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Chapter 2185: Hide away

“Neither.” The person shook her head mechanically, because she was still in shock.

“Then whats the reason”

Those people asked her right away.

The person came back to her senses and swallowed before saying.

“The girl told me that that girl is the chairman of a large business group with billions of yuan in wealth.”


Hearing that, they were all stunned.

The chairman of a large business group She had billions of yuan in wealth She was so young and was probably younger than twenty!

They refused to believe that such a young girl could be so rich.

“How is it possible The girl looks about twenty years old.

She must be a student.

How can she own a business group and have so much money”

“Right, I dont believe it.”


“Were they hired to make the flower shop seem popular What the girl said is also fake”

At the beginning, the person was shocked and didnt think much about it, but now she somehow felt it was impossible after hearing the other peoples discussion.

“Did the girl tell you what business group it is” another person asked.

Although he didnt believe it, he didnt deny it right away.

They had to learn more about it before making a conclusion.

“The girl told me its the Shengning Organization,” said the person.

“The Shengning Organization” Hearing that, the man immediately took a long breath in.

It was obvious that he knew about the Shengning Organization.

Right, that person had heard of the Shengning Organization.

“Oh, Ive heard of it before.

Its a newly-established business group.

It indeed has billions of yuan in assets, but I didnt pay much attention to it, so I dont know who its owner is.

Anyway, since the girl said its the Shengning Organization, we can check by searching the Internet!” said that person.

“Right, be quick.

Lets search the Internet for it right now.”

Without delay, they took out their phones to search for the boss of the Shengning Organization.

Within seconds, the result came out.

The owner of the Shengning Organization was really a 19-year-old girl whose name was Gu Ning.

There were also her photos and they could see that it was precisely the girl they just saw.

At this moment, they were completely shocked.

At the beginning, they refused to believe it, but unexpectedly it was the truth.

It was so amazing.

To their surprise, this girl was so rich!

“Its incredible.

Shes only nineteen, but shes so rich!”

“Right, how did she make it”

“Did she rely on dirty tricks”

“I think its possible.”

“Hush, dont say that.

Whether she has abilities or not, its the reality that shes the chairman of the Shengning Organization.

We cant mess with her.

If she hears our discussion, we wont be able to bear the consequences.” One person immediately interrupted it in panic.

Hearing that, other people also realized that it was inappropriate.

“Right, we cant say that.

If its heard, we might be punished.”

“Well, since we cant mess with her, we can only keep a distance from her.

Lets go back now.

Although most of the customers are going to her store, we still have some in ours anyway,” a person said resignedly, then turned around and went back to his store.

He was unwilling to be involved in trouble.

Other people had the same idea, so they all turned around and went back to their shops.

After they went back, they continued to read information about Gu Ning on the Internet.

Originally, they wondered whether Gu Ning relied on dirty tricks to achieve her success, but their doubt went away as they learned more and more about her.

Many things proved that Gu Ning had abilities, especially her connections, which was quite amazing.

When it was almost 10 am, it was already super crowded outside the Pavilion of Magic.

People were standing in lines out of other shops.

Gu Ning was one of the shareholders of Pavilion of Magic, but she had no intention of making it public, so she showed up today as a guest invited for the opening.

At 10 am, the opening ceremony began.

Because it was just the opening of a small shop, the opening ceremony was very simple.

Jing Yunyao introduced herself and welcomed her guests, then cut a ribbon and set off a firework to announce the official opening of the Pavilion of Magic, then it was finished.

For three days after the opening, the plants in the Pavilion of Magic were all sold at a 20% discount.

Although almost everyone thought that the plants in the Pavilion of Magic were much more expensive than those in other stores.

The plants in the Pavilion of Magic were also much better than those in other stores, so they all thought the plants were worth the prices.

Therefore, they were willing to pay for their favorite plants.

Gu Ning and the others left after a while, because Gu Nings presence there would cause the flow of people to become more congested, because more and more people were coming for her.

Gu Ning took Tang Qingyang and the others to have breakfast.

Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing wouldnt go with them because they were busy managing the store, but there were pots and pans in the store, so they could cook for themselves.

Elder Mrs.

Xu and her companions didnt go with Gu Ning and the young people.

Instead, they went back home.

Yan Min brought many succulent plants home with her because she liked them very much.

Even Elder Mrs.

Xu and Younger Mrs.

Xu, who rarely raised plants, bought some.

As for the plants they bought, Gu Ning and the others helped them move the plants into their car.

After Gu Ning left, those people who came for her gradually left.

Most of them bought some plants, especially succulent plants.

As a result, Pavilion of Magic sold a lot of plants within a short time.

After visiting the Pavilion of Magic and seeing Gu Ning, those Internet users posted photos on Weibo as well, which aroused many peoples envy and jealousy.

They were especially envious of those Internet users who had photos with Gu Ning.

There were unkind comments, but they werent noticeable at all on the Internet.

After buying a meal for Tang Qingyang and the others, they separated.

Gu Ning was going to interrogate the two men who damaged the door of the Pavilion of Magic afterwards.

In fact, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were perfectly capable of doing the interrogation, but Gu Ning still wanted to do it herself.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya took them to a slightly remote place.

So after getting the address, Gu Ning rushed over.

They were all in the car.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya didnt tie them up, nor were they afraid of them running away, because they didnt dare.

When they caught them, Gao Yi and Qiao Yas skills already shocked them.

Even if they said that they were from XX gang, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya werent afraid and beat them to the ground instead.

Therefore, they knew that they couldnt escape and they dared not try.

After Gao Yi and Qiao Ya caught them, they didnt interrogate them.

They just guarded them and waited for Gu Ning to come over.


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