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Chapter 2180: A Great Sign

After Gao Yi and Qiao Ya moved the pots over, they began to transplant the plants into the pots.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were surprised to see that these plants became so beautiful and full of life.

They knew it must be the effect of the magical power liquid, so they werent shocked.

After they planted the required number of plants in pots, they moved them to the car and went to the shop.

Because the car couldnt reach the front of the store, the plants could only be moved in with a trolley several times.

Once the plants were moved into the shop, they began to place them.

However, shortly after they moved out ten pots of succulents, they attracted a lot of attention.

“Wow, this succulent looks so good! It looks so vibrant.” A girl was surprised.

“Right, compared with those in other shops, its so different at first glance, but I think it should be more expensive than those in other shops,” another girl said.

“Of course, good things are always more expensive.

Let me ask how much it is,” the girl said, and asked, “Hey, may I know whos the boss How much is this succulent”

Upon hearing that, Jing Yunyao walked over and smiled softly.

“The price of each pot of succulent is different.

For example, this pot and this pot are the same species and size, so their prices are the same.

But the two pots are different.

This flowerpot is an ordinary flowerpot and only costs ten yuan, but this flowerpot costs fifty yuan.

This flowerpot is an ordinary flowerpot, while this flowerpot is made by Xiangyun Antique-store and its quality is much better.

Therefore, its much more expensive.

This pot of succulent costs sixty yuan in all, but this pot costs a hundred yuan.

In addition to these prices, there are more expensive ones, and some cheaper ones.”

Common succulents cost ten to twenty yuan per pot, but the flower pots cost extra money.

When the two girls heard the prices, they felt that it was indeed not cheap, but they didnt think it was ridiculous either.

After all, the succulents make them believe they were worth the prices.

“Well, then Ill look around after you move all of them out,” said the girl.

She wanted to buy some, but she wouldnt make the decision until she looked at all of them.

“Great, Ill go to move them out now,” said Jing Yunyao, then went to continue to move the plants.

After that, a few people saw the plants and were attracted too.

Most of the people who were attracted to plants were interested in plants and knew about plants.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be able to easily see how these plants were different from other plants.

Before the plants were all moved, more and more people walked in to look at the plants.

After asking for the prices, many people thought they were much more expensive than those in other stores, but they also felt that the plants here were worth the prices.

After all, the plants in this shop were indeed much more vibrant and beautiful than those in other stores.

Therefore, most people who liked the plants paid for them without caring about the prices.

However, for flower pots, most of them chose ordinary pots.

Because they only knew plants well instead of flower pots, they felt that flower pots werent important.

Some other people thought that good plants were worthy of good pots, so they bought expensive pots.

Owners and clerks of the surrounding flower shops were all surprised when they saw the situation.

The shop hadnt opened yet, but so many people already went in to look at plants and also bought a lot, which was amazing.

Because of that, many people felt envy, jealousy, and a strong sense of crisis.

Some people wondered if the owner of that store deliberately hired people to create a sensation and used this method to attract customers.

In order to find out, owners of several stores walked over to see what was going on.

However, when they saw the plants in the shop, they were immediately attracted.

The plants in this shop gave people a sense of vitality and they were also very beautiful.

Even they couldnt help being attracted.

Where did the plants in this shop come from

A few people pushed each other to ask the boss.

They wanted to know where their plants were bought from, but they felt that even if they asked, the boss wouldnt tell them.

If the boss told them, they would go to the same place to buy the plants in a large quantity, which could affect this bosss business.

They felt people were all selfish and were unwilling to share their secrets of success.

Not to mention other people, they themselves wouldnt tell other people their secrets of success, so they believed the boss wouldnt tell them.

However, they were reluctant to leave without hearing an answer.

In the end, someone went forward to ask that question and she asked Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao didnt bother to keep it a secret from them.

She directly said that it was the XX flower base, but their own later processing was their secret.

After they got the answer, they hurried to take a look.

These plants were very attractive! If they also purchased these plants, they would certainly attract many customers too.

Not to mention those passers-by, even they themselves had the urge to shop!

In just one morning, people bought more than forty pots of plants, of which more than thirty pots were succulents.

“It hasnt even opened yet.

Its really a good sign that weve sold out so many in one morning!” Jing Yunyao said.

She was also very happy to sell so many in one morning.

“Its just in the morning, and the flow of people isnt large.

In the afternoon, there will be the most customers.

So the business in the afternoon will be better.

Im afraid we need to bring more goods.

Fortunately, we have enough in stock,” Gu Ning said.

Although it wasnt a surprising beginning, she was happy to see it.

Anyway, it was just the beginning, and she would help this business become more profitable.

Since she was a shareholder of this flower shop, she would take this business seriously.

Therefore, she would advertise it on Weibo tomorrow and put out the advertisement on the official website of her business group.

Many people visited the website of the Shengning Organization now.

“Right, our position isnt conspicuous.

If its in a conspicuous place, the business can be even better, but as long as we have fame, it doesnt matter whether its conspicuous or not,” Miao Jingjing said.

Although this position was indeed not very obvious, and it did have some disadvantages for doing business, Miao Jingjing wasnt eager to make a quick success.

She also believed that good wine needed no bush.

There were always customers coming to the store.

Not all of them came to shop, but since they were customers, Miao Jingjing and the others served them well and didnt leave for lunch.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to have a meal before them, and they could bring some food back for them.

Without surprise, they had more customers in the afternoon, which aroused the jealousy of the owners of other flower shops.

After those flower shop owners learned about the flower base Jing Yunyao purchased from, they also ran to the base, but the plants they saw were fundamentally different from the ones in the Pavilion of Magic.

Therefore, they all felt that they were cheated and became angry with Jing Yunyao.


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