually already had the answer when he hesitated to reply to the question.

The security guard didnt know whether the illegal stuff was put together or was separated.

The security guard bit his teeth and decided to gamble on it.

“Yeah, I put them together in a random cabinet.”

Even if he said he put them separately, he still didnt know where they were separately put.

“Are you sure” asked the interrogator.

The security guard was nervous and had a premonition, because he had no idea whether the illegal stuff was put together or separated.

Seeing him in silence, the interrogator stopped asking him more questions.

“Alright, there are too many loopholes in your answers.

You didnt put the illegal stuff in his study.

You didnt even make up a good account.

How could you make yourself a qualified scapegoat”

It was obvious that this security guard was made a scapegoat for Zhou Litao, but he failed because he was ill-prepared.

Therefore, the security guard was also detained because of the crime of shielding.

The next morning, the news that Zhou Litao was caught because he had kept jewelry, gold bars, two guns and two kilograms of drugs in his own house went abroad.

Most people chose to believe it, because they thought most officials were corrupt.

Even if Zhou Litao wasnt, the police had found the illegal stuff in his house, so there was solid proof to prove he was guilty.

Only a few senior officials remained doubtful and they thought Zhou Litao might have been framed.

Although there wasnt evidence, it wasnt easy to collect evidence.

It was just a guess, but they were all experienced and sophisticated officials, so they believed it was highly likely.

Anyway, without the evidence, none of them dared to support Zhou Litao publicly, or they might be dragged into trouble too.

Gu Ning left the rest to Song Wenxuan to handle, and she felt comfortable to leave.

In about three days, she had to go to City Ao so now she was supposed to go back to the capital.

Even if she didnt know whether Leng Shaoting was done with his work and whether he could go to City Ao with her, she had to go there with or without him.

If Leng Shaoting could come back, he should be back in two days.

Although Gu Ning was about to leave, the case wasnt settled yet, so she told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to stay and protect Song Wenxuan.


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